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Q&A With Greyson Gunheim
Release: 08/15/2007
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Aug. 15, 2007 How have practices been going so far? What has the tone been like?
Greyson Gunheim: We started off real strong and we're doing good. As everyone started to learn the defense it slowed down a little bit, but it's starting to pick up again. I just think we need to keep picking up guys.

GH: What have you seen from the newcomers to the team so far?
They have a lot of talent. They just need to learn everything and listen to what the coaches are telling them. They're going to be really good.

GH: You guys have a difficult schedule this season, and four of your first five opponents are ranked in the preseason Top 25. What has been the teams' preparation as you head into the season?
Everyone on our team is excited about that because we get to play those teams and it's a big stage for us to show everyone what we can do.

GH: As a senior have you taken on more of a leadership role during the summer and now in fall camp?
I would say so, just because I'm one of the older guys now. I've been around here for awhile so the younger guys ask me different things as far as "What do I do here?" in situations, or they look up to me in the weight room and off the field.

GH: What has been your most memorable moment in a Husky uniform?
The first time I walked out (of the tunnel). It was my freshman year during the Fresno State game - it had a big impact. All of the fans going nuts, and just walking out of the tunnel trying to keep a straight face, but I couldn't help but smile the whole game.

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