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Postgame Quotes
Release: 09/12/2009
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Sept. 12, 2009

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On the overall effort of the Huskies and getting the first win:
"This is how it's supposed to be. We're supposed to come in here and answer all the questions about why we won and how we won and what it took. It's an exciting time. It's obviously a jubilant locker room. These kids have worked long and hard, obviously, since the first day I got here and for the last nine months, whether it's been through off-season conditioning, spring ball, summer conditioning, training camp, the two weeks so far of in-season practice - these kids have given us everything we could have asked of them. I'm happy for them that they get to reap the benefits and the rewards of winning. I'm really proud of them. They put forth a great effort against an Idaho team that came ready to play and had a great plan offensively. It's exciting. The kids deserve it and hopefully this is the first of many."

On getting his first win as a head coach:
"It's exciting. I think what happens is the first one you go play and all of a sudden that little monkey jumps on your back and he can grow the longer it takes to get [a win]. I just kind of got that monkey off my back. It's just hopefully one of the many milestones you get as a head coach. It feels great. I'm proud of our staff and now we'll move forward. We'll enjoy this one for a little bit."

On getting off to a fast start, scoring on the first possession:
"I thought on offense we played really well. We actually started off a little slow. We ran the ball pretty well early and then Jake [Locker] really got playing. I think what woke him up maybe was that third and long play where he scrambled out of the pocket, made the play to D'Andre Goodwin, took a big hit on the play and I think maybe that just kind of started him. He played fantastic all day."

On Locker's development so far:
"He kept his vision. He kept his eyes up and that's when you can create a lot of big plays in the passing game. That's the threat of having a mobile quarterback. You don't know if he's going to run or throw and they come up and he's able to make a big play down the field. The fast start was great - three series in the first half, three touchdowns."

On whether Locker has answered questions about his accuracy:
"I hope so. And I hope he continues to answer it. I think Jake - and I'm going to keep saying it - has all the tools to be as special a player and quarterback as there is in the country, if not the best. He keeps showing it. He shows it to us every day, and I think as we keep moving forward here, he's going to keep showing it to the rest of our conference and the rest of the country."

On what Idaho did well offensively:
"The first thing they did was pass-protected really well. We weren't able to get to the quarterback early. And they did some nice things in just throwing the ball down the field. When things weren't there - a tribute to their quarterback - he checked the ball down to the back and then it was second and five or second and four. They stayed out of the real third and long situations. They had some tough penalties that hurt them early on, but I was proud of our defense. It's classic. It was kind of a tale of two games. They were in the red zone three times in the first half and only got nine points and didn't score any touchdowns. It's very similar to how we were last week versus LSU. We had a lot of opportunities in the red zone. But when you don't score touchdowns or when you can hold a team to field goals, that creates separation in the score and that's how you get a 12-point lead at the half."

On improving in the red zone:
"I thought red zone in general for our entire football team - we performed better. We scored touchdowns on offense and held them to field goals on defense. That's a big factor in the ball game when it comes to winning or losing."

On whether the pass rush is something that concerns him:
"I think our guys were maybe looking or waiting for things. We've definitely got the talent to do it and we've got the coaches to get it done and I imagine we'll get that fixed."

On how his "Gatorade" bath felt:
"Luckily it was water, so I wasn't wearing a purple or an orange or something Gatorade bath. It was actually a little refreshing. It was warm out there today. It felt great. It's another one of those things you think about when you're becoming a head coach. That first locker room speech, your first win and the first time you get doused with the water or Gatorade. It's one of those special moments you will always remember."

On whether the defense has improved since last week:
"I think so. We were obviously better against the run. I thought we were starting to understand what we're trying to get done. Now we just need to clean up our assignments and get guys playing faster. We played a lot more people today. We saw all those freshmen in there - from Pulu to Semisi [Tokolahi] to Crichton to Trufant - we put a lot of guys in. We played with a kid at safety today who had never played safety before in Justin Glen. So the challenge is to get all these guys cohesive and doing things right, not only playing with great effort."



On Washington:
"They played better than we did today and I give them all the credit for the game. They made plays and we didn't make enough plays. It was simple as that."

On missed opportunities throughout the game:
"We had too many penalties. We had too many opportunities that we left out there on the field to make it a better ball game and give ourselves an opportunity to win. I'm not taking anything away from them; they did a hell of a job."

On penalties in the first quarter:
"Focus didn't have anything to do with it. Grabbing jerseys and facemasks had everything to do with it. It's a matter of trusting yourselves and having your hands right and get the job done."

On defending against Jake Locker:
"He's playing better at quarterback. I said that going into this ballgame. I think he's throwing the ball very well. He did hurt us with his feet also. We had a third down opportunity that keeps points off the board, we've got the opportunity to sack him and we lose contain, he gets out. You can't do that against a quarterback like that. He played a hell of a game today."

On red zone issues:
"They stopped us and we had to kick field goals. We had opportunities. I thought we had opportunities to catch some passes. They stopped us running the ball down there. They made plays. They made more plays than we did in the red zone. Our kicker did a nice job hitting those kicks but you can't trade field goals for touchdowns. That puts you in a pretty good hole."



DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim

On the Huskies breaking the losing skid:
"A couple of us older guys were like, `What should we do when the clock runs out?' Should we go shake hands first? Or should we go sing the song? It was kind of funny. It feels awesome to win a game. "

On the play of the defensive line:
"Defenses that we're running are great, but we need to do a better job of getting off the blocks and making more plays. Idaho did a good job of moving the ball."

On how well the Huskies moved the ball on offense:
"Our offense is awesome. I love watching them. We're pretty solid on third downs. It's great to see. We (the defense) can relax and drink Gatorade. I love watching those guys. We should be able to get more done with the way they're playing too."

WR Jordan Polk

On how well the team managed third-down situations:
"Everyone can make plays. (Idaho) can't stop just one person. Jake (Locker) makes plays. All the receivers and the running backs are doing a good job of hitting the holes and making plays when their number is called."

On the experience of his first win as a college player:
"Oh, this is great. This is fun. This if my first college win. I haven't had one since high school. So I'm going to enjoy it with my teammates and we're going to get back at it on Monday and get ready for USC."

C Mykenna Ikehara

On the feeling of a winning locker room:
"I'm not sure how to describe this right now. It's a big change from last week and last year, that's for sure."

On how the coaching staff has made a difference:
"From our point of view, the new staff has made a huge difference. They have us believing that we can win each time out."

On the success the offense has been able to exhibit:
"We expect to have success. We're just doing what we're coached out there."



QB Nathan Enderle

General thoughts on the game:
"We moved the football pretty well, we get down to the redzone and we'd kind of stall ourselves. We didn't capitalize and we could have had twelve more points in the first half alone if we score touchdowns. That's a huge swing."

On his offensive line's success:
"You gotta give kudos to them, they're playing well right now. If they continue to play well then we'll keep moving the ball like that."

On what Idaho can take from the game:
"We shot ourselves in the foot numerous times in the first half, and that would have been big for us to put up those twelve extra points. We'd go in to halftime leading the ballgame instead of being down. Mentally, as far as momentum, that can have huge swings."

WR Eric Greenwood

On the offense being able to move the ball:
"I really felt like we were able to cruise down the field pretty well, but a couple times we got stuck in the red zone and couldn't come away with touchdowns and had to settle for field goals. It's not a terrible thing, but we would have liked to finish."

On being a Husky fan growing up (in Edmonds) and coming home to play:
"We had season tickets growing up. I've been here too many times to count. It was definitely an awesome experience to come back and play in front of so many people I know. No one had to drive more than a half hour to get here. It was a really awesome experience to come back and play at Washington. It's always a fun place to play no matter what, but being from here it makes it that much sweeter. Obviously it would have been great to win, but I know that Husky Nation wasn't wanting that."

RB De'Maundray Woolridge

On the game:
"I'm not really gonna say that we played great because we could have played better. I may have put some points on the board, but overall it doesn't satisfy me at all. A "W" was what we came here for."

On scoring on the last drive:
"Towards the end of the game we were just trying to get down there and score some points. We knew the game was pretty much over but we wanted to keep ourselves motivated for next week because this is a long season. UW played great, hats off to them."

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