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Q&A With Kenny James
Release: 09/04/2006
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Sept. 4, 2006

Tailback Kenny James contributed to a Husky running attack that amassed 300 yards rushing on Saturday, in a 35-29 win against San Jose State. James rushed for 53 yards and a touchdown, as well as 30 yards receiving and another touchdown. caught up with Kenny this week. What was your assessment of the running game on Saturday?
Kenny James:
That is something that coach Lappano and all the offense coaches put into our heads during training camp. We had to come out and run the ball in order for us to be successful as a team. Especially as an offense, we need to run the ball in order for us to put some points on the board. What impact does a solid running game have on the passing game?
Kenny James:
It helps us out a whole lot to see the running game open up the passing game. And when you have the ability to run the ball like we do and throw the ball like we do you know it's going to be hard to stop us. Are you gong to change the your running game based on the different defensive fronts that Oklahoma poses next Saturday?
Kenny James:
Everything is going to be the same. Oklahoma, you know from watching film, their defense is in attack mode, But everything is going to stay the same. We're not gong to change anything. We are just going to go out there and play hard. We saw the running backs last Saturday run a couple routs out of the backfield. Are we expecting more of this against Oklahoma on Saturday?
Kenny James:
Hopefully. Coach Lappano does a great job at calling plays and creating mismatches and great match-ups with the defenders. But as long as I am doing something to help the team, then I'm happy. How does it feel to be finally 1-0?
Kenny James:
It always feels good to start the season at 1-0 .Especially since we haven't had a 1-0 start since 2001. We are the first team to do that and it feels great.

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