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UW Crews Wins 8 of 9 Races vs. Oregon State
Release: 04/19/2008
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April 19, 2008


SEATTLE - Washington crews won eight of nine races Saturday, including a victory by the top-ranked men's varsity eight over No. 15 Oregon State in a dual regatta on the Montlake Cut.

The Huskies handily won all four men's races, topped by a convincing decision in the featured race. The UW varsity eight was competing in Seattle for the first time since winning the national championship last spring. The Huskies' homecoming was happy as they steadily pulled away from the Beavers to win by several lengths.

"It felt really good today. The blade work was really tight and we just had a really good race," said UW stroke Will Crothers. The junior is one of four members of the current varsity eight who also competed in last year's championship boat.

"The dynamic is definitely different, but we've come together," Crothers explained. "It's a different boat, but we have the same goals in mind. People in this boat are motivated to achieve those goals, the same way we were last year."

UW clocked a winning time of 5-minutes, 46.10-seconds on Saturday and OSU finished in 5:57.97. That marked the 13th consecutive victory in collegiate racing for the Husky men's varsity crew that went undefeated during the 2007 season.

"Today, we had some pretty adverse conditions on the racecourse and I thought the guys handled it really well," said first-year Husky men's head coach Michael Callahan. "They got into their rhythm and performed well."

The adverse conditions included temperatures in the mid-30s and sporadic rain. This came just one week after an April 12 dual regatta against Washington State on a day when the Seattle area registered a record-high temperature of 79 degrees.

The drastic weather swing was the only contrast between the two regattas. The race results were identical, as Washington crews also won every race against WSU, except the women's varsity.

The top women's crews battled the length of the course. They were virtually even through 1,500 meters before the Beavers took a sprint that helped them edge the eighth-ranked Huskies by two seats. Oregon State finished in 6:38.3 and UW was second in 6:39.9.

The Beavers will likely parlay the victory into a place in next week's national coaches poll. They were just outside the top-20 in the most recent rankings where they atop the list of schools also receiving votes.

The UW women's second varsity eight remained undefeated in four races this season. The Huskies came out ahead in a hard-fought race, crossing the finish line in 6:50.8. OSU's runner-up time was 6:52.7.

UW was an easy victor in the women's novice eight race, winning by nearly nine seconds. The Huskies finished in 7:08.8 and OSU in 7:17.4.

Crews from UW finished one-two in the other two women's races. The winning time in the varsity four event was 7:32.3 and the third varsity eight competition was won in 7:10.9.

In other men's racing, Washington's second varsity (5:59.51) and third varsity (6:06.18) crews both defeated the OSU entry that completed the second varsity race in 6:10.9

The Huskies' top-two, first-year boats out-raced OSU in the freshman eight event. UW's No. 1 freshman crew had a winning time of 5:58.9, followed by the No. 2 freshman (6:05.8) and the Beavers (6:18.3).

The Huskies were dominant in the men's varsity four race, capturing the first-four spots ahead of fifth-place OSU. The winning time was 6:47.0.

The Washington fleet hits the road next weekend, visiting the Bay Area for its annual dual regatta against California. A pair of battles between top-10 ranked crews highlight the racing at Redwood Shores, Saturday, April 26. The Huskies are ranked No. 1 among men's varsity eight crews and the Golden Bears are No. 4. The Cal women are No. 1 and UW is No. 8.

The Huskies return to Seattle, Saturday, May 3 to host the 22nd-annual Windermere Cup.

Washington-Oregon State Dual Regatta Results
Montlake Cut; Seattle, Wash.
Saturday, April 19, 2008
(all events were 2,000 meters)

Men's Varsity Eight
1, Washington, 5:46.10. 2, Oregon State, 5:57.97.

      UW Lineup: cox-Katelin Snyder, stroke-Will Crothers, 7-Heath Allen, 6-Jessiah Johnson, 5-Simon Taylor, 4-Blaise Didier, 3-Roko Svast, 2-Toby Dankbaar, bow-Lowell Neal.

Men's Second Varsity Eight
1, Washington 2V, 5:59.61. 2, Washington 3V, 6:06.18. 3, Oregon State, 6:10.9.

      UW 2V Lineup: cox-Micah Perrin, stroke-Drew Fowler, 7-Graham Oglend, 6-Bart-Jan Caron, 5-Trevor Mollenkopf, 4-Andrew Beaton, 3-Stephen Connolly, 2-David VanBolt, bow-Steve Full.
      UW 3V Lineup: cox-Leah Downey, stroke-David Goulet, 7-Mike Flight, 6-Dane Robbins, 5-Tad McCrea, 4-Peter Carlson, 3-Ryan Huntoon, 2-Asa Bergdahl, bow-Kit Culbert.

Men's Freshman Eight
1, Washington 1F, 5:58.9. 2, Washington 2F, 6:05.8. 3, Oregon State, 6:18.3.

      UW 1F Lineup: cox-Alex Chalk, stroke-Hans Struzyna, 7-Noah O'Connell, 6-Nenad Bulicic, 5-Anthony Jacob, 4-Matt Zapel, 3-Ty Otto, 2-Bede Clarke, bow-Trevor Walchenbach.
      UW 2F Lineup: cox-Michelle Darby, stroke-Niles Garratt, 7-Dan Silberman, 6-Chris Rinker, 5-Tyler Emsky, 4-Russell Higgins, 3-Casey Dobrowolski, 2-Henry Riely, bow-Bjorn Sbierski.

Men's Varsity Four
1, Washington 1V, 6:47.0. 2, Washington 1F, 6:54.6. 3, Washington 2V, 6:57.4. 4, Washington 2F, 7:00.4. 5, Oregon State, 7:05.1.

      UW 1V Lineup: cox-Patrick Kavanagh, stroke-Aston Tennefoss, 3-Ricky Bargreen, 2-J.P. Marquart, bow-Jamie North.
      UW 2V Lineup: cox-Bronson Kolde, stroke-Thomas Hedlund, 3-David Hunt, 2-Alexander Keats, bow-Matthew MacKinnon.
      UW 1F Lineup: cox-Cemile Gunalp, stroke-Alex Pekasky, 3-Shea Velling, 2-John Collins, bow-Christopher Plumer.
      UW 2F Lineup: cox-Tessa Lageson, stroke-Welles Mattson, 3-Anthony Heimuli, 2-Derek Beck, bow-James White.

Women's Varsity Eight
1, Oregon State, 6:38.3. 2, Washington, 6:39.9.

      UW Lineup: cox-Alysha Koorji, stroke-Erika Sweet, 7-Heather Young, 6-Kayleigh Mack, 5-Erika Shaw, 4-Rosanne DeBoef, 3-Ashley Jones, 2-Kim Kennedy, bow-Lia Prins.

Women's Second Varsity Eight
1, Washington, 6:50.8. 2, Oregon State, 6:52.7.

      UW Lineup: cox-Maggie Cheek, stroke-Kara Farquharson, 7-Alison Browning, 6-Helen Wall, 5-Erin Knox, 4-Kelly Foster, 3-Samantha Smith, 2-Kim Armstrong, bow-Hanne Trafnik.

Women's Novice Eight
1, Washington, 7:08.8. 2, Oregon State, 7:17.4.

      UW Lineup: cox-Katherine Mahoney, stroke-Jessica Thimmig, 7-Marijke Schwarz Smith, 6-Kira O'Sullivan, 5-Kerry Simmonds, 4-Cody Brazen, 3-Nicole Knowles, 2-Kaiini Macarro, bow-Gina Matteo.

Women's Varsity Four
1, Washington "A", 7:32.3. 2, Washington "B", 7:44.9. 3, Oregon State, 7:51.8.

      UW "A" Lineup: cox-Isabelle Woodward, stroke-Rachel Powers, 3-Jennifer Park, 2-Charlene Franklin, bow-Adrienne Martelli.
      UW "B" Lineup: cox-Laura Dally, stroke-Audrey Baker, 3-Jen Dwyer, 2-Laura Cooper, bow-Ashley Brown.

Women's Third Varsity Eight
1, Washington 4V, 7:10.9. 2, Washington 2N, 7:16.7. 3, Oregon State 2N, 7:28.6. 4, Washington 3N, 7:53.1.

      UW 4V Lineup: cox-Valaree Fowler, stroke-Meredith Dugoni, 7-Jessica Fernen, 6-Ali Steiner, 5-Heather Walker, 4-Emily Koltuniak, 3-Line Larsen, 2-Caitlin Henry, bow-Adrienne Branca.
      UW 2N Lineup: cox-Michele Miyauchi, stroke-Ana Stoudt, 7-Jane Frazee, 6-Leslie White, 5-Kelly Myers, 4-Sarah Ryan, 3-Hannah Austin, 2-Monique Calderon, bow-Bridget Claycomb.
      UW 3N Lineup: cox-Katelyn Kelly, stroke-Jessica Samples, 7-Madeline Hartman, 6-Kim Wood, 5-Lauren Fritts, 4-Whitney Wood, 3-Marie Spiker, 2-Katie Gray, bow-Nikki Coleman.

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