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Q&A With Johnie Kirton
Release: 09/21/2005
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Sept. 21, 2005

Johnie Kirton came to Washington as a running back before fate and need caused him to move to tight end. So far, the move has proved fruitful for both the Huskies and Kirton. He is currently third on the team in receptions and is proving to be a quick learner at his new position. Kirton recently sat down with What were your feelings about the 0-2 start?
Johnie Kirton:
I was disappointed. Last year we were 1-10, and you don't want to start and continue that. The first two games we should have won. If you look at it, the little things kept us from winning, and it was disappointing. We know we should be 3-0 now, so I am not really worried about it.

GH: How does it feel to pull out a win?
It feels good. I didn't get to go straight to the locker room after the game, but the second that I was in there, I saw all the liveliness, and it seems like we are back in the game again.

GH: In your opinion, how huge was the win against Idaho?
I think it was really big. Not only did they come in here kind of disrespecting us, I think as a whole we kind of decided that this Saturday was going to be the game that was going to get the wheels rolling for this season, and next year.

GH: Can you take me through that play when you scored your touch down?
It was a play that I knew I was going to get the ball. When I was in route I was nervous because I saw the linebacker underneath, and I am surprised that Isaiah (Stanback) threw it because there were like two defenders around me, so when he did I knew I had to catch it.

GH: How did it feel to score your first touch down?
It was crazy. I can't really explain the feeling of it. I think it was more fun to have the team and everyone around gather around me and give me some love.

GH: What are your thoughts about facing Notre Dame this weekend?
I am excited. This is my first go around period, so I don't know what it is like to compete against them. I have been watching them in film, and on TV, so I am excited to play them.

GH: Do you feel the Notre Dame is a rival game, even though usually the rival game is against Washington State in the Apple Cup?
I can say yes. I don't believe we have beat Notre Dame, so I consider it somewhat of a rival game.

GH: How is playing tight end, after switching from tailback earlier this season?
It is just little things that are keeping me back from becoming a complete tight end. I just have to work on my blocking and maintain them, and I have the catching part down, I just to have to learn the blocking scheme.

GH: Have the coaches been pressuring you on getting the position down?
They have been pressuring me, but at the same time they are kind if expecting me to pick it up really quick. Within two weeks, I had to know the whole offense, so it has been good to have them on my back--it has been helpful.

GH: Did you like the change at first?
No I did not like the play at first. It was kind of frustrating to move from being finesse to the big guy--down on the line type. It was just a difficult transition.

GH: After the win last weekend, what is your outlook on the rest of the season?
Like I said, I believe that win got the wheels rolling for the rest of the season. We are feeling confident, and I know some guys are already watching film, and we are ready to go out and practice tomorrow.

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