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In the Trenches with Paul Arnold
Release: 10/31/2002
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Oct. 31, 2002

He's been a running back, a return man, and a wide receiver. He's popped up as a youth counselor, an intern in local business offices, and a reporter for Fox Sports Northwest's "On Campus with the Huskies." Since he's worn so many different hats over the years, figured that senior Paul Arnold would be the perfect candidate for this very special Halloween edition of "In the Trenches." Our own very special Steve "Psycho" Hitchcock nailed Paul down this week to probe his opinions on the spookiest of holidays. So, Halloween is here! Any big plans?
Paul Arnold: "I still haven't decided if I'm going to go trick-or-treating yet. I think I just might go ahead and dress up, hand out candy to kids, and try to scare a couple of them. I'll probably go over to my nephew's house, because there are a lot of kids in that neighborhood."

GH: Last time we talked, you said you liked Disney movies. Have you given any thought to dressing up like Simba from "The Lion King" or something?
Arnold: "I'm not sure. I just recently watched 'Monsters, Inc.' I might try to dress up like one of those guys from that movie. We'll just have to see."

GH: As a kid, what was your favorite Halloween?
Arnold: "Let's see... I had this Freddy Krueger mask. I went by a couple of houses and they had the candy on their porches that said, 'Take one.' I was one of the first kids there, so I was able to clean out the candy supply."

GH: What is the best kind of candy one can get as a trick-or-treater?
Arnold: "I've got to go with Starbursts, or something like that. You can put them in your pocket and they don't really melt, so you can eat them whenever. They're kind of easy, when you're a kid, to pop in your mouth when you're in class and not be noticed when you're not supposed to be eating."

GH: Are you afraid of black cats?
"I'm not afraid of them, but I don't bother them either. I try not to cross their paths."

GH: So you're superstitious?
Arnold: "I guess I am, given the whole black cat thing. I'm a little more on my toes on Friday the 13th, little things like that. I'm also not trying to break any mirrors and get seven years of bad luck."

GH: How do you feel about pumpkins, and more precisely, pumpkin pie?
Arnold: "Pumpkin pie is not bad, but I'd rather have a piece of sweet potato pie, myself. I remember as a kid roasting pumpkin seeds; now that's not bad."

GH So you don't mind digging through the pumpkin guts for seeds and stuff?
Arnold: "Nah, it's cool, especially if I'm doing it with some kids, like my nephew or little niece. It's fun to do it because I enjoy being around kids, but I don't see myself doing it at home by myself."

GH: No? You, Reggie, and E.T. aren't going to sit around and carve pumpkins together?
Arnold: "No, it would probably end up in less carving and a lot more throwing stuff at each other." correspondent Steve Hitchcock contributed to this report.

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