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Ohio State 33, Washington 14
Release: 09/15/2007
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Sept. 15, 2007

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham
General Comments: "Two things that jump to mind. The first thing, were they running up the score at the end? No. They ran the football to conserve the clock and run time out and we didn't leverage it the right way. All of a sudden it bounced outside. That's the issue, that's it.

"Second issue could be for some of you, quarterback Jake Locker is still our quarterback, so you don't have to worry about that.

"We played a darn good football team that was a top-ten caliber football team. Really where we found our troubles at was about 4:00 of the third quarter when they scored the long ball. First of all, you don't like giving up those. Second of all, they came after our turnover and scored again. What you've got to do as a football team you've got to make a stand at that point. We can't have back-to-back mistakes that allow them to expand and really take the lead.

"We had opportunities. We just didn't take advantage of [them]. Really, that was the game. When you play a good football team sometimes you're not able to take advantage of all the opportunities. They [Ohio State] did some good things, and of course we did some good things, but certainly not enough good things to put ourselves in the winning circle."

On UW defensive players dropping potential interceptions: "We had potentially four turnovers we considered that we gave away. You can't do that against a top ten team. You just can't do it. Those are the things that are disappointing for us today. You've got to make those plays in order to put yourself in the champions' circle."

On QB Jake Locker's play: "I just think there were some things that we didn't see that are going to happen. It's unfortunate that a couple of [passes] turned out to be turnovers but you're going to have some of those."

On the Huskies early drive inside the 10-yd line, and the coaching staff's decision to run the FB up the middle twice in a row: "If they don't work we always have second thoughts. The one particular situation we were prepared to go for it in two downs. I had already told our coordinator that we were going for it in two downs so that gives him a little bit more liberty to do some things in those situations. Unfortunately it didn't work and pushed us back further than we wanted to be."

On the battle inside the trenches: "We knew both fronts would be very difficult. I think for much of the game it played itself out that way. Obviously we had great respect for their defensive team coming in. We thought it would be one of the better ones that we would see. Our guys tried to step up to the challenge, and played pretty well."

On CB Vonzell McDowell's play: "We wanted to spell McDowell some. That was the plan going into the ball game. But Vonzell has earned the right to start at that spot. You're going to get beat."

Washington Players
Washington Safety Jason Wells
On how the Huskies played today: "We made some crucial mistakes and they were able to capitalize on them. Overall I think we can play better."

On what Coach told them after the game: "Coach said to keep your head up and learn from this because we never want it happening again."

On how they are going to prepare for UCLA: "We have to go extremely hard. I hope we go pads all next week. We have to be ready for UCLA."

Washington Cornerback Roy Lewis
On how the Huskies played today: "I don't think we played our style of football. I don't think we made our plays and our opportunities count."

On what Coach said after the game: "Coach told us that we didn't play our brand of football...which we didn't."

Washington Defensive End Greyson Gunheim
On how they played throughout the game: "I think we did alright in the begging but in the second half we did not play our brand of football. I think we made a lot of mistakes."

On what coach told them after the game: "He told us to keep our head up and go wok hard for UCLA."

On how they will attack next week preparing for UCLA: "I'm not sure yet, tomorrow we will start watching film...I just don't know yet."


Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel
On the game: "I think our guys did a good job. In that first half, some things didn't go the way we wanted. Our defense played tremendous, their offense went down and threw a strike for a touchdown there at the end. Our defense was tremendous. Offensively, we had chances and the fourth-and-one penalty when we gashed them for a first down--it just wasn't want we hoped for. I really like the way that the kids approached the halftime. There wasn't panic, there wasn't fear. There wasn't anything other than talking about what we've got to do to get better. You could see there was a resolve that we wanted to get better. But to me the play that turned the whole thing around--two plays--one, the long pass and the kickoff turnover. All of a sudden it was a different game. When you're on top like that you have a chance. We have a lot to learn from this one and now we get a chance to start Big Ten play."

On the blocked field goal: "That was huge. Our guys give so much effort. To see our guys get so much done because they work hard for it is exciting. This was an exciting atmosphere. I was amazed at how many people we had. To travel this far, maybe some of them are alums who live up here in the northwest, to see that much red in this stadium. We'd heard about how noisy the stadium is but our folks made a little noise. It was an exciting football game and Ty (Willingham)'s going to have a good football team. Hopefully, we'll keep going and have a good team."

On having a young team: "With a young team, getting put behind the eight-ball like that, there was a lot of momentum going their way at the end of the first half. Lesser groups could've folded. Being a young bunch that took leadership from guys like James and Vernon, they accepted that leadership and then made the plays. We still need to make the plays. With plays like guys knocking the balls loose on the kickoff, that further helps you get wired up and ready to go. Our kids played hard and so did Washington."

On Jake Locker: "He's excellent. He's a good player, he's a good player. Tough, strong. The sky's the limit for Jake. He's young and this is going to be a good learning experience for him. He faced a pretty fair defense. I'm sure he's going to learn a lot from this experience."

On Todd Boeckman: "I think Todd did well. The first half, we were hanging in there, doing okay, just not enough. In the second half, he came in and made some big plays. We're going to need to come in and grade the film. He's got a lot more room to grow."

On the Ohio State offense: "Our guys up front did a good job of controlling the tempo at the line of scrimmage. I thought we blocked really well. Ben Person did some great things up front. The guys in back had some good thoughts from the pass standpoint. I thought we had a good plan. That's what was disappointing, sitting on three points at the end of the first half. But it's a four quarter game."

On the third quarter being a statement: "I think that third quarter is a statement that they want to get there. They want to, because they could've just gone out and played timid. I think it's a statement that they want to be good. None of us think it's a statement that we are good, but we did want we had to do today."

Ohio State Quarterback Todd Boeckman
On slow start: "I thought we had some good drives but penalties just hurt us. We went down and we got a field goal and then got one blocked we just didn't finish it. In the second half we just kept going and relaxed."

On winning on the road: "It's a huge step for us traveling out west. They're a great football team; they do a lot of great things. It's a huge stepping stone for this young team. It definitely boosts my confidence big time. I go out there and the fans are screaming and it's tough to hear out there. It's going to give us a lot of confidence going into next week."

On second half turnaround: "I didn't come out as strong as I liked to in the first half. The balls were coming off bad and that's my fault, I take blame on that. The second half I just kind of settled down a little bit. I think the crowd kind of got to me the first half. Coming out here with that big atmosphere, settling down was just a nice thing to do in the second half."

Ohio State Running Back Chris Wells
On the season outlook: "The best is yet to come. I said today was just a preview and I'm going to get a lot better offensively and I'm going to get a lot better individually."

On stepping up against Washington: "Really, we played against a great team such as Washington. The first two games we played at the level of our competition, we put ourselves down to our competition's level the last two weeks."

On Coach Tressel's excitement: "He really was (excited). I think I can remember one play where I looked over at Coach Tressel and he was jumping in the air. I've never seen him do that before."

Ohio State Linebacker James Laurinaitis
On Washington's offense: "They've got a great offense; we've got to make plays. Against a great offense like that we have to make plays we've got to stay calm because they're going to make plays. They're going to get first downs and they're going to drive on you. You can't have a shut out every week so you know that you're just trying to say, `Let's hold them to three, dig in, dig in.' You have to have a bend-but-don't-break mentality once you get on a drive like that."

On half-time talk: "I think one of the things that was said was it's 7-3 but we missed a lot of opportunities to score. It seemed like we had a lot of opportunities to put the ball in the end-zone and something like that as a defense you can't break down on the last minute like that. That can break your back. He just said, `Hey, it's 7-3 right now, let's go out there and just take control of what we can in the second half.'"

On Jake Locker: "Tremendous athlete. He's a tremendous athlete and very fast, exceedingly fast. You see him on film and you see he's fast but you see him in person and you have to really adjust your angle on him. He is going to be a great quarterback in the future."

Ohio State Receiver Brian Robiskie
On second half adjustments: "Any time you see (Chris Wells) run the ball like he was, having success in the first half, even though we really didn't get it in the end zone like we wanted to. He was having some success but we knew offensively there were a lot of things we needed to work on. We knew that coming out in the second half there were a lot of things we wanted to try."

On Washington's offense: "I just saw man coverage. I think that the run that we had called was an option run. I think that from the snap I kind of knew where I was going I think Todd [Boeckman] did a great job getting the ball out there. I think any time he's got time from that line he's going to sit back and make a great throw. I just tried to run and we just have this thing in practice where we just try to run down the sideline and that's all I tried to do and wait for Todd to make the great throw."

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