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In the Trenches With Isaiah Stanback
Release: 09/10/2003
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Sept. 10, 2003

Quarterback Isaiah Stanback may not unseat Cody Pickett as Washington's starter behind center, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy for the Husky coaches to keep the multi-talented passer off the field. In Saturday's win over Indiana, Stanback made a surprise debut on the offense - at flanker. The redshirt freshman out of Garfield High School took an end-around for a six-yard gain in the first quarter to the roaring approval of the Husky Stadium faithful. He received another carry in the third quarter, came off the end as a member of the Huskies' punt block team, and was 1-for-1 passing in his debut at quarterback, in the fourth quarter. So who was more excited, Husky fans, Husky coaches or Stanback? correspondent Jordan Roy-Byrne went straight to the source to find out. Your high school coach, Luther Carr, came with you from Garfield to UW as a graduate assistant coach last season. How was it having him here your first year?
Isaiah Stanback: "It felt great. I had somebody to talk to that I already knew. He was there for me, and in general he has been more like a father to me."

GH: What drew you to the University of Washington? Was it the outstanding quarterback tradition?
Stanback: "Every school has had great quarterbacks, but the main thing that drew me here was the feeling that there was a more family-oriented team here. We are family on and off the field."

GH: Your redshirt freshman class, in particular, seems really tight-knit, and is certainly making an impact already this season.
Stanback: "Our class is very close. Last year during camp, we were in the dorms together and I think that's when we became real tight. We are trying to carry that over to this year's freshman class. When one of us goes into the game, we are all on the sideline chanting ''02, '02!'"

GH: With your mobility and arm strength, some have compared you in style to Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. What are your thoughts on that?
Stanback: "He's my favorite quarterback. When people compare me to him, I start laughing because that's exactly where I want to be eventually. I try and take things from his game and incorporate them into mine. He runs a 4.2 (in the 40 yard dash) and I run a 4.4. I'm trying to get down to a 4.2."

GH: At what point in your football career did you realize that you could be a successful dual-threat quarterback?
Stanback: "Really right from the time I started, in eighth. Back then I as mainly running, but now I'm trying to pass more."

GH: What are Isaiah Stanback's non-athletic activites and hobbies?
Stanback: "I mostly like to chill with my family and friends. I have two best friends and we hang out a lot. Family and friends are very important to me."

GH: When Isaiah Stanback is honored as a Husky Legend, 15 years down the road, what will they say about him?
Stanback: (Laughs) "I don't know. I haven't had the chance to prove myself yet. We will have to wait and see on that one."

GH: Did you know our very own mascot, Harry the Husky, was named an All-American? What are your thoughts on Harry?
Stanback: (Laughs) "That's good. Keep voting for him! Harry is an important part of the games. He helps get the crowd pumped up."

GH: Do you have any suggestions for future catering for Washington's Monday press conferences?
Stanback: "Ezell's (fried chicken) and Philly's (Best cheese steaks). They are right down the street from my high school. Just keep it in the city!"

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