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All Six UW Boats Advance to Grand Finals at Crew Classic
Release: 04/05/2008
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April 5, 2008

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The Washington men's varsity eight crew started the 2008 season exactly how last year's championship campaign ended, with an impressive victory over crews from Harvard and Stanford.

The men's varsity was one of five Washington crews that won heats Saturday during the first day of the 35th-annual San Diego Crew Classic on Mission Bay. All three Husky men's boats registered the fastest preliminary times in their respective events.

The Huskies also clocked the best preliminary time in the women's junior varsity eight competition while the women's novice eight crew won its heat.

Those five heat winners, along with Washington's third-place women's varsity eight, will compete in their respective grand final races Sunday morning at the prestigious two-day regatta.

The UW men's varsity eight, which was undefeated in 2007, went wire-to-wire Saturday to win by open water. The Huskies' time of 5-minutes, 41.60-seconds was the fastest time of the day on the 2,000-meter course. Harvard was second in 5:46.82 followed by Stanford in 5:48.07. Those three crews will be joined in Sunday's grand final by he top-three finishers from the other heat.

California's winning time in the other varsity eight heat was 5:45.40. The Bears edged runner-up Yale (5:45.71) and Northeastern (5:46.18).

Michael Callahan is in his first years as the Husky men's head coach after three years as the freshman coach. Lucas McGee took over the freshman coaching duties after holding the same position the previous three years at Brown.

The UW freshman eight handily won its heat by over seven seconds. The Huskies recorded a time of 5:54.70 to best the runner-up time of 6:02.01 by Stanford. The other heat winners were San Diego (6:18.98) and California (5:59.28).

UW's junior varsity eight finished with coxswain Micah Perrin on Harvard's deck at the finish line. The Huskies had a winning time of 5:54.70, followed by Harvard (5:57.83) and UC Davis (6:19.27). Cal's winning time in the other heat was 5:58.73.

The Huskies are competing at the San Diego event for the first time since 2004. They participated in the first 31 Crew Classics before taking a three-year break.

The San Diego committee put together an outstanding field for the 35th-annual Crew Classic. Many of the country's finest collegiate crews raced, including five of the six top finishers from the men's grand final of the 2007 IRA Championships.

The men's varsity eight entries are highlighted by national champion Washington along with Harvard and Stanford, who tied for second at last spring's IRA Regatta. California and Princeton are also racing in San Diego after placing fifth and sixth, respectively in last year's national championship race.

The women's field features six varsity eight crews ranked in the preseason top 20, including fourth-ranked USC, the third-place finisher at the 2007 NCAA Championships. Also racing in San Diego are No. 6 Stanford, No. 15 Washington State, No. 16 Clemson, No. 17 Washington and No. 18 UCLA.

Saturday's women's varsity eight race was the only event in which UW didn't win its heat. USC and WSU finished within one second of each other and the Huskies were third.

The UW women raced out to an early lead at the 500-meter mark, but were overtaken by the Trojans midway through the course. The Cougars then challenged for the lead, but were unable to overtake USC. The Trojans had a winning time of 6:27.00 followed by WSU in 6:27.94 and the Huskies in 6:29.50.

Those three crews will vie with Stanford, UCLA and Wisconsin in the grand final. The Cardinal had a winning time of 6:30.67 in the second heat.

The Huskies are coached by Bob Ernst, who returned to the helm of the women's team after serving the last 20 years as the men's head coach. In his seven previous seasons with the UW women, from 1980-87, Ernst led the varsity eight to six titles at the National Collegiate Rowing Championships.

Washington's junior varsity women were impressive, leading start-to-finish. The winning time of 6:39.30 provided a few boat lengths of open water between the Huskies and second-place UCLA (6:49.42). The other heat winner was USC, which turned in a time of 6:40.40.

The Huskies' novice eight women finished six seats ahead of San Diego State to win its heat. UW's time was 7:04.63, followed by the Aztecs (7:06.83) and Clemson (7:11.55). Finishing first in the other novice heats were Washington State (7:03.64) and Orange Coast College (7:14.25).

The grand finals begin Sunday at 9 a.m. with the Jessop-Whitter Cup race to determine the women's varsity eight champion. The Copley Cup for men's varsity eight crews is slated for 9:15 a.m. The last of six grand finals involving UW crews is the men's freshman eight final at 11:30 a.m.

Saturday, April 5, 2008
Mission Bay; San Diego, Calif.
(all races were 2,000 meters)

Copley Cup (Men's Varsity Eight)
Heat A

1, Washington, 5:41.60
2, Harvard, 5:46.82
3, Stanford, 5:48.07
4, Syracuse, 5:51.17
5, Oregon State, 5:56.17
6, UC San Diego, 6:01.60
7, Colgate, 6:12.07

Heat B
1, California, 5:45.40
2, Yale, 5:45.71
3, Northeastern, 5:46.18
4, Princeton, 5:47.81
5, Pennsylvania, 5:57.15
6, Purdue, 6:03.78

UW Lineup: cox-Katelin Snyder, stroke-Will Crothers, 7-Heath Allen, 6-Jessiah Johnson, 5-Simon Taylor, 4-Blaise Didier, 3-Roko Svast, 2-Toby Dankbaar, bow-Lowell Neal.

Jessop-Whittier Cup (Women's Varsity Eight)
Heat A

1, USC, 6:27.00
2, Washington State, 6:27.94
3, Washington, 6:29.50
4, Clemson, 6:30.03
5, Purdue, 6:48.22

Heat B
1, Stanford, 6:30.67
2, UCLA, 6:31.95
3, Wisconsin, 6:33.01
4, Louisville, 6:39.24

UW Lineup: cox-Alysha Koorji, stroke-Kara Farquharson, 7-Heather Young, 6-Rosanne DeBoef, 5-Erika Shaw, 4-Kelly Foster, 3-Ashley Jones, 2-Kim Kennedy, bow-Lia Prins.

Men's Junior Varsity Eight
Heat A

1, California, 5:58.73
2, Stanford, 6:03.50
3, Oregon State, 6:03.95
4, UC San Diego, 6:23.64
5, UCLA, 6:23.88
6, UC Davis, 6:43.01
7, USC, 6:46.26

Heat B
1, Washington, 5:54.70
2, Harvard, 5:57.83
3, UC Davis, 6:19.27
4, Orange Coast College, 6:22.26
5, Santa Clara, 6:34.92
6, UC Irvine, 6:36.51

UW Lineup: cox-Micah Perrin, stroke-Drew Fowler, 7-Graham Oglend, 6-Bart-Jan Caron, 5-Steve Full, 4-David VanBolt, 3-Trevor Mollenkopf, 2-Andrew Beaton, bow-Stephen Connolly.

Women's Junior Varsity Eight
Heat A

1, USC, 6:40.40
2, Washington State, 6:43.18
3, Clemson, 6:47.95
4, Louisville, 6:50.96
5, Kansas State, 6:52.03
6, San Diego, 7:01.76
7, Sacramento State, 7:04.75

Heat B
1, Washington, 6:39.30
2, UCLA, 6:49.42
3, Stanford, 6:50.65
4, St. Joseph's, 7:05.15
5, Purdue, 7:07.18
6, San Diego State, 7:14.37
7, Loyola, 7:19.93

UW Lineup: cox-Isabelle Woodward, stroke-Erika Sweet, 7-Alison Browning, 6-Kim Armstrong, 5-Erin Knox, 4-Helen Wall, 3-Samantha Smith, 2-Kayleigh Mack, bow-Hanne Trafnik.

Men's Freshman Eight
Heat A

1, Washington, 5:54.70
2, Stanford, 6:02.01
3, Orange Coast College, 6:07.88
4, Sonoma State, 6:25.83
5, Colorado, 6:33.23
6, UC Davis, 6:33.70
7, Washington State, 6:40.54

Heat B
1, San Diego, 6:18.98
2, Pennsylvania, 6:22.99
3, Notre Dame, 6:28.88
4, UCLA, 6:37.00
5, UC Irvine, 6:39.63
6, Loyola, 6:54.08
7, San Diego State, 7:15.50

Heat C
1, California, 5:59.28
2, Oregon State, 6:10.15
3, UC San Diego, 6:18.94
4, Santa Clara, 6:27.19
5, St. Mary's, 6:53.02
6, Pacific, 7:08.19
7, California Maritime, 7:10.66

UW Lineup: cox-Alex Chalk, stroke-Hans Struzyna, 7-Noah O'Connell, 6-Nenad Bulicic, 5-Anthony Jacob, 4-Matt Zapel, 3-Tyler Emsky, 2-Bede Clarke, bow-Trevor Walchenbach.

Women's Novice Eight
Heat A

1, Orange Coast College, 7:14.25
2, USC, 7:18.59
3, Stanford, 7:28.90
4, UC Irvine, 7:30.00
5, UC San Diego, 7:36.48
6, Arizona State, 7:55.00

Heat B
1, Washington State, 7:03.64
2, UC Davis, 7:16.21
3, San Diego, 7:37.75
4, UC Santa Barbara, 7:44.93
5, Sonoma State, 7:54.39

Heat C
1, Washington, 7:04.63
2, San Diego State, 7:06.83
3, Clemson, 7:11.55
4, St. Joseph's, 7:14.90
5, UCLA, 7:22.43
6, Sacramento State, 7:29.90

UW Lineup: cox-Katherine Mahoney, stroke-Jessica Thimmig, 7-Kira O'Sullivan, 6-Kaiini Macarro, 5-Kerry Simmonds, 4-Cody Brazen, 3-Gina Matteo, 2-Sarah Ryan, bow-Hannah Austin.

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