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Tyrone Willingham Monday Press Conference Quotes
Release: 10/23/2006
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Oct. 23, 2006

General Comments:
"This is always a difficult day to determine where your team is at. Our thing is playing good is not enough, we want to win."

On the status of Kenny James:
"We really don't know Kenny's status right now. We know that he suffered an ankle sprain and that we will run some more tests on it, we will run some more today and tomorrow. Right now we anticipate that it is a sprain and we are not sure what the limitations of that will be."

On if the depth of the tailback position is only Louis Rankin:
"No, it doesn't. It should be two deep with Louis Rankin and Shelton Sampson."

On Jake Locker:
"If he is called on, he needs to step in and he needs to get it done. That is the way the game of football is. It is no different for Carl, if he is called in he needs to step in and get it done."

On if a player will more positions to play tailback:
"There is always that possibility, it is a fair question and a very honest answer."

On the reason for Shelton Sampson's limited play:
"My preference has been with the two backs that we have used, Kenny James and Louis Rankin."

On the play of Carl Bonnell:
"Good and bad. I thought there were a lot of things that he did on the field that were good. I loved a lot of the balls that he threw; I loved the command that he had over our offensive system. His leadership getting our guys in the right place and for the most part doing the right things. From that standpoint I thought that he did an excellent job. Obviously there were the interceptions, but not all of the blame should be placed on Carl for those."

On going for one point after the touchdown pass to Marlon Wood:
"That is a good conversation, we could have gone for two. It was my choice to go for one and take it into overtime."

On going for one on the last extra point conversion:
"If you go back and look at the factors, I made that choice probably a little before we put ourselves in that position but I don't believe we had a time out there if I am correct. It is difficult to get all of the right personal on the field at that point with all of the excitement."

On having 10 players on the field during a defensive play:
"Some of those things are what happens unfortunately. We put eleven guys on that particular play but some times young men do not hear you. Unfortunately it happened at a very critical time where it could have made a mark on that play. So that is disappointing, in practice we try to work that out at every opportunity we have. We probably had more than anything individual player breakdowns. It was a play that they might have scored on. It was a pretty good move by a pretty good back, to put himself in position to get in the end zone."

On Arizona State:
"I think that they are a very good football team, traditionally and this year they have been very fast. That frightens me more than anything else about them, their overall team speed. If you are not careful that kind of team speed can jump up and surprise you. I thought that a year ago they were every bit as fast and quick as USC, which was one of the most explosive teams I have seen in some time. I thought that they were able to match them, with that kind of speed and quickness. I think that this year, this is the same type of team, even though they haven't been as productive as they would like to have been."

On the fact that no Arizona State players have played at Husky Stadium:
"Well what you are hopping for is that every possible advantage can go in your favor. So if they haven't been here and they are star struck looking at the mountains and the lake, then let it work. If there are cooler temperatures then they are used to, let that work. The real key is how you play, and we have to play well. If you play well we get people excited about our play and energizes our stadium."

On DuRocher and Locker being listed as equals on the depth chart:
"That means without me being overly simplistic. If Carl gets hurt, then either of those young men could end up playing."

On if Jake has changed since the possibility that he could play has increased:
"No, Jake has been prepared to play since day one. He has prepared like a veteran, in terms of putting in the extra time and doing the little things that it takes to be ready to go."

On if Jake is getting more snaps in practice now:
"It is not a drastic change because in our system the number one guy gets the majority of the snaps. The number two and number three guy get a few, but most likely they get most of their snaps on the scout team."

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