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Post Game Quotes
Release: 02/14/2007
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Feb. 14, 2007

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Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:

Opening Statement: "I'm very proud of our guys effort. In the second half, I thought our guys really competed. Washington State is a very good basketball team, a well oiled machine, and they capitalize on every mistake that you make. We fouled the shooter at the end of the shot clock a couple of times, and they didn't miss any free throws. Whenever we missed setting the screen, they would take advantage of it. Whenever we were out of position, they would take advantage of it. So we have to give them a lot of credit, there is a reason that they are number ten in the country. I still was proud of our effort and, again, if we continue in these last few games to put forth that type of effort, we can hold our heads up high. Jon Brockman and Spencer Hawes were dynamic, they were very, very good tonight."

On Trouble Getting the Ball Inside at Crucial Points: "Some of it was just good defense by Washington State and also there were a few lapses on our part throughout that game. There was a stretch where we came down and maybe had questionable shot selection and turned the ball over, and I think that stretch might have been as important as any stretch in the game because they did not distance themselves from us at any point during that period, but that was a point in time in the game where we could have taken the lead by continuing to do what had gotten us to that point, which was go inside, and we didn't do that."

On WSU Guard Play: "Their guards are very good, and it was a factor, especially in the first half. I thought Derick Lowe was very patient - he didn't force anything. I thought Ryan Appleby really competed and did a pretty good job, but he is not the only one. Rochestie had a heck of a game - he scored 16 points, and we couldn't keep him out of the middle at times, and he really hurt us."

On UW Guard Play: "We just need to make sure that we continue to go inside - that is what we need. Adrian had another game like his last one - like the Stanford game. He didn't score a lot of points, but he really competed. I thought he defended well and did some good things."

On Pondexter's Lack of Play in the 2nd Half: "You try and go with what is working at the time, and when Adrian came in the game and right away you could feel his defensive presence. That's what we were looking for. Spencer and Jon, they were scoring pretty good, so we needed to play some good defense, we needed to take care of the basketball and he was doing those things. It wasn't that Quincy wasn't doing anything, it's just that Adrian was doing a good job."

Washington State Head Coach Tony Bennet

General Comments:"We made some nice plays down the stretch, and we made some mistakes down the stretch too. Washington made some big plays too. We survived, hit our free-throws. We tried to keep them off the glass at the end, but it is a battle against them. We just kept hanging in there, and our guys have a knack to keep playing. They don't get too up or too down. I am sure when we look at the tape we are going to kick ourselves from a few things we did, but overall we had enough composure to pull this one off in a tough environment."

On Taylor Rochestie:"Taylor had a real nice performance. All around he did a pretty good job--obviously he scored, but he has the ability to guard, and keep the guy in front of him. He got some good rebounds. When you have three guards that have all the focus, they tend to put a lot of pressure on them, it helps us because we need our perimeter guys to make plays off the dribble. When pressure gets in you, you cant always pass. You have to dribble-drive, and have people post up."

On Antonio Chavers:"Antonio did a really good job in the first half. In the second half, he let one guy get by him which he usually doesn't do, but we another guy in that rotation around the perimeter. He knocked down the big three when he came in. He is unselfish. He is such a great athlete. He is a senior. He stuck in there. He was academically ineligible first semester, but he stuck in there and showed loyalty to this program. I am happy for him that he could get a taste of this environment."

On rebounds:"We try to rebound with everybody. When you trap, which we did for the majority of the game, and we pulled it off at times, you know that it hurts your rebounding because you are trying to hurry back. But if you don't trap, they can score on us. And at times, we went one-on-one with Ivory. He did a good job against Hawes. He did get up and bother with a few bangs, and gave us a look. You just have to stop the bleeding with the best of your ability on the glass, and at times we were good for a while. I was impressed, then they started to bombarding us late in the game. We work at it everyday, and we know it is important. I am very close in taking another step in that direction because it is important they are good interior players."

On experimenting in the game: "Yeah because of the foul trouble. We wanted to give Antonia a chance and get our perimeter guys a chance to get off their feet and rest for a minute or two, so that was kind of an experiment, and it was ok. Then we through Caleb in there, and we were like do we need to have three guard types or go big. With the foul trouble, we have to mix and match, and that is just the way it goes in a game, especially with that much pressure on the inside guys."

On the excitement:"Yeah I am, but all of that is reserved for the end of the year when you really do it. We have to stay focused, and yes it is exciting to be in the hunt. That is big-time; there is no question about that. Our kids are enjoying it, and we are trying to enjoy it too but you don't think about it. We got Oregon next, and we lost to them earlier and that was a heartbreaker, but we have to get ourselves ready as much as we can and see where we stand at the end of that game. But this was another significant win for just staying in the hunt."

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