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Q&A With Michael Gottlieb
Release: 10/30/2006
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Oct. 30, 2006

Husky sophomore tight end Michael Gottlieb spent a moment with on Monday afternoon. Here's what the Mercer Island graduate had to say... How did you feel the offense's performance was against Arizona State?
Michael Gottlieb:
"I think we have definitely done a lot of good things. We have shown a lot of what we can do, but I think that we have to become more consistent. From quarter one to quarter four, from start to finish we need to be a team that is driving the ball throughout the whole game. There are little mistakes here and there that we have to clean up."

GH: Do you notice the offense improving from game to game?
"I definitely think so, we have a lot of guys stepping in that are younger that need some extra games to further develop. Every snap that we take we are getting a little more confident and comfortable in the system. We are getting a better idea of what we can do against the competition, I definitely think we are getting better."

GH: How do you feel about your personal performance?
"I felt okay. Always as a player, I am the most critical of myself. There are a lot of little things that I can take from that game and work on and improve on. Overall at least I went out there and fought and that is the only thing I can really control, my effort that I exert every game. At least I left it all on the field."

GH: Fighting back from being a couple scores down, do you feel like that displayed the team's resiliency?
"I think that it definitely did, that is something that we have shown on a number of occasions this year. It is tough when you don't get the wins though, we are proud of the way that we fought but we are not proud of our overall performance. We need to show that same kind of fight from the start of the game."

GH: A loss is a loss, but do the close losses wear on you and the team more?
"It definitely hurts and it definitely is an emotional drain. But that is something in this business that you have to put behind you and move forward. There is another opportunity this week and that is all we can focus on. Everything that happened before is now in the past."

GH: Is the team staying positive?
"The team is definitely staying positive. I think that we have gained a lot of confidence in ourselves and we are going to continue to display that by the way that we have continued to improve over the last couple of weeks."

GH: When you play a regional opponent like Oregon, does the game feel any different?
"It does, you would like to think that every game is the same. Every game is the same in your preparation but there is no denying the type of emotions these rivalries bring out. As a player that is just fun to go out there and fight for something that is a little bigger this week."

GH: When Oregon State defeated USC, does that go to show the depth of the Pac-10 Conference?
"I think so, we have kind of felt that way all year. Obviously USC has been the juggernaut for the last couple of years but we felt like this year they were a little more vulnerable and the Pac-10 as a whole is nationally underestimated. From top to bottom there are a lot of good teams that could win it every week. In a Pac-10 game you know that no matter who you are playing you have to come out and play every week because they are going to give you a good fight."

GH: The team has suffered some injuries this season, but the team continues to fight on. Is this a testament to the team's depth?
"I think more importantly than depth, when someone goes down we really come together as a team. We rally around the guys that need to step up and the guys that are coming in we have each other's backs. That is what I think is really important, we pick up the slack when someone goes down. I think that is a testament again to our resiliency and fight that we have displayed this year."

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