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Q & A With Junior Forward Jill Bell
Release: 10/25/2005
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Oct. 25, 2005

The Washington women's basketball team held its preseason media day Tuesday. A few of the Husky players sat down with correspondents, including junior forward Jill Bell. Stay tuned for more Q&A's with Husky players which will be posted to in the next few days. So this was only your third day of practice today, what kept you from playing?

Jill Bell: I just had loose cartilage in my knee and they just went in and scoped it out. I just came back a couple days ago and I've just been slowly getting back into it because I haven't used my legs in about five weeks now. Other than that it's feeling fine.

GH: It sounds like June is pretty excited about the season, is that how you feel too?

JB: Yeah, last year we were so young we didn't have any of those key team leaders that make great teams and I think we have that this year with three seniors. We have everyone coming back and I feel like it should just be a great year for us, and a building year from last year. A lot of people think that we're just going to be the same position in the Pac-10, seventh in the Pac-10, as last year but we're going to try and improve on that.

GH: Okay, so what have you guys been doing in practice to get that done, anything new?

JB: No, we've just been kind of doing the same thing. We're just trying to build on what we have like the talent and athleticism. We're trying to utilize that to the best of our ability and try to use that as a force for beating teams. We have a hard preseason so we have to do that to do better than last year.

GH: What are some highlights of the preseason?

JB: We're playing the second national champion; we're playing other teams who were in the NCAA tournament and other strong conference teams. I think the experience of preseason should be great going into the season.

GH: Any games you're especially looking forward to?

JB: Everyone's looking forward to Baylor of course. I'm looking forward to all the games, but especially Baylor because they're the defending champions and we were with them for the first half last year at home and I feel like if we could play with them last year I think we can play with them and possibly beat them this year.

GH: On a more personal note, how has the school year been going for you so far?

JB: It's been going well it's slowed down a little bit because I'm almost done with my major and it's my last couple years so, school's going great.

GH: And what are you majoring in?

JB: American Ethnic Studies and a minor in marketing.

GH: What exactly do you want to do with that?

JB: This past summer I had an internship with the Seattle Seahawks and so I would like to be a part of a sports franchise somehow or maybe go into broadcasting. I just want to be involved with sports in someway. It could be football, basketball whatever just sports.

GH: So, Halloween's coming up this weekend, what are you going to do?

JB: Each year we have a party at the coaches' house. We have a theme; Mike Daugherty picks a theme because his favorite holiday is Halloween. This year it's reggae so we all have to dress up in Island attire or anything having to do with reggae.

GH: What are you going to be?

JB: I don't know! It's a surprise!

GH: Any other comments about the season?

JB: We're just really looking forward to it and I'm just excited to have a good year for the seniors who are coming off. I'm just excited!

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