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Day 1 Event Recaps
Release: 06/08/2006
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June 8, 2006

Wednesday, June 7
11:00 a.m. -- Men's Hammer, Qualifying (Martin Bingisser)

12:05 p.m. PST --Martin Bingisser starts the Huskies off in qualifying for the hammer throw. Twelve of the 26 throwers in the field will advance to Friday's final. Seeded 17th, Bingisser will throw in the first of two qualifying flights. He'll have to upset at least five of the higher-ranked throwers to advance. It's a clear, hot day in Sacramento -- great conditions for throwing. The junior's first toss is high and long -- 209 feet, 11 inches. A great start; he's in third through one round. Bingisser's second-round throw is a beauty -- it appears to land beyond his personal best distance of 212-9, but the official in the pit raises the red flag, indicating a foot foul. After two rounds, Bingisser is fourth in Flight One. Bingisser closes the qualifying round with another good toss -- 207 and change. He finishes Flight One in fourth -- exactly where he was seeded to finish. The top 13 throwers in the field will now compete in Flight Two -- the mark to watch for is 209-11. Bingisser needs for five of the throwers in Flight Two to fail to exceed that mark, thus placing him in the top 12 overall and advancing him to the final.

1:25 p.m. PST -- Just two throwers beat Bingisser in the first round of Flight Two. The Husky junior is now sixth overall, with two rounds of throws remaining for those in the second flight. Two more throwers pass Bingisser in the second flight ... Bingisser is now eighth overall -- he needs to finish in the top-12 to advance to Friday's final. It's official -- Bingisser is in the final. Only one thrower manages to beat Bingisser in round three, placing the Husky junior ninth in the final standings. That's the good news. The better news? Six of the throwers in Friday's final (which starts from scratch, marks from today are not carried over) are foreign-born, which means that Bingisser is guaranteed to be one of the top-eight Americans in the event, and thus has already clinched UW's first All-America honor of the 2006 NCAA Championships.

3:55 p.m. -- Men's 800m Run, Prelims (Ryan Brown)
Preview: Junior Ryan Brown will run in the last of four heats of qualifying in the 800 meters. That could be good -- competitors in the last heat will know exactly what time they have to beat to make it to the final; it could also be bad -- often because of the reason above, the race is run too tactically and the strategy ends up backfiring. Brown's best bet is simply to finish in the top three in his heat -- the top three in each each will earn automatic spots in Thursday 16-man semi, along with the next four-fastest finishers from all the heats combined. Brown has the third-fastest entry time of anyone in his heat, and the ninth-fastest overall in the entire field.

4:16 p.m. PST -- The first three heats are done, and the runners in Brown's heat now know the time to beat -- 1:49.43. Smith, Koech and Fitts go out fast, while Brown tucks into fourth, about five meters back. The field goes through 400 meters at a relatively slow pace, but picks it up on the back stretch. Brown makes his move with 150 meters to go, catching and passing Fitts with 100 meters left. Jackson State's Joel Williams makes a hard push on the outside, but Brown looks like he'll be able to hold him off. At the very last second, UCLA's Martell Mungaia -- who has come from well back in the field -- jumps out from behind Brown and leans to the finish. The scoreboard shows the first two times, then pauses as officials peer intently at the finish line photo. Then it comes up -- Mungaia. Brown is fourth, at an identical 1:47.95 time to the UCLA senior. Though he didn't get one of the automatic spots, Brown will advance to the semi-final on time. In fact, Brown's time would have won every other heat, and is the fourth-fastest overall in qualifying.

4:15 p.m. -- Men's High Jump, Qualifying (Norris Frederick)
Preview: Sophomore Norris Frederick begins his history-making double Wednesday afternoon in the high jump. Jumping will begin at 6-8 3/4, and will continue until 16 or fewer jumpers remain at the end of a bar height. The "cut-down" height will probably be 7-0 1/4 -- the same height Frederick narrowly missed during the NCAA Championships qualifying round last year. He's topped it three times in 2006, and has been over 6-11 in each of his two postseason efforts this year.

4:49 p.m. PST -- Frederick misses his first attempt at 6-8 3/4. Misses don't really matter in high jump qualifying -- it's not about what place you finish, it's just about being one of 16 or less guys remaining at a certain height. So, as long as Frederick gets over on one of his next two attempts, he'll be fine going into the next bar.

4:53 p.m. PST -- And just like that, Frederick is over the bar at 6-8 3/4. More than 16 jumpers cleared that height, so the bar will now move to 6-10 3/4.

5:04 p.m. PST -- Frederick misses his first attempt at 6-10 3/4. His second attempt is also unsuccessful. With 16 jumpers already over the bar at this height, Frederick will have to clear on his third attempt to stay alive for a shot at the finals. ... And minutes later, he does. After rolling to his knees on the mat, he lets out a deep breath and somersaults off the mat -- it's an obvious relief.

With so few vaulters remaining, the next height -- 7-0 1/4 -- will almost certainly decide the qualifying portion of the competition.

5:16 p.m. PST -- Frederick's first attempt at 7-0 1/4 is a miss. But on his second attempt, Frederick clears easily. If less than 16 jumpers clear this height, Frederick will be in to Friday's final.

5:42 p.m. PST -- It's the NCAA Championships, so great performances shouldn't come as a surprise -- we're on to 7-1 1/2, as more than 16 jumpers have topped the bar at 7-0 1/4. Frederick's lifetime best is 7-1, so it's going to take a new PR just to move on.

6:03 p.m. PST -- Three misses for Frederick at 7-1 1/2, a height cleared by 13 jumpers. Last year, 7-0 1/4 would have sent Frederick through to the finals, but this year's competition was tough. Frederick will have to shake off his disappointment quickly, though -- long jump qualifying begins in just over an hour.

4:30 p.m. -- Women's 100m Hurdles, Prelims (Ashley Lodree)
Preview: Ashley Lodree's quest for an NCAA title begins Wednesday afternoon in the 100-meter hurdles prelim. Lodree has the ninth-best time overall in the competition, but is separated from No. 1 by just three tenths of a second. Lodree drew a good heat -- opposite collegiate record holder Ginnie Powell of USC -- but a bad lane, lane 3, with two much slower runners on either side of her (Powell is in lane 9). That said, Lodree will have every chance to advance to tonight's final, either with a top-three finish and an automatic spot, or as one of the next six-fastest finishers from all heats.

4:51 p.m. PST -- Lodree looks strong over the hurdles, but is clipped at the line for second place by Villanova's Monique Morgan. Lodree's time -- 13.35 -- is good for a prelim ... fast enough to get one of the three automatic spots in tonight's semi-final, but not so fast that there shouldn't be something left in the tank for the final. All in all, it's business as usual for UW's most consistent performer.

6:10 p.m. -- Men's 400m Dash, Prelim (Bruce Jackson)
Preview: Senior Bruce Jackson was the lowest-seeded Husky to surprise at the NCAA West Regional meet and earn an automatic NCAA bid. The Seattle native, a three-time NCAA competitor on UW relays, will make his individual NCAA debut in Wednesday's 400-meter prelim. To advance to Friday's semi, Jackson will have to finish in the top-two in his heat, or have one of the six-fastest times of all the third-through-sixth place finishers. The competition is tough -- Jackson's entry time of 46.99 seconds is sixth-fastest in his heat, a second-and-a-half behind the heat leader.

6:25 p.m. PST -- Through three heats, it looks like it's going to take a mid-46 time to make the semi-final. Starting in lane four, Jackson trails the field through 150 meters, but starts to make a move on the 200-meter corner. By the time the runners take the backstretch, Jackson has passed one runner and is about to run down another. He's fourth across the line, in a lifetime-best 46.41. It's the seventh-fastest mark in Washington history, and it just might be enough to get the senior into the semi-final. As the fifth heat comes to a close, it's official -- Jackson advances to Friday's semi by just .05 seconds, as the fifth of six time qualifiers. It's an amazing accomplishment for a runner, who, just three weeks ago, was ranked lower than 90th nationally in his event ... now it's on to the Sweet 16.

6:30 p.m. -- Women's 100m Hurdles, Semi-final (Ashley Lodree)
6:42 p.m. PST -- Just two hours after a businesslike prelim, Lodree needs to place in the top four of her semi to advance to Friday's final. She'll be in the second of two heats.

The first heat is a smoker -- USC's Ginnie Powell sets a collegiate record of 12.55 seconds, and the top-five finishers all run below 13.15. Lodree is going to need one of the best races of her career to advance.

Of course, whatever Lodree needs, she does. Despite running in lane 8, and into a headwind, Lodree clocks a 13.13-second time in the prelim, clinching an automatic spot in the final with a third-place finish. It's the second-fastest wind-legal time of the junior's career. Based on times from prelims alone, she'll be seeded sixth overall in the final; she was fifth in the event last year.

7:00 p.m. -- Men's Discus, Qualifying (Will Conwell)
Preview: Senior Will Conwell hopes to join Martin Bingisser in a throwing-event final Friday. To do so, he'll need to either finish in the top-12 in qualifying, or best the automatic finals standard of 196-10. Any thrower who betters that mark in qualifying will be automatically advanced Friday's final, regardless of place. The No. 7 thrower in the nation, Conwell will be the very first thrower of Flight 1, in which his best of 200-1 ranks fourth.

7:35 p.m. -- Conwell's first throw is into the cage. This is his first NCAA Championships, so maybe he just needs to get out those NCAA jitters.

Conwell's second throw looks good, but he is flagged for a foot foul. He'll have to record a legal mark on his final toss to have any chance of advancing to the final.

7:55 p.m. -- Conwell's last throw strikes the cage again. The senior looked like he slipped as he let it go -- he might be having a hard time getting good footing in this pit. Regardless, it's a tough end to a terrific career. Conwell is one of the most liked and respected members of the team -- a reflection of the way he treats others with the same kindness and respect. He'll be missed both on and off the field next year.

7:15 p.m. -- Men's Long Jump, Qualifying (Norris Frederick)
Preview: Norris Frederick's busy day continues as he attempts to qualify for Thursday's long jump final. To do so, Frederick will need to either be among the top-12 finishers in qualifying, or better the automatic finals standard of 25-9 1/4. All jumpers who better that mark will be automatically advanced to Friday's final, regardless of place. Frederick has twice been an All-American indoors in the long jump, but this will be his first NCAA Championships outdoors in the event. The seventh-ranked jumper in the competition, Frederick will jump sixth in Flight 1, where his entry mark of 25-10 ranks fourth.

7:42 p.m. PST -- Frederick's first attempt comes in at 23-3 3/4. Now that he has a legal mark in the books, he can let it fly with his next two jumps.

Frederick's second attempt is a foul. With just one jump to go, the Husky sophomore is going to need to hit a 25-footer to stay in the competition.

Frederick fouls his third attempt, and will not advance to Friday's final. It's been a tough day for the sophomore, who also failed to qualify in the high jump despite a near lifetime-best clearance of 7-0 1/4. He'll be disappointed, for sure, but Frederick's too talented to keep down for long. Count on the two-time All-American coming back with a big year in 2007.

7:50 p.m. -- Women's 5,000m Run, Semi-final (Anita Campbell)
Preview: Freshman Anita Campbell wraps up perhaps the busiest day in UW's NCAA Championships history Wednesday night in the semi-final of the women's 5,000 meters. Washington's biggest surprise at the Regional meet, Campbell can keep her debut season going with a top-six finish in her heat (Heat 1 of 2), or as one of the four-fastest finishers not among those in the top six. Campbell's time of 16:40.31 from the Regional is 13th-fastest in her heat.

8:21 p.m. PST -- The field stays bunched together for most of the first eight laps. Campbell moves from inside to outside, trying to find some clear running room without having to take too many extra steps. She looks comfortable, and is running 10th with 1,200 meters to go. Campbell takes the bell and makes a push forward -- the top-six runners are probably out of reach, but every runner she can catch puts her that much closer to one of the four provisional spots in the final.

Campbell's run takes a bit out of her on the homestretch, and she is passed by two runners to finish 12th. Looking at the scoreboard will certainly make her feel better -- 16:29.91. No freshman has ever run faster at Washington, and it's the seventh-fastest time in school history. Going into the regional meet, she hadn't run belo 16:50 outdoors ... she ran 16:40 there, and 16:29 here. Who knows what she might have run with one more race? It's been a great freshman year for Campbell, and she should be proud of what she's accomplished.

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