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Quotes From Gonzaga Coach & Student-Athletes
Release: 03/19/2010
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March 19, 2010

Coach Kelly Graves, Gonzaga
On playing close to home
"I think there are a lot of positives about it. Just the fact that we know the city, we know the arena, we know how to get in and out of the place. We've played on the floor, not just last year in the tournament but we play the Huskies here every other year. I think all of that can help. A lot of our players are from Washington, several from the west side. But the bottom line is the game tomorrow against tomorrow North Carolina, you throw all that stuff out because it's just going to be about who's better during those 40 minutes."

On playing a big-name school like UNC
"We've always felt that if we just focus on what we do and the way we play, then all of that will take care of itself. If we're better than North Carolina tomorrow, we win. If we're not, we lose. I think we've tried not to get caught up in that. We've prepared no differently for North Carolina then we have all year long. We've tried to keep the same schedule, same game plan, same practice plan. Hopefully tomorrow that'll pay off for us."

F Vivian Frieson, Sr.
Defining point of the season
"I think when the season started we were a little inconsistent, and a lot of people point to when we played Texas A&M in the Holiday tournament as the turning point in our season. We really clicked as a team and realized that we can play with any team out there. The second half of the season really showed us how well we can play when we are clicking, and after that we were able to work on building our offense and defense."

G Courtney Vandersloot, Jr.
Coming home
"Whenever we come home we still like to stay here and be with the team. Even though we are coming home we treat it as a business trip. We are here to play basketball and not to be home. We have plenty of time after the season to come back and enjoy home, but when we are here now we like to stay with the team and keep it strictly business."

Handling close games in the tournament
"We have made sure all season that we know that it is not just about the scoreboard. We make everything, including practices, as competitive as we can because we know that every possession counts just as much in 50 point as it would in a 2 point game. We practice so that we know how to handle every situation."

F Heather Bowman, Sr.
Playing in Seattle again this year
"I think that it is a little different here than last year, we are playing a different team, but there still is a little familiarity behind playing here at this time of year. There is that familiarity, but this is still definitely a different situation for us."

Defining moment of the season
"I think that the Texas A&M game really was our turning point this season. We are a team that is full of different players with different skill sets, and I think the Texas A&M game really showed us that we can put everything together and really play as a team."

On Courtney Vandersloot
"Courtney has become more of a balanced player throughout the year both passing and shooting the ball. She is a true point guard and would rather make the pass over taking the shot. I think what Courtney has really developed is here scoring ability, because now she is a big threat that other teams have to focus on, and then she completely opens up our offense with her passing ability."

G/F Katelan Redmon, So.
On the game and North Carolina
"I think everybody is real excited and we're pumped to go out there and play them. I mean, it's a big team from the ACC so we're excited to play them." "It's one of those things that's like, they're a very well-known team and everything, but we know we're just as good as them so we're just going to go out there and play hard."

On playing in Seattle
"I played here for a whole year [freshman year, before transferring] so I know the gym and everything, so it'll be nice to play here again and get back in the gym."

G Tiffanie Shives, Sr.
On the game
"We're really excited, just focusing on ourselves right now and just getting our gameplan prepared. We're just excited to be here."

On their reaction when they found out they'd be playing in Seattle
"All the girls went nuts. We're excited because it's kind of like a home game for us. We get a lot of fan support here; it's just a comfortable feel."

On what they have to do against UNC
"We have to rebound. They're a very strong and athletic team, and we just really have to focus on the little things--playing hard, taking care of the ball, rebounding--they're very athletic so we have to make sure we contain them."

On how they're going to combat that size and athleticism
"It's all about boxing out. Honestly I think all week we've been working on that part of our game. Just making sure we get a body on somebody and messing them up because they'll be bigger than us all game."

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