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Huskies Row Past Oregon State in Nine of 10 Races
Release: 04/21/2007
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April 21, 2007

Program (with complete crews) in PDF

Seattle, Wash. - In their first home dual regatta of the season this morning, the Huskies posted an impressive performance, winning nine of 10 races against Oregon State along the Montlake Cut. The No. 1 Washington men's varsity eight picked up another win, knocking off the 18th-ranked Beavers, while the Washington women's varsity eight solidified their No. 10 ranking with a victory over 20th-ranked Oregon State.

The men's varsity four race kicked off the day at 9 a.m., with the Husky "A" crew scoring a win with a time of 6:44.7, followed by the Beavers with a time of 6:51.3. In the second event of the day, Oregon State captured its only victory, notching a win in the women's second novice eight race. The men's freshman eight followed, and an the top Husky crossed the finish line in just 5-minutes and 59.7 seconds.

The field was a bit crowded in the varsity four race, with three Husky teams and two Oregon State crews lined up for the start. At the end of the course, Washington went 1-2, with the top Beaver team taking third by edging the Washington "C" crew by less than two seconds. The men's freshman four also finished with Husky teams taking the top two spots, with the crew of Ethan Katz, Allan Mathisen, Thomas Hedlund and Andrew Hamacher picking up the win.

After a short break, racing resumed with the women's varsity eight. The 10th-ranked Washington and the 20th-ranked Oregon State crews were tight the whole race, but the Huskies were able to cross the line with a time of 6:50.8 to beat out the Beavers who finished with a time of 6:53.7. After the race, women's varsity coxswain Alysha Koorji noted, "We really wanted to come together and make the changes we've been working on all week in practice, and we were able to accomplish that. We are really excited for next week and we're going to keep working and coming together as a crew on the water."

The women's junior varsity race followed, and the Huskies secured the win with just a 1.1 second margin to spare. In the men's varsity eight, the top-ranked Huskies proved too strong for the 18th-ranked Beavers scoring the win with a time of 6:05.3, more than 15 seconds ahead of the Oregon State crew. Katelin Snyder, the coxswain of the men's varsity eight, commented, "We trained hard this week and through the race. We executed our plan well on our course, which is good because Cal is here next week. This was a good chance for us to race here before they come up."

In the final two races, Washington sailed past the Beavers, scoring victories in the women's novice eight and the men's junior varsity eight.

The Huskies will be in action against next week on the Montlake Cut, as the California Golden Bears visit Seattle. Racing will begin next Saturday at 9 a.m., as the men's varsity eight race will feature the top two teams in the nation and the women's varsity eight will feature a pair of top-15 teams.

Washington-Oregon State Dual Regatta Results
Montlake Cut/Seattle, Wash.
Saturday, April 21, 2007
2,000 meters

Race #1: Men's Varsity Four

1. Washington A 6:44.7; 2. Washington B 6:51.3; 3. Washington C 6:57.4; 4. Oregon State 6:59.0
UW A Lineup: cox - Leah Downey, stroke - Toby Dankbaar, 3 - Stephen Connolly, 2 - Peter Carlson, bow - Mike Flight

Race #2: Women's Second Novice Eight
1. Oregon State 7:23.2; 2. Washington 7:43.1
UW Lineup: cox - Laura Dally, stroke - Emily Koltuniak, 7 - Sarah Martin, 6 - Melissa Meister, 5 - Joanne Tustison, 4 - Blakeley Holland, 3 - Lisa Duwalter, 2 - Lauren Bresnahan, bow - Anyka Ozog

Race #3: Men's Freshman Eight
1. Washington A 5:59.7; 2. Washington B 6:12.7; 3. Oregon State B 6:24.2
UW A Lineup: cox - Michael Welly stroke - Simon Taylor, 7 - Graham Oglend, 6 - Aaron Luke, 5 - Blaise Didier, 4 - Roko Svast, 3 - Dane Robbins, 2 - James Olson, bow - Maxwell Weaver

Race #4: Women's Varsity Four
1. Washington A 7:37.4; 2. Washington B 7:42.8; 3. Oregon State A 7:47.7; 4. Washington C 7:49.1; 5. Oregon State B 7:57.6
UW A Lineup: cox - Maggie Cheek, stroke - Jen Dwyer, 3 - Rosie DeBoef, 2 - Erin Knox, bow - Kayleigh Mack

Race #5: Men's Freshman Four
1. Washington B 7:05.0; 2. Washington A 7:06.8; 3. Oregon State 7:20.6
UW A Lineup: cox - Alex Tanabe, stroke - Ethan Katz, 3 - Andrew Hamacher, 2 - Thomas Hedlund, bow - Allan Mathisen

Race #6: Women's Varsity Eight
1. Washington 6:50.8; 2. Oregon State 6:53.7
UW Lineup: cox - Alysha Koorji, stroke - Cara Troelstra, 7 - Jamie Unwin, 6 - Taryn Langlois, 5 - Kim Kennedy, 4 - Andrea Sooter , 3 - Samantha Smith, 2 - Kim Armstrong, bow - Liz Simenstad

Race #7: Women's Junior Varsity Eight
1. Washington A 7:02.9; 2 Oregon State 7:04.0; 3. Washington B 7:36.8
UW A Lineup: cox - Sofia Benson-Goldberg, stroke - Jen Dwyer, 7 - Andrea Smith, 6 - Charlene Franklin, 5 - Kelly Foster, 4 - Asiha Grigsby, 3 - Corianne Bowman, 2 - Erika Sweet, bow - Ashley Jones

Race #8: Men's Varsity Eight
1. Washington 6:05.3; 2. Oregon State 6:20.7
UW Lineup: cox - Katelin Snyder, stroke - Will Crothers, 7 - Heath Allen, 6 - Aljosa Corovic, 5 - Rob Gibson, 4 - David Worley, 3 - Steve Full, 2 - Jessiah Johnson, bow - Max Lang

Race #9: Women's Novice Eight
1. Washington 7:19.56; 2. Oregon State 7:22.5
UW Lineup: cox - Daphne Hazlehurst, stroke - Kara Rybczyk, 7 - Meredith Dugoni, 6 - Heather Young, 5 - Adrienne Martelli, 4 - Alison Browning, 3 - Jenny Park, 2 - Line Larsen, bow - Sophia Duluk

Race #10: Men's Junior Varsity Eight
1. Washington 6:18.5; 2. Oregon State 6:41.1
UW Lineup: cox - Micah Perrin, stroke - BJ Caron, 7 - Lowell Neal, 6 - Andrew Beaton, 5 - Trevor Mollenkopf, 4 - Drew Fowler, 3 - Derek DeVries, 2 - David VanBolt, bow - Alan Oriard

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