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Q&A With Sonny Shackelford
Release: 09/12/2005
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Sept. 12, 2005

GH: What is one non-football related goal that you have set for yourself?

SS: "I just want to graduate with my degree, and go on and make a whole bunch of money, so that I can pay for everything that I want to pay for."

GH: What are you planning on majoring in?

SS: "Right now I'm planning on majoring in Communications. But sometimes things change."

GH: Do you know what you want to get into with your Communications degree?

SS: "Not really! But I like the camera, and I like to talk. Maybe a newscaster, but maybe something more, because I don't think they get paid too much."

GH: How did it feel to have such a big game last week?

SS: "It felt great to have a career game, but we didn't come out with the win. So, it was ups and downs, I was upbeat that I played a good game, but I was also down because we lost the game."

GH: Do you think that you and Isaiah have a special chemistry?

SS: "We have a quarterback-wide receiver chemistry, we hang out a lot, just like all of the guys do. We are all friends. I don't know what was going on during the last game. He just decided to throw the ball in there, and me, as a receiver, wanted to get it."

GH: What is one spot on campus that you like to hang out?

SS: "The football office. I like to hang out with coaches, so I can let them know that I want the ball."

GH: Do you have a favorite play that you feel like you can score a touchdown on everytime?

SS: "I feel I can score a touchdown on any play. I like plays that are fun, trick plays are good too, because for some reason, on a trick play you are always wide open."

GH: You were a QB in high school do you think that you will be throwing the ball on a trick play anytime soon?

SS: "I did last year, hopefully I'll get one this year."

GH: Thanks for the interview Sonny!

SS: No problem.

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