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Day 1 Quotes
Release: 05/26/2006
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NCAA Women's Rowing Championships
Day 1 -- Friday, May 26, 2006
Lake Mercer, West Windsor, N.J.


Eleanor McElvaine
Washington Head Coach

On the varsity eight's win in the repachage:
"That was real important. We needed to have a really solid, full 2,000 under our belts. They had a great first 1,000 this morning. To be able to pull away from the pack like that and to even get out to a full length at the finish was a huge victory for them. We'll throw our hat in the ring in the semifinal, but I'm just really happy that they showed good improvement throughout the day today."

On the big move at 750 meters
"There are a couple moves on the course that we take. Obviously on that one they really did a great job, not only getting some speed, but then continuing to build on it. That's the trick."

On the legacy of success in women's rowing at Washington:
"At Washington, it's a huge burden to not be first. It's part of our legacy and it's a hard thing that these kids have to deal with. But, they've got to realize that they are winners being here and they can race with the best of them. So, we'll give it our best shot in the next couple days."

On racing twice within a five-hour span:
"It's really hard. We train the kids physically to be able to handle it, but it's tough mentally to get yourself up. Especially when there's part of the first race you don't feel good about, then you have to come back and put it together a few hours later. This was not very much time, from 8 o'clock in the morning to 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It's pretty tough to do that twice."

On the second varsity and varsity four:
"I think we got some jitters out. We've got a lot of young kids and they were kind of nervous. They're excited to come back tomorrow now that they have that one out of the way. It's bit. You have to get those first jitters out of the way. We're ready to go for tomorrow."

Eva Anderson
Varsity Eight Coxswain

"I thought it was really great. We went in with a really professional look at it. We weren't going to be affected by anybody else. That's what we wanted to do and we executed it. The first 500 we were down on a couple of crews. We knew that wasn't going to affect us. We were neck-and-neck with Wisconsin for second place. We kept our cool and just took a little bit and by 1250 we had everyone. Then Notre Dame started to come back and Stanford was fighting for it. We took a really big move at 750 to get some seats on people. We called that to get out of there and make it known that we wanted to win. It's really tough to have two races that close together, not only on people's bodies because you are pretty tired, but also mentally it's really tough to overcome. You can take two routes. You can think about it and complain about it or you can just do it. We decided we were just going to do it. It's good because we had a good race. It's not just that we won, but that we had a good race. The first race today, it wasn't our best. That's really disappointing when we don't do our best."

Megan Kalmoe
Varsity Eight No. 4 Seat

"It was great. We just came back into the rep totally focused. After our race in the heat this morning we kind of let it go after the first 1,000. So we were really committed to having a full race and starting a new race at the second 1,000 on this one. We did a really good job of dealing with the weather. We were at home in the rain while everybody else was freaking out at the starting line trying to get their handles all dried off. We were right at home and really comfortable. It was a really fun race. We were on our game the whole way down. We were all definitely feeling the pressure coming into the race. But, we're all mature enough not to put our heads down, but to go to work and deal with what we had to do. We were confident going in that we were going to really take what we learned from this morning and put it into this race."

Alysha Koorji
Second Varsity Coxswain

"The first 500 went really well. We executed exactly what we wanted in the race plan and everything Just after the 500 and on down, we just got a little heavy. For the next race we just have to remember not to slow down. We came together fairly quickly. We're just working on continuing to unify through the water, all eight legs pushing together. We have a lot of potential and we're just really exited to be here to show it. We're going to do it every opportunity that we get."

Ashley Jones
Varsity Four Stroke

"Our race was really solid. We started a little slow at the beginning, but we held off Brown. They were just able to walk through us. We had a good race and now we're just going to have to pull through tomorrow in the rep. I went as a spare last year, but this was my first real NCAA race. It's a lot more intense than other races because we are the top 12 schools in thee nation, so you've got a lot to prove here It's just like any other big race, you've got to come and perform and show your stuff. You stick to your race plan and you try and execute it the best you can. We're all really new in the boat and we're all really young. So, there is a lot of experience in other boats. We just needed to get the first race done with and under our belts. It's really important to get past that first race because there are a lot of nervous jitters. You just have to get that through. Once you go down the racecourse and you get a feel for it and you see how the other crews race, then you know what you have to do in the final."

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