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Windermere Cup -- Post Regatta Quotes
Release: 05/07/2005
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Windermere Cup Regatta
Saturday, May 7, 2005
Montlake Cut; Seattle, Wash.


Stephen Hertzfeld
Coxswain, Washington men's varsity eight

"We were ahead from stroke one. We had just a small advantage at the start. We rowed pretty well at the start. We settled down into our rhythm and just consistently walked away in the first 1,000. We took one seat at a time. We never really had a big move where we just took a whole lot. Everybody definitely got really exciting coming into The Cut. We have six seniors in the boat, so the last trip through the cut was really special. It's the last home race for all of us.

"This is the first time I have been in the varsity in four years. It's exciting to be here. The guys put together a good race. We did what we needed to, keeping our heads focusing on us and not worrying about the other teams. We rowed our race."

Giuseppe Lanzone
No. 3 Seat, Washington men's varsity eight

"It felt good. We executed the race plan exactly how we wanted. It felt great. It's was pretty even for the first 500 or 700, around that. Then we made a few moves like we planned to. We did what we've been working on."

Sarah Hubbard
No. 6 Seat, Washington women's varsity eight

"The Czech Republic crew was made up of the best girls that they have in the country. We went out there and tried to stay settled. We had a good start. The start was very aggressive, which is what we needed to do. We got off the water and didn't win, but we are focusing on what we did improve on and what we need to work on."

Olivia Morrow
No. 2 Seat, Washington women's varsity eight

On the outcome of the race:
"We are happy with the race. We did what we needed to do, we raced our own race. We got a length up at the start. We had a really fast start, that's more than what we could have asked for. We are making steps every single week, we're getting faster. We executed what we have been working on in practice. We have a couple more steps to do before Pac-10s and nationals. If we maintain the momentum, we will have a really good season."

On the excitement of Windermere and racing the Czech Republic's National Team:
"It defiantly lights the fire. It got us really excited. It can be a little intimidating, but if we just focus on ourselves and what we can do, that's all we should really ask for."

Bryan Volpenhein
U.S. National Team
Stroke of winning pair in Windermere Olympic Challenge Cup

On the atmosphere of the Windermere Cup:
"It is a lot like Henley in England. But its more compact, the boats are bigger, and the water is a little bit tougher. It's a lot of fun, people are really excited and it gets really loud."

On winning the gold medal in Athens in the 2004 Olympics:
"My life hasn't changed that much. I think the opportunities are there, you just have to let people know. If you want to use it you can, but my life is pretty much the same. I feel a little bit different, I feel satisfied."

On the growth of the sport:
People are definitely more interested. I think little kids are more interested now as well, kids that just started to row.

Matt Deakin
U.S. National Team
Bow of winning pair in Windermere Olympic Challenge Cup

On the atmosphere of the Windermere Cup:
"It's a fun race. We had fun and that's what matters. It's always fun to come back. This is the first opportunity I have had to come back since I graduated from college and started racing for the United States. You have people cheering for Cornell and people cheering for UW. It's nice when you come down and it's the U.S. and everyone cheers for you. It's so loud down there."

Dan Roock
Cornell Men's Head Coach

"We come out here because it's such a unique race, it's a festival, it's crazy. We never have a chance to do this sort of thing anywhere else. But what I am more excited about is how our guys raced. We have been on the water a little late this year, so every race is a little better for us. To be able to go out here and test our speed against Washington, we'll see in a month at the IRA's, so I am psyched at how well we were able to race and our intensity. We have a few things to work on that this race shows, so we are psyched to see that."

On the impact of the atmosphere:
"It got us a little over excited, but we knew it was going to happen."

On the Windermere Cup Regatta:
"It's pretty special. It really adds to it in a big way. Again it almost got us too excited. But that's fine, you can't experience it in any other race so we love it."

Andrew Meyer
No. 3 Seat, Cornell Men's Varsity Eight

On the Windermere Cup Regatta:
"It's amazing, it's the best rowing experience I've had. It's up there with Head of the Charles and any other event that I have ever raced in."

On how the atmosphere influenced them during the race:
"Oh yeah. We went out real hard and tried to lead and hold our own, get our bow in front. Did that for about 1100 meters and then kind of slipped away."

On the whole experience of the regatta and being in Seattle:
"This is my first time in Seattle and it's a great place, great city. I look forward to going around and seeing it this afternoon. What can I say about the regatta other than it's amazing."

Chris Wilson
Cornell Women's Head Coach

On the Windermere Cup Regatta:
"Obviously this is a rare sporting experience and I've sort of been to most regattas around the world and there is really nothing like this event. For the undergraduates from Washington to experience this every year they are really lucky. The Windermere hosts are amazing and we just feel so lucky to be here. The race was actually a solid performance for us. We are in the last week of classes and getting ready for our championships next week and we sort of have to figure out how to build this racing opportunity into our training so we didn't blow ourselves out for next week. Our varsity has come along way this year. We are kind of pleased we had a respectable performance against Washington. We know they are one of the top crew's in the country, so we are pleased with what we did today."

On how the atmosphere contributes to the race:
"I think it definitely helps. All along we have been trying to get off the line in a really aggressive way. There is no doubt that lining up the sides spurred these women on. They actually had a seat up on the Czech's at the start, which is pretty cool. There is no way these women have experienced so much support, so there was no way to have any leg in the race. They were pushing themselves like always, but there was just so much external energy to draw upon. It was pretty special for them."

Alexa Olson
No. 4 Seat, Cornell Women's Varsity Eight

On the Windermere Cup Regatta:
"It was a lot of fun. Having all the fans made a big difference because you could hear everyone while you were racing. It brought another level of intensity to the atmosphere, it was awesome."

On the atmosphere impacting the race:
"I think it did. It helped us, especially when we got to the bridge it helped drive us to the line even harder because we could hear everyone yelling. Even though we weren't sure they were yelling for us we had to go hard."

On this experience:
"This is a great race and there really isn't anything else that we have been participating in that is at this level, so we are really happy to be here."

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