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Post-Race Quotes
Release: 05/03/2008
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Windermere Cup
Saturday, May 3, 2008
Montlake Cut; Seattle, Wash.

Michael Callahan
Washington Men's Head Coach

On how his crew reacted to the pre-race equipment breakage:
"I was definitely impressed by that. You know we have a bunch of young guys in the boat, three sophomores, three juniors, and that stuff can rattle people. But they focused right in. I was concerned when I heard that the start might get a little hectic and frantic but they kept it cool and they really settled down into a nice rhythm and just pushed away.

"We wanted a long a base rhythm and that's what they delivered. Not every race is the same. We tell them `Don't expect everything to go perfect,' so they're ready when something does happen. They are prepared for something not to go right."

On the crowd:
"It was a really good one, especially for a Northwest day like this one. I'm glad people weren't afraid to come out and support the Huskies on a day like this. Usually that's the determining factor of how exciting it is. It was a great crowd and it was really fun to go through The Cut today. It never gets old. This is the pinnacle of our home season and the crowd delivered for us and that gives us extra energy to go all the way to the finish line."

Simon Taylor
Washington Men's Varsity Eight No. 5 seat

"It was a lot of fun today. We're really happy. Our boat broke on the warm up, so we were like `Oh, time to go back in and get a new one.' Coach Callahan brought us together and got us focused on the race, and yeah it went really well and we had a lot of fun."

Katelin Snyder
Washington Men's Varsity Eight Coxswain

On the pre-race complications:
"We were about halfway out and were practicing our starts. We did a three-quarter pressure start and he [Blaise Didier] snapped the metal pin. I said to him `It was supposed to be three-quarter pressure; what are you doing?' We booked it back to the shellhouse, took out the Empacher and went right to the starting line. It was hard too, because we were kind of nervous."

On the race:
"We took the lead right from the beginning. We had open water by a minute in, 300 meters."

Blaise Didier
Washington Men's Varsity Eight No. 6 seat

On the broken pin:
"On the warm up coming back, we were doing a starting 10 and I just got a little too excited and snapped the pin."

Bob Ernst
Washington Women's Coach

"I'd seen the Melbourne crew row, so I knew they'd be decent. I just think that the level of intercollegiate rowing for women in this country is really high, as it is for the top-level guys. You've got to bring a pretty good team here to really be serious about beating us. Our kids are getting better, we're getting some things sorted out, and we're really looking forward to the Pac-10. It's going to be a fun season."

Alysha Koorji
Women's Varsity Eight Coxswain

"We were really determined. We've been working together all week to come together and match our impulses and everything. We knew that these guys were really good and from the first stroke we just wanted it."

"It was kind of hard to hear on the sprint. It was great the crowd was there and they were there for us."

Mike Hughes
Navy Women's Coach

"We wanted to see if we could come out hard and fast early and see what we could do to rattle the other crews. I didn't expect Washington to get rattled. Washington is one of the best crews in the country, so we were hoping to do something with the Melbourne crew and we had a better last 500 than they had. They came after us and they're tough, but we were lucky enough to finish strong out there."

Rick Clothier
Navy Coach

"I have briefly spoken to our coxswain about the race. Obviously Washington jumped out to an early lead and controlled things from the get go. I think we had a good race with the Polish team and then they were able to pull away in the cut. They feel like they had a good race, no complaints. I think they did what they could given that they are in the middle of exams and flew all the way out here to the West Coast, not to mention that we used a different boat. Not to make excuses. We are always treated very kindly when we come to Washington, I think all in all we had a pretty good race.

"It's wonderful being back here, very nostalgic. I cut my teeth rowing here as a coxswain, coached here for five years, then went off to the Naval Academy. So I love coming back."

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