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NCAA Women's Rowing Championships -- Day 3 Quotes
Release: 06/02/2002
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June 2, 2002


Head Coach Jan Harville
"We figured that our eights were our strengths and that we would be in contention for an opportunity to win. We knew our four was our weaker event, we knew that our depth in varsity four was weaker. We hoped to do better, but it was good competition out there. The team championship is a measure of overall strength, but our focus all along is for each of our crews to perform to the best of their abilities.

"I'm extremely happy. I think our four is very disappointed that they couldn't do better to contribute to the team championship, but wer are walking away winning the two premier eight events. I give all credit to Brown for the strength of their team, but I probably wouldn't change positions with them. They may go home with the trophy, but I'm not going to trade two wins for that."


Mary Whipple, coxswain
"It was really special to win the Varsity Eight as a senior. Especially because last year we did it for the seniors, and this year it was for us. It was full on determination the whole race; we knew that all the boats would come after us. We didn't want to give into the pressure, or give into anyone else's race plan.

"Our race plan was to maximize our boat speed and to race our own race, and not to give into anyone else. We executed our race plan from first stroke to last stroke; it didn't matter where we ended up because we knew we were going to give it 100 percent."

Heidi Hurn
"I think if you ask anyone that won a gold medal in their race today and still be the second place team, I think we would all say that it feels that is first place. We couldn't be happier with what we did today. We wouldn't trade that ever for a first place team win."

Anna Mickelson
"Brown rules the east coast, and we rule the west coast, and we don't meet them until the very last race of the season. You just have to race against yourself, and pray by the end that you are on top. We hadn't raced them this year, and you only get one shot. So you just hope that you come out on top."


Jenni Vesnaver
"It was a really class final with six crews that could have won it. We knew we had to go first to the line. We've never gone that early before and it paid off today.

"From where I was, it seemed that a lot of crews had adrenaline. There were moves being made, and every time we took a stroke another team was making their move. I felt that when they did make a move or we needed to counteract, the girls guarded and had confidence.

"Every race we race on the west coast we want to send a message to them. We treated the season that in the back of our minds they were right there racing next to us."

Mandy Nelson
"I have been here for five years now and every year it is either us or them, and it is always a fight. That is our mentality throughout the year."

Anne Hessburg, coxswain
"We had a really strong start, we are out in front by about four seats in the first 25 strokes. We wanted to take that momentum as far as we could because we knew it was going to be a tight race and come down to the end. We didn't have any expectations of being up and leading the entire race because we were up against five other nationally strong teams."


Maili Barber, coxswain
"I think we were tired. We started out well, but we just couldn't get a rhythm and that's been like our main problem. All of these girls will be back next year and they will have this experience. I won't be back, but that's okay because I've done my time."

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