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Q&A With Darin Harris
Release: 09/14/2005
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Sept. 14, 2005

Husky sophomore defensive back Darin Harris has been a pleasant surprise for the Huskies this year. The graduate of Decatur High School in Federal Way, Wash., has quickly ascended the depth charts and has started the first two games of the season. Against Air Force he recorded a career-high eight tackles and against California he accounted for his first career interception.'s Lindsey Egelston recently sat down with Harris and talked about the season. Based on the depth charts from the beginning of the season, it didn't look like you were going to be a starter but now you've started the first two games. So what do you think you did to prove to the coaches they should start you?

Darin Harris: I think I just go hard in practice as best as I can. I try really hard, and last year I didn't really try because I knew I wouldn't play too much since it was my first year.

GH: Not only have you started the first two games, you had eight tackles and the first interception by anyone on the team so do you think this is the start of a big season for you?

DH: It can, that's always a goal. So I don't know, I can't predict the future but I'm going to try.

GH: Last year you played in all but one game, but kind of stayed under the radar. Do you think this year you'll break out and become one of the well known players on the team?

DH: That's the plan. Sophomore year is supposed to be a breakout year to get to the next level.

GH: And what's the next level for you?

DH: The NFL! Everybody wants to go to the NFL.

GH: So back to the interception you had, how'd you feel once you realized what just happened and you actually had the ball in your hand?

DH: I was shocked. When the ball was coming down I was shocked, I just ran to the ball and it came right to me. It was nothing I did. I just got the ball.

GH: You've played a lot of different positions, like you were a quarterback in high school. Do you think it's helped you having played on offense before and having a lot of experience in different positions?

DH: Defense in high school and defense in college are totally two different things. I didn't know any formations - actually I didn't know anything. So coming here I had to learn everything, that's why I didn't play too much last year. Last year coach told me the first game I was supposed to be playing, but I didn't do well in the test.

GH: What's been your favorite position of all?

DH: Safety - well actually in high school it was quarterback, but now I like safety. You get to hit people!

GH: After starting the season out well what do you think you need to improve on to reach your goal of stepping up this year?

DH: I have to become more of a student player, just get my stuff down and know all the formations.

GH: How do you think the defense as a whole can improve?

DH: We need to get more emotional and get more into the game. Sometimes we just don't feel it, but when the crowd's going, we go.

GH: Do you think you and your teammates have good chemistry on and off the field? What do you guys do when you hang out?

DH: Well we haven't really had time to do anything, but we just chill at the house and do whatever. I lived with football players this summer and we had fun.

GH: Are you ready for classes to start, or are you nervous to have to balance both football and school?

DH: I'm not really worried about that because school's not that hard. I'm not worried.

GH: You want to major in business, so what are your goals for that?

DH:Yes, I want to own hotels and make some money.

GH: Sounds good. Thanks Darin.

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