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Mike Jensen Talks Hoops
Release: 03/22/2006
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March 22, 2006 Have you watched Connecticut play this year?
Mike Jensen:
"I have watched them play a couple of times this year. They are a good team, they have a lot of length. They have a good point guard in Marcus Williams, they are a real complete team. They are Huskies too, that is kind of a cool thing, two Husky teams going at it." What were you trying to do to Illinois on defense?
"I just went out there and I tired to bring some energy. I just guarded the penetrators, there are some determined and athletic guys out there. I just tried to play hard." Have you ever been to Washington DC before?
"I have family in Washington D.C., it is kind of a special place. My grandfather's side of the family is out there. I have a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles that live in Washington. They have tickets to the game and will be out there to support us." How has the experience of the tournament been thus far?
"It is good, it is real good. It is a good opportunity, not a lot of people get to do this. I am real happy, I am just going to try to enjoy this and go out there and have fun. The more that you win the further that you go, and you get different experiences. It is just a great time." What's it like reaching the Sweet Sixteen two years in a row?
"It's hard to explain in words. It has been a great feeling, it has been a great ride ever since I have been here, we have accomplished so much. To be back in the Sweet Sixteen for the second time and to be playing against a team like U Conn like this, you can't ask for much more." How's this year's experience compared last year?
"It is almost like we were happy about being in the sweet-16, and soon as we got there we came up short and it was one of those things it was kind of like a tough deal. You would kind of look in the locker-room and everyone is kind of quiet. Dang it's over. It is a feeling that we told our younger guys about, and it is not a good feeling to have. I think that when the time come, hopefully not any time soon, we will be alright." What do you remember about the last time UW played U Conn in the NCAA Tournament?
"That is when I started becoming a Husky fan and following Husky basketball a little bit. They were making that run in the NCAA tournament and they won their first game, and they were playing against U Conn in the Sweet Sixteen. I remember thinking that they were going to win and then all of a sudden Rip comes down and hit s that shot, I was like dang. I think the whole world of Seattle was like, uh. Everybody just sighed at the same time. It was a crazy game and its crazy to be in that situation again." How important is playing good defense to succeed in the NCAA tournament?
"Any time you can be successful or not be successful on offense, shots can fall or they won't fall. When you are hot it's great, it is great to go on runs. But, really if you hope to win anything in the NCAA tournament you are going to have to play defense and you are going to play hard defense. I think that we have bought into that." How has Brandon Roy influenced your game while at Washington?
"When he came here he was real quite, and he didn't really assert himself too much. As his role increased and he got more comfortable with us, we all kind of became brothers. We kind joke with each other and hang out with each other outside of basketball and stuff like that. You learn a lot from people, the people that you are around, you always take little bits and pieces of those people and you put them in your life. I think that I will always carry little bit of something of him, a little bit of something from everyone on this team with me. I just enjoy his company. A lot of people don't know but he is a big time jokester and he likes to have fun. He is always making me laugh, he is always getting me cracking up on the back of the bus and laughing when I shouldn't be laughing. I think the thing I will take the most from him is his sense of humor. He makes about Bobby. He is always joking about Bobby that is pretty much the funniest jokes that he has. They are always having a back and forth banter that is just kind of funny, about California and Washington this and that. Joking and fun is part of basketball, it is pretty much just having fun." Why doesn't Brandon Roy display his sense of humor on the court?
"He definitely could use his humor on the court, but he is one of those guys that us real humble and just lets his game speak for itself, and it is talking pretty loud right now."

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