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Gaddy Blog: On To Nice
Release: 08/31/2012
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Aug. 31, 2012

Foreign Tour Itinerary

Senior guard Abdul Gaddy reports in from Nice, France before exploring the city for the day.

Since I last checked in, a lot has happened.

That last game against Zaragoza was fun! Zaragoza was really good. They were an older, more experienced team, but we played well that day. We played better on defense than offense.

And, I hit that half-court shot to send it into overtime. It looked good when it left my hands and it went in. I was happy and we were fortunate enough to go to overtime and get the win. I thought it was a pretty great shot and I hope it made SportsCenter, but honestly I was just glad we got the win.

I have to confess, I didn't really know the score at the time of the shot. I kept looking up at the scoreboard, but the numbers were confusing. I thought we were down four, honestly, after Michael Roll made the free throw, but I was going to turn and try to make the shot anyway. So when it went in I looked up at the score and everybody was celebrating so I was, "Alright, let's go into overtime and win the game." And we did!

After we returned to Barcelona we walked around the town. It was Jernard Jarreau's 20th birthday so we all went out with him. We just tried to help him enjoy his time. You know, we're out in Barcelona and I think that in itself is a pretty nice birthday present! It was fun. We just walked around and joked around. It was cool.

Yesterday we had a LONG drive from Barcelona to Nice. It was seven hours and I basically slept the whole time. It went by faster for me, but it was long and uncomfortable sitting on a bus. We eventually got to Nice.

Last night, we just walked around and looked at the sights like the beach and the water. It is a beautiful place here. They have a lot of shops and places to eat. We found a pizza place and it was really good. I look forward to walking around a lot more today and seeing a few more places. I have to try to see if I can find something for my mom and dad, but after that I plan on just relaxing and getting ready for our game.

As far as the game goes, we are really just trying to get wins, but at the same time we are trying to get better on offense and defense. We are trying to have better execution on offense and run our plays better. On defense, we really want to pressure the ball. That is something we struggled doing at times last year.

I think the new offense is fun. I think there are so many options that it gives us great opportunity to score buckets and it gets our shooters open. It also gives our bigs a chance to seal their guys and have easy opportunities to score. It gives the point guard a lot of freedom to make plays coming off screens. We'll see how it works tonight.

Au revoir for now!


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