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Post-Race Quotes
Release: 05/16/2004
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Pac-10 Rowing Championships
Sunday, May 16, 2004
Lake Natoma; Rancho Cordova, Calif.


Washington Men's Coach Bob Ernst
"The guys did a nice job. We have a good squad this year. The varsity really showed some outstanding character today because Cal threw down their best race and we didn't let them off the hook. That was really good.

"It was our jayvees first win here since 1997. Cal is not quite as strong in the jayvee this year and we have a good group."

Washington Men's Varsity Eight Coxswain Greg King
"Cal got out of the blocks really quickly. They did what they needed to do which is get ahead of us in the first 500 to try to get into our heads. We didn't let it get into our heads. We just stayed calm, rowed our race and never gave up.

"Cal rowed a phenomenal race. We passed them in the last 100 meters, I don't know exactly when.

"I was trying not to panic. I was pretty panicked for most of the race to be quite honest. But, I got my cool back in the last 500 and tried to take them to the win."

Washington Men's Varsity Eight Stroke Brodie Buckland
"We relaxed for a lot of the race and it was just time for us to go. The guys behind me were ready to hit it and so we went out there and we did. Cal had an unbelievable first 1,500 meters. They raced the first part like it was the last 1,500 meters of their life. I don't know whether they were out of juice or not. I don't know if the headwind messed with them. I don't know if we were just tougher competitors, but we pulled it out today. It's certainly not the kind of race we like to have, but it was a good gut check.

"I give a lot of credit to Greg (King). At any point in that race he could have panicked. He just kept us in it. He let us know where they were and let us do the work."

Washington Men's Varsity Eight No. 5 Seat Brett Newlin
"I'm just all smiles right now. They had us on the ropes and we passed them in the final six or seven strokes. It feels amazing to walk through an awesome crew like Cal at the very end. But, then again we want to be a lot farther ahead than just beating them in the last few seconds."

"We knew Cal was going to come out and fire out of the blocks. Our goal was just to hang with them. They slipped out a little farther than we wanted. Full credit to California, they rowed an awesome race. At the 1,000 we took a move and wanted to come back, but we didn't move as far as we wanted so there was definitely a little anxiety there."

Washington Men's Junior Varsity Eight Coxswain Chris O'Brien
"We came out pretty strong. We had a good, solid start. We were down about a seat at the first 500. We figured they would come out pretty hard in the first 500. We just stayed relaxed and kept our rhythm and powered through them around the 750 or 800. Our big move came at the 1000 when we took about five seats. We did exactly what we wanted to do, perfectly.

"It feels good. It feels real good to be Pac-10 champions. It's probably going to take a day or two to sink in. We're very much aware that we haven't lost a race."

Washington Men's Junior Varsity Eight No. 3 Seat Kyle Larson
"We worked a lot on our quickness and we executed pretty well. We had a good start, we relaxed, focused and stuck to the race plan which was to take a move at 1,000. We've got a lot of experience in our boat so that allows us to relax and know what we can do.

"The undefeated record means a lot to us. That's the plan. That's what we want."

Washington Men's Varsity Four Coxswain Adrian Andrews
"We didn't do anything special, just went out hard and did what we normally have been doing. I just kept checking around to make sure nobody was making a move, but we just kept walking away."

Washington Men's Varsity Four Bow Seat Evan Galloway
"I'm a little bit surprised because this is our first big test of the season, so we really came in not knowing exactly how fast we were. We've been having some good practice and we felt like this is a pretty smooth, fast boat.

"Our plan was to try to jump out early and if you get some, get more. Once we moved out on the start we were feeling really smooth and we were really confident from there on out."

Washington Women's Coach Eleanor McElvaine
"I think our performance today put us in a pretty good place to get an at-large NCAA invitation. Certainly, it was our goal to have a good clear second place team finish rather than to be sitting third and really hoping. We're pretty confident. The kids raced pretty well today and this is about where we hoped to be.

"We'll double check to make sure that we have all the right players. Our hope is that we'll get them melded together in a hurry. It's the synergy of all the players in the boat getting together. You have to make sure you got the right ones in there and then they have to unify and be as tight as any perfect family.

"We're very happy with the performance of our four. They rowed a great race to win a Pac-10 championship."

Washington Women's Varsity Four Bow Seat Katherine Ramos
"We like to have a great, strong start. It wasn't quite as strong as we like, but for where we are it is definitely what we were hoping for. Our middle 1,000 was great. It was a very strong race. I don't think anybody walked up on us, but we could never let up for a second. We had to keep it on as hard as we possibly could.

"We're always happy to win that convincingly. Our four has been working very hard to come together as quickly as we can because we have had a short time frame. It hasn't quite sunk in that we just won a Pac-10 championship. I think it will a little later in the day, but right now we're just very happy with it."

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