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Track And Field Captain's Blog - Feb. 25
Release: 02/25/2012
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Feb. 25, 2012

Throughout the season, will check in with the captains of the Husky track and field team for insight into what each unit is working on in practice and goals for upcoming meets. The Huskies have a total of eight captains this season: James Alaka and Jordan Carlson for the sprints group, Jeremy Taiwo and Taylor Nichols for the jumps, vaulters, and multis, Angus Taylor and Elisa Bryant lead the throwers, and Charlie Williams and Christine Babcock represent the distance runners. Starting off round two of the blogs are Charlie and Christine to talk about the distance runner highlights and their prep for the MPSF Championships.

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Women's Distance Capain
Christine Babcock, Junior from Irvine, California

Since my last blog, there is much to report! Women's distance has assaulted the record books, with three new indoor school records and 10 new marks on our Top-10 indoor lists!! Everything started two weeks ago at the UW Invitational, where Katie Flood crushed our 3,000m school record, bettering it by over 13 seconds. We also saw indoor Top-10 marks from Justine Johnson in the 800m and our DMR team made up of Jordan Carlson, Baylee Mires, Justine Johnson, and myself. Then last weekend at Husky Classic, Megan Goethals and Lindsay Flanagan started off what would be a great weekend for us! On Friday night, Goethals smashed the indoor school record in the 5k by 15 seconds and Lindsay moved to 4th all-time as she had a monster PR of 14 seconds! And on Saturday we just kept rolling. Freshman Baylee Mires moved to 6th all-time in the 800, running a new PR. In the mile Katie Flood continued her dominance as she broke our school record by over 6 seconds, running 4:28.48, the 4th fastest time in NCAA history! Chelsea Orr ran a big PR and broke the 4:40 barrier for the first time; moving her to 5th all-time and Justine Johnson took over the 9th all-time spot. In the 3ks we saw the track debut of Liberty Miller as she just missed the top 10 list and I managed to get to fifth all-time in my first 3k at 9:17.

If these last two weeks are any indication of what is to come the rest of this track season, then we are a force to be reckoned with! Currently Katie and Goethals have punched their tickets to Boise and we will be looking to add many more this weekend at MPSF. Our workouts have been going well and we have a really good vibe on the team right now. It is incredible to be surrounded by such talented, down-to-earth girls every day!

Speaking of practice, I have an awesome story to tell you! Last week we were at Magnuson Park on Tuesday morning for a 4-mile tempo. We were all standing near the starting line of the workout waiting to begin when we look over and Goethals is furiously running her hands through the grass. And while we all expect an occasional out of the ordinary moment from Goethals, this was much too weird! So of course we inquire as to why she is rubbing her hands in the grass. Much to her dismay, she had unknowingly stepped in dog poop and as she proceeded to take off her tights she managed to get the dog poop everywhere! It was on her tights, her spandex shorts, her tall white socks, her gloves, and her hands. (Wasn't I lucky that I was her ride home?) While this explained the somewhat odd behavior, we all had a good laugh about it and started the workout. But wait, it gets better... Throughout the course of the workout many of us threw off our gloves as we began to warm up and after we finished the tempo we went back to collect them. Goethals was looking around all confused for her gloves (which if you remember, had dog poop on them) and they were nowhere to be found. As we began to run away to complete our warm-down, she realized that one of the boys on the team had picked up her gloves thinking they were his. In true Goethals' fashion, she exclaimed, "____ has the poop gloves! Joke's on him!" and ran away!! And while we may never truly know if he discovered that the gloves in his possession were in fact the poop gloves, it perfectly sums up our team! We work hard and get down to business, but we also have a ton of fun while doing it!

Come out and cheer us on this Friday and Saturday at MPSF!!! GO DAWGS!!!!

Men's Distance Captain
Charlie Williams, Senior from Gig Harbor, Washington

Greetings Husky Track and Field fans! It has been a couple of weeks since you last heard from our Men's Distance Dawg crew, so here is a quick recap on what has been happening. Since the last installment we have competed three times in the Dempsey: the UW Indoor Preview, the UW Invitational, and the Husky Classic. The Dawgs have been having a very solid season thus far. Some top highlights from these meets include the Men's Distance Medley Relay (DMR), which is currently ranked 10th in the nation, Rob Webster Jr.'s 14:03 5k run, which is the 6th fastest indoor 5k at UW ever, and two attempts at a sub-4 minute mile by seniors Joey Bywater and Ryan Soberanis, who ran 4:01 and 4:02, respectively, putting them on UW's Top Ten Mile list. We have also seen Personal Records (PR's) from nearly every individual who has gone out and raced, which is very exciting. Even though we have experienced success as a group, championship season is just around the corner, and we continue to work hard and look for even better performances.

This past week there was no competition at Dempsey, so we took advantage of not having to race over the weekend and got some really good work in to prepare for coming races. On Tuesday, we all woke up early and made our way over to Magnuson Park, where we began a tempo run just as the sun was rising. We started as a big, cohesive group and ran hard for somewhere between 3 and 6 miles, depending on where your racing talents lie between 800m and 5000m. Afterward, everyone seemed to be feeling pretty good, giving high-fives and joking around (one of our guys showed off his car's new subwoofer). This was a good sign after having done what many would agree was a hard workout.

When Friday rolled around we stepped it up a notch and had a pseudo-time trial for 1200m. Everyone who was fit and able laced up the spikes and toed the line for this hair-on-fire fast event, and we saw some very good performances. The top group finished just under 4-minute mile pace and looked cool, calm, and collected. The others finished up just behind the top group, but the work wasn't over quite yet. Next, the guys either stepped back on the track for 400m repeats or ran out to the "Swamp" for 1000m repeats. After this monstrous amount of work everyone was tired, but still laughing and cracking jokes. After a display like this, our opponents should be more than a little nervous about what is to come, and we look forward to showing them in the next few weeks.

The next meet on our schedule is the Mount Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) Championship, the unofficial Pac-12 conference meet for Indoor Track and Field. Here we will see schools with prestigious distance programs like Oregon and Stanford, and hopefully we can bring our full training to bear and get some expected (and hopefully some unexpected) points. The successes we have experienced thus far have only fueled the fires of our goals, and we continue to get better and look forward to some truly outstanding performances as we enter the championship season with the MPSF meet and the NCAA National Championships in two weeks. Bring your purple and come support your Huskies. Go Dawgs!

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