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Coach Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes
Release: 01/05/2006
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Jan. 4, 2006


On what was lacking in Arizona game:
"I think overall we need to really buckle down and make defense a priority. I think an overall attention to detail or a sense of urgency."

On rebounding:
"We outrebounded them, but we allowed too many offensive rebounds. We probably played more zone in that game than we have all year. we could have done a better job, but I don't think that was what we point to as the difference in the game."

On Washington State:
"You can't really base anything off the last two years because Coach Bennett started from scratch. They didn't have great talent, nor did they have a group that was accustomed to winning at all. So, if you're any good, hopefully you're going to win in those games against someone who doesn't have a whole lot to work with. ...Washington State has had great victories that last few years. They've had several upsets and they weren't the team that they are now. They are a different team than they have been the last two years. So you can throw those other games out the window."

On WSU being scary to play:
"I don't care who they are or where they play, it doesn't matter. They will always have a chance to win that game. I don't think our guys don't know. I think our guys definitely know what they're capable of doing."

On the tough WSU defense:
"Number one, they are a very good defensive team. Number two, usually when you play against Washington State, there are not as many possessions, and so you can't score as many points. If you go out and shoot a very high percentage, there are not a lot of people who are going to score 100 on them anyway. Along with that, they are very stingy on the defense end. They do not give up very many easy baskets. ...Let's put it this way, whatever offense you run or offensive system you have, you'd better be detailed in it when you play them. There better not be a lot of breakdowns in your offensive scheme."

On Bobby Jones' injured ankle:
"A guy that is as athletic as Bobby is, he's dependent on his athleticism so much that to do what you do on the floor, and that's taken away from you a little bit. It makes things a little more difficult. ...We've tried not to match him up with a speedy guy because you have to start and stop a lot. It depends on who the other team's best player is."

On WSU's best player:
"I think Derrick Low is the heart and soul of their team. Coach Bennett and his staff go out and get players who believe in their system and he's one of those guys. And those other guys rally around him and believe in him. He plays like a leader."

On contrasting tempos between UW and WSU:
"Whenever we play Washington State, we're trying to be up-tempo and they're really trying to control of the game with their system. I hope that we score 100 on them or 90, but in the past, we've been able to do okay. ...We have to be concerned with how we want to play and that's how we've always approached them."

On the rivalry with WSU:
"It's a little different twist than we had when we talk about the Gonzaga-Washington rivalry. We felt like Gonzaga's program has reached an elite level and it would be a true rivalry if our program reached an elite level. I think that's when the best rivalries have occurred."

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