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Summer Check-In With The Huskies
Release: 06/20/2011
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June 20, 2011

Where The Huskies Are Playing This Summer 

Through the summer, a handful of Husky baseball players will update us on their summer-ball goings-on.

Below are updates from Dawgs from all around the country.

Here's what they have to say:

ADAM CIMBER, Green Bay Bullfrogs

Hey from Green Bay. I'm out in Wisconsin playing for the Green Bay Bullfrogs. Good times. I can't tell you a whole lot about Green Bay itself because we've been on the road for the past week touring the state. I've passed Lambeau Field a couple times... That's all I got. The accents are awesome.

I got here last Tuesday morning and met up with the team that afternoon. We won Tuesday night, got rained out Wednesday, and won again on Thursday. Thursday during BP I was doing bucket (behind a very short protection screen) and wore a line drive off the back of my dome. After the mild concussion went away a few days later, I made my first appearance, when we played Z-Brain Wright's team, the Lacrosse Loggers. So far our trip to Madison was my favorite. We played the Mallards in front of over 7,500 people, the normal crowd in Madison. The night was topped off with a streaker sprinting across the outfield, tearing a portion of the 12-foot center field wall down, then scaling it and getting away. Shameless and awesome. Plus, we won 15-3.

The drives through Wisconsin remind me a lot of Eastern Washington. It's basically just endless rolling hills of farmland. We've already had two rainouts this week, so it's wet like Washington. Only it's also 80 degrees and muggy when it rains here.

My host family is awesome. I've got two little brothers who love to play Xbox. So my nights at home so far have consisted of pounding food and playing Call of Duty. We have a rare off-day on Sunday and my host family is taking me and my roommate to Milwaukee to see a Brewers game. Can't wait. Later!

JACOB LAMB, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox

Summer is finally here and all that means is more baseball. I arrived to the Cape Cod on June 16 and was amazed the second I got off the bus. The combination of warm weather, lots of green trees, and the Ocean within a five-minute walk made me excited for the summer. My host family has been nothing but amazing to me. I have a host brother who will be a senior in high school and hen a host sister who will be a sophomore in college. One very big plus is that the mom is an amazing cook. She saw that I liked to eat so she makes sure that I get lots of food at every meal.

There are many activities to do on our off days or before games over here in the cape. The big thing to do is play mini golf. The town is filled with all different types of mini golf courses so it gets pretty competitive with all my teammates. We play for free at one of the courses where Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants) a Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox alum holds the record.

As for the baseball part of my summer so far, it's been everything I expected. The Cape Cod League is known for being packed with the best pitchers in the country and I have certainly seen that in the games I have played in so far. I also really like my teammates. There are guys from all across the country and all from great baseball programs. It's great to play with guys with amazing talent because as a fellow player, I can talk to them about hitting, defense or base running and possibly learn a few things from them. I am having loads of fun and can't wait until next year's season.

B.K. SANTY, Anchorage Bucs

Summer ball is here and it's never been more fun. We have guys from all over the nation, so getting to know them has been super cool. Anchorage is a nice town but the real fun lies up hiking in the mountain or fishing in the rivers and lakes. I've already caught 10 rainbow trout and I'm a terrible fisherman.

In terms of baseball, things are great. I'm splitting time with a UCSB guy which gives me time to rest and work out on my off days. Our field is pretty's new field turf alot like Oregon's field, minus the cathedral part. I've already played against quite a few of my old friends who are spread out around the rest of the country.

Our host is super nice. She cooks us food whenever we want, and she's got a pretty nice house with just her and her cat. The downside is I have to share a room with Ty "Peanut" Afenir, but it's not so bad because we snuggle and watch TV together. Our host gave us a 1986 Cherokee Chief with nine million miles on it. And it's a stick shift which means Peanut can't drive it. I'm having a good time so far and it's getting me hungry for a new years at the U. See ya!

TYLER KANE, Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs

My name is Tyler Kane and I am playing this summer for the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs in the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League. It's a relatively new league but the competition is great. The first couple of days were a little awkward trying to learn everybody's name, and I am the only one from the West Coast on the team. So far things have been off to a good start. The team is 4-3 now and I'm in the same late-reliever role that I had at UW. Although I am hoping to get a few starts later this summer.

Little Falls, the town we are located in, is very small. It's a great atmosphere because everyone on the team is like a celebrity over here. We have done a few community things to reach out and help. I was involved in going to an elementary school to do a read-aloud for the kids. But they had a field day and so instead we played kickball with them.

My host family is great, they have three kids and we all get along great. I feel right at home. The weather here the first few days looked exactly like Seattle, a little rainy and gray. It finally got nice and for the last week it's been 85 and humid, perfect baseball weather. The summer has only just begun and I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

AUSTIN VOTH, Brewster Whitecaps

My name is Austin Voth. I am playing in the Cape Cod League for the Brewster Whitecaps team. So far it has been a challenge to score runs against all of the good pitching and teams we are facing, but we did beat a team 12-4. My team has some good talent and from some very good baseball programs from around the country as you would expect playing in the Cape.

The coaches are very helpful, and they give great give suggestions that you know will help you out. In Brewster, the city that I live in, most of the people know each other and are very friendly. There are a lot of seafood restaurants that are very fresh and delicious since you are right next to the water. I am excited to see how this summer plays out. It is a tremendous opportunity. That is all for now. I will update you more very soon.

JAYCE RAY, Hyannis Harbor Hawks

Well, so far we are 5-1. We have had three walk-offs. The first one was a squeeze play in the bottom of the 10th, the second one was a three-run bomb, and the third was a single with a run scoring from second.

All the guys on my team are good dudes. It's cool seeing guys come together. For example last night for our team dinner it was me (UW), Joey Rickard (Arizona) and Dean McArdle (Stanford). So it's really cool that all the guys who are rivals during the year can come together.

The people here are the nicest people I have ever met. Food here is different -- best clam chowder I have ever had. We get these team meals at all kinds of different restaurants that are really good. Host family is willing to get me anything I want to eat. They're super nice; it's almost awkward at times cause they offer to much. The town is not what I expected. I live in the woods, so it reminds me of Tahoe. I live the furthest from the field so it makes thing kind of hard. I don't have a car so it kind of I'm at the house or the field.

I definitely like it out here. The baseball is a lot of fun. We played at a field with a brick dust infield. The fields are not that nice. My coach explained it as "everything is little league quality except the talent on the field." The funny thing is the bad stuff is completely gone when you get playing. All in all a great experience whether your here for a week or the entire summer! Very thankful to get this chance, until next time ...

BRIAN WOLFE, Asheboro Copperheads


Asheboro, North Carolina: the small home town of the one and only Asheboro Copperhead summer baseball team. With a population of about 24,000 people and the nearest professional team being in Greensboro 35 minutes away everyone is interested in the Copperheads.

I, Brian Wolfe, a junior to be at the University of Washington, joined my teammate Cordell Greene a pitcher also from Washington on June 9th to begin our summer in North Carolina. The first few days were an adventure meeting new teammates and coaches, eating new foods, meeting new people and understanding the tightness of the small town community.

After landing in North Carolina after being awake for 38 hours straight I arrived at McCrary Park to watch my team play. Cordell happened to be pitching and he threw great, but of course for me after being up for 30-plus hours they had to go into extra innings. I didn't know but apparently my team has a knack for playing extra-inning games. Since we've been here, we have played four extra-inning games out of nine.

Our teammates are great and come from all over the country; they are not just East Coast players. We have players from Chicago, California, Florida, and New York. With all of the diversity there are all kinds of personalities on our team, which makes for interesting dugout conversations. Everyone enjoys playing with each other and there are no "bad apples". This makes for a very enjoyable baseball environment. Also we are 13-6, which sort of helps the "mojo" of our team.

Besides playing baseball living in North Carolina is different from anywhere I have ever been. The weather is hot and very muggy. In Seattle it rains and gets pretty cold, however in Asheboro when it rains it gets more hot and sticky. This is an environment that I have never been in, but that I very much like experiencing. A small town with a large following for baseball is great and is bound to produce some very authentic fans and stories, so stay tuned to hear about the rest of our experiences and the Asheboro Copperheads.

JOE MEGGS, Terre Haute Rex

My first week with the Terre Haute Rex was a memorable one. Our team won six out of seven and five in a row, one short of the franchise record. So far I am enjoying my time back in the Midwest, making sure to stay hydrated in the humidity. The people are friendly and we have been getting a good crowd at our games. We had over 1,300 last Saturday.

In the midst of our win streak there were a few superstitions that arose. Some of these were pretty standard while others were a bit quirky. We had a pitcher who had the same pregame meal every day (nachos), an infielder who didn't wash his socks, and another infielder who refused to shave. Baseball players know not to mess with a win streak.

Our most memorable game was a five-run ninth-inning comeback to stretch our win streak to 4. Our shortstop, Jacob Hayes (Ohio State) hit a deep drive to center that the center fielder lost in the lights, enabling Hayes to get a walk-off, inside-the-park home run. I don't think I will ever see a game end that way ever again.

TY AFENIR, Anchorage Bucs

My name is Ty Afenir and I play for the University of Washington. I got the opportunity to go play in Alaska this summer, which is a really cool place to play if you ever get the chance. If you like fishing, then you will have a blast. If you're not very good at fishing like me, you will still have a good time.

I caught two decent sized fish in about half an hour so it's a good hobby to acquire out here. The home field of the Anchorage Bucs and the Anchorage Pilots (I play for the Bucs) is field turf except for the outfield just like at UW. A good amount of fans come out to watch the games and it's pretty cool to be playing a game around ten o'clock with no lights on. It doesn't get dark here until probably one in the morning then the sun starts creeping back up.

Fishing isn't the only thing here to do on your off time. There are four gyms that you are able to lift at which if you play for the Bucs you get a free membership at. There are plenty of hiking trails to hike up for example the other day me and current UW teammate B.K. Santy along with a few of our new teammates hiked up about a 2 1/2-mile mountain called Flat Top which had a beautiful view once we made it up to the top. All of our teammates are pretty chill and most of them play at big time D1 schools across the nation, so it's a fun experience up here and I can't wait to travel to Kenai to play some ball and catch 100lb Salmon!

Talk to you guys soon!

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