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GoHuskies Post: UW 21, SDSU 12 Quotes
Release: 09/01/2012
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Sept. 1, 2012

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Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian

Opening Statement:
"It's good to win and good to be 1-0 and win a different style of game then we are accustomed to playing around here. We had to rely on our defense. Our offense sputtered a bit and to find a way to win that type of a game for us was encouraging on that front."

 "It was an odd game in that we started out with so much energy and enthusiasm and were moving the ball well offensively. We got the turnover on defense and some things just didn't go our way and I didn't think we responded great. That probably goes back to me more than anything. We had a couple of penalties on us offensively that negated a big play and a couple of other of big plays. We got out and got into a little bit of a funk. " 

"We had a couple of guys go down so the huddle changes a bit. We tried maybe a little too hard offensively. We got out of ourselves and held onto the ball too much at quarterback and a credit to SDSU, they did a nice job of pressuring us. When they were blitzing and throwing the quick stuff we just couldn't quite step out of the tackle to create some big plays that you need to do when a team is playing that way against you." 

Quarterback Keith Price

On what changed after the first two drives:
"We had a good start to the game. In the second half we slipped up. I set the tempo and my tempo wasn't very good. I made a couple of poor decisions, and just had an off day." 

On the running game:
"In the fourth quarter we were trying to drain the clock. We were solid -- the offense line was opening up holes for Bishop and Jesse, and Eric, but we have to continue to improve." 

On losing Jesse Callier in the first quarter:
"He's so versatile, and fits well for our offense. Losing a guy like that definitely hurts." 

On the defense picking up the offense
"Defense won the game for us. They played great, and I'm proud of them. With all the criticism they've taken this offseason, they deserve it."

On visiting LSU next week:
"I'll definitely be on my A game."


Tight End Austin Seferian-Jenkins

On the offense struggling
"It's just the first game. The offense made some plays and made some mistakes, and that happens in the first game. We're going to come out ready next week, have a good week of practice and get better. We came out with the 'W' and that's what matters. We did a lot of good things, but we did some things that weren't as good. We're going to correct those and we're going to get better as a whole -- special teams, defense and offense."

On the defense
"The defense definitely won this game for us today. They had a great game. They forced a lot of turnovers, they made great plays and the held it for us. We've got to take our hats off to the defense this week, and we've got to get ready for next week. We've got to get better so the defense can rely on us as well."

Linebacker Travis Feeney 

On his forced fumble
"That was one of the most exciting moments for me in my life. The stadium crowd was loud -- I didn't think it would be that exciting, but it was crazy."

On the defense stepping up:
"It means that we're doing our job. We're not going to be the defense of the past. We're going to step it up this year and make sure our defense is good. We're going to be on top of things, as we were today; always yelling for the ball, always stripping, and always forcing turnovers. Turnovers win the game. That's what we did and it won us the game."

On being overshadowed by the LSU defense next week:
"I've never felt like we've been acknowledged as anything, so it's not really a changed mindset. They're another football team, and we just have to go out and do our thing."

Head Coach Rocky Long

Was it your strict philosophy to go for two points?
No we went for two reasons. One, you should be able to get 50% of them, which gives you the exact same number of points. So if you make 50% of your two-point conversions you score exactly the same number of points. At the same time your improving your ability to make points on fourth downs. It's extra practice time for when you want to go on fourth downs.

What if you scored on the last drive?
We would have kicked an extra point. 

On field goals
If you looked at our field goal percentage last year, we don't have any better kickers than we did last year. At 40%, you have just as much of a chance making it on fourth downs.

On SDSU Quarterback Ryan Katz
It wasn't so much the offensive line. I'm not sure. He did a nice job scrambling and a couple of nice throws.

On Wide Receiver Colin Lockett's fumble
I'm not sure if it was a fumble or not. I didn't see the replay and I thought the refs did a good job.

On his team's overall performance
I thought a team with less mental toughness would have given up. I was disappointed with the turnovers in the first half and the way the defense played. For an experienced group in the secondary and linemen we weren't very aggressive. We were a heck of a lot better in the second half.

On UW Quarterback Keith Price
He's a really good football player. So you anticipate really good football players making good plays. But I don't think he was nearly as effective in the second half. Our defense actually did what their assignments were in the second half.

On the First SDSU Touchdown
He didn't even walk to the sidelines. He was still six yards from the sidelines. I was trying to be as normal as possible. It worked in practice.

SDSU Wide Receiver Tim Vizzi 

On the touchdown
We worked on it in practice. Coach Long has done it before and we saw it on film and thought it was something we could execute. So we huddled on the sideline, broke the huddle, came inside the numbers, walked off a few yards from the sideline and they didn't take notice of that. Then executed the touchdown. 

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