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Husky Class Day Regatta: Leaving Your Mark
Release: 03/22/2012
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March 22, 2012

Schedule Of Events: Class Day Weekend

By Rebekah Ray
Washington Rowing Intern

SEATTLE - A new class enters the Washington rowing family each year and works to set the bar for the incoming Huskies behind them. Progress is the expectation for each year with the goal being to finish each season faster than the one before.

During the season the Class Day Regatta is the only opportunity for Husky rowers to row with their graduating class. The Class of 2012 has rowed in the same boat together for three years now at Class Day. This year is where they leave their mark and prove how much progress has been made while the juniors, sophomores and freshmen get the opportunity to keep them in check.

Commitment, Pride, Passion, and Professionalism are posted on the door of the women's locker room. It is the first thing the Husky rowers see every day. These were posted by the seniors. The Class of 2012 are leaving a trail of confidence, hard work and professionalism everywhere they go.

"[As a senior] I have a better understanding of what the tradition means and what being a Husky means. Going into the racing season Class Day means a lot," said Husky senior Haley Yeager, who will be racing in the Class of 2012 boat for the third year in a row.

This year's Senior class is a tight knit group. They have been through tough practices, rigorous training, success, and hard times over the last three years. They have matured together, bonded together and committed to each other's success. This race is the culmination of their experience together and is one reason why this class and many other classes are so close through their entire life.

The Class Day Regatta at the University of Washington is something unique, especially for the seniors.

"I heard about Class Day as a prospective student and didn't understand it. I thought it was just an inter-squad regatta but have realized it is something more each year. It is based off of so much tradition and you are becoming a part of the tradition each year," said Husky senior Ailish O'Sullivan, who will be racing in the Class of 2012 boat for the fourth year in a row.

Although anything could happen at the Class Day Regatta, there is a reason the Seniors win almost every year.It is a testament to how the rowers have grown and developed in Washington Rowing. Just as being a Husky has become a lifestyle for Washington rowers, so has winning. The senior class expects to win each year.

"We are coming back and showing everyone that Washington Rowing is strong, because we are," said O'Sullivan

This year it is the senior class of 2012's year to leave their mark. They are ready to kick off the Spring season with a positive and confident mindset. Don't miss the race on Saturday to see the mark that this year's senior class leaves behind.

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