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Straight From The Cut: Erin Lauber
Release: 02/20/2012
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Feb. 20, 2012

As we approach the spring racing season, senior oarswoman Adriene De Leuw - a correspondent - will sit down with one of her teammates each week to discuss the upcoming year, as well as their backgrounds/personalities. First up is fellow senior Erin Lauber, a former walk-on with a big future in the sport of rowing. The Edmonds, Wash., native comes from a family rich with Husky tradition, as both parents were highly decorated rowers on Montlake.

How did you first get into rowing?

Lauber: Both my parents were rowers so I kind of grew up knowing what the sport was but not really doing it. So I was aware of it but the opportunity came up to do it in college and so I thought it would be cool to row like my parents did, and at the same university that my parents did. I was considering rowing going into my senior year, so my dad was like you should try this out, to see how it is. It ended up being a four-week learn to row thing, with middle schoolers. It was a good intro into little things, such as: this is a boat, this is an oar.

Why did you choose UW?

Lauber: I liked that it was local. I'm from suburbia, city life was so different to me, so it felt like it would be a new experience, even though it was only 20 minutes down the road. It's a good school, rich in tradition, and it felt like it had a lot to offer

Favorite class?

Lauber: I'm an english/history major, so it's just my english and history classes. But I really like European history or modern literature.

What has been your favorite race?

Lauber: My freshman year when my freshman eight beat Cal because I remember we were so nervous going into it, or at least I was. We were thinking that it was such a big deal, and we ended up beating them by almost 14 seconds. It was a cool moment to establish our class and say, "I'm a rower now." Plus, Cal was put on this pedestal in a way, Cal versus Washington is the pinnacle of duals in rowing and so it was cool to come out on top for the first big dual. And then this fall the Head of the American in Lake Natoma. I think that was a good turning point in our program just because we finished second, but beat some fast schools we haven't beat as the varsity 8 in a long time, so I think that was a good indicator of the direction we're headed.

What are your thoughts for the 2012 season so far?

Lauber: I'm really excited about it. I think we've put in a lot of hard work and I think we're coming in with a different approach than we've had in the past, which has given us different and better results so far, just in our training and in our growth as a team, and our sense of team. I think there's a new fire that's been lit in a way, I think we're gonna come out "guns a blazin."

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Lauber: Just racing. This is the most excited I've been to race, I think ever. Just because I know it's the last time down the course for each one. There's not another season after this, so I think it's just ... I feel really close to the team, and I'm excited to win with my girls!

What do you plan on doing after graduation?

Lauber: I'm not sure yet, I would like to take some time off and figure that out, but I still have another quarter to do in the summer. Maybe think about grad school, or get a job - I don't know where though! I've thought about grad school here at UW, or perhaps going up to Western Washington (in Bellingham) and get certified for teaching. So maybe a teacher, or some sort of writer, where I could use my wit.

Where's your favorite place to go in Seattle?

Lauber: I really like downtown Seattle, just really being in the city. I also like visiting my grandparents a lot on Vashon Island, because it's the polar opposite of downtown Seattle and it's pretty isolated and small-town. I go there once a month. Not super often, but for sure on holidays. When I do it's always a blast!

One piece of advice you would share with your teammates?

Lauber: Don't take it for granted. Even as a freshman or a senior with one day left to go, because it really, as typical as it sounds, has gone by super fast and there's a lot of things that even now I'm like, shoot I should have done that or even shoot I SHOULD be doing that. If you think you're doing enough you probably aren't. Just never think that it's enough I guess.

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