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Post-Game Quotes
Release: 02/22/2003
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Recap| Box Score| Notes

Washington 78, Oregon 66
Bank of America Arena/Seattle, Wash.
February 22, 2003


General Comments

"It is good to come in here with a smile on the inside of my face. There were a number of guys who stepped it up for us tonight. We had five guys in double figures. This is a goal for us and we would like it to be our average. Oregon is an explosive team. They made runs at us and our guys withstood those runs. They did a good job of taking care of the ball. I was pleased with our effort and performance tonight."

On playing in Seattle vs. playing in Eugene
"We were at home tonight. We are also a better team than when we played at Eugene. People can ask where was that Thursday night? We weren't ready Thursday night. Our guys did a good job of putting the ball in position. They did a good job of contesting shots inside. It was a good effort tonight."

On why he decided to talk to the fans after the game
"I talked to the Dawg Pack the other night. I am appreciative of them getting behind us and make this a college atmosphere. I wanted to thank the rest of the fans for coming out and supporting us with our record. It has touched me and it has touched our guys and I wanted to make sure that was understood."

On the difference between Thursday night's game and tonight's game
"If I knew the answer about Thursday night's game, I would quit coaching and go into business as a consultant to coaches. This sellout brought out every ounce of energy we had. We needed a win. Oregon is an outstanding basketball team and that makes this win even better."

On Washington guard Brandon Roy's performance
"He played aggressive and we were able to see what happened with our decision not to red shirt him. He made an impact tonight."

On Oregon guard Luke Ridnour's performance
"When you look at him, he had 20 points, six assists, but he had eight turnovers. If he is forced into eight turnovers, then we were doing something right."

General Remarks

"I thought we did a good job of just battling through a lot of adversity in the game and especially in the first half where we had to battle through just a ton of missed shots and they were wide open shots. Battle through a very aggressive basketball team coming after us and I thought we were very good at responding, getting our rhythm back, getting control of the game by the end of the first half and then at one point in time taking control of the game in the second half as well. But Washington played extremely hard, they just made more plays, especially in that last 5 or 6 minutes when they went on that 9-0 run. They made some great plays, we kind of lost our composure a little bit and they put the game away."

On Regrouping
"The key thing for us right now is to go home, put the game behind us, regroup. We've got two games that obviously become a huge weekend next weekend for us to get it done at home to get to our 20 wins"

On Loss of Joseph From Bench
"It impacted it big time. I thought obviously it did. I thought Ridnour and Jackson and James (Davis) all got fatigued out on the floor and Brandon (Lincoln) had the bad ankle so I didn't know how hard he could go so it definitely impacted our bench no question about it. But all that said and done we still fought very hard in this game. We still had ourselves in position where if we could have just made some plays and some of those mistakes we made were fatigue mistakes coming down the stretch."

On Washington's Aggression
"That's two years in a row that they've been that way. They've been aggressive and we knew it was going to be like that and sometimes the game goes to the aggressor. We'd hope that hand-checking would be looked more closely at but they're so dog-gone aggressive you can't call everything and we needed to respond. I was proud of the way we responded once they kind of knocked us back on our heels a little bit to start the game, I felt like we became the aggressor and took control of the game a little bit and then certainly in the second half at one point we were in control of the game as well."

On the Loss' Magnitude
"I don't know right now. If we don't recover from the loss next week, then it hurts us. But if we recover from the loss then it's still right there within our reach to have a winning Pac-10 record, to get to 20 wins, we've just still got work to do. It doesn't hurt or anything like that because it's a road game it just means you've still got work to do, so you're not there and you're not out of it yet. Just continue to work."

On Washington's Effort
"Don't disregard the effort by Washington in this game now. That's a very athletic basketball team and they played hard, they did some good things in this game. They were fighting with a sense of urgency to get to the Pac-10 tournament, let alone NCAA tournament. So don't disregard their job and look at it like what went wrong with Oregon. They played extremely hard and extremely well in this game considering where they were the other night against the (Oregon State) Beavers. That effort is a completely 180 degrees from where they were in that basketball game."

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