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Pitt 65, Washington 61
Release: 02/26/2007
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Feb. 17, 2007

Recap |  Final Stats

Thanks to Pitt Media Relations

Quoting Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:

Opening statement:
"We [Washington] lost to a very well-coached team today. They [Pitt] only turned the ball over six times and we just didn't get any open looks. Pitt dictates the pace of the games that they play. They're a very solid team. Last game, they had 16 turnovers in the first half alone and today, that was not the case at all. Pitt really took care of the ball out there. I am proud of our guys, though. We've not played well on the road this season, but I think we've turned a corner and I'm proud of where we're headed."

On matching up with a Big East team:
"Playing a Big East conference team means you're going to play one that has size and is physical. We liked that, though. We liked the match up we had to today. This team [Pitt] is more like a `van' team than a `Corvette' team. They're just big and very physical. This is something [physical play] that we would like to copy. We'd like to be able to play at this physical of a level."

On Pitt's ability to bounce back after losing to Louisville and take care of the ball:
"They [Pitt] took the time to take care of the ball today. Louisville plays the way that Louisville plays and we play the way that we play. We're set in our ways and don't need to adapt the ways of another team. We can usually force a team to turn the ball over a lot, but that just wasn't the case today. They really took care of the ball."

On Spencer Hawes' play:
"I really felt he [Spencer Hawes] did a good job today. He finished with 12 rebounds and 12 points. [Aaron] Gray's just so solid. It's so hard to move him. You just can't. He's certainly the focal point of their offense and makes an impact no matter what you do. I thought Spencer [Hawes] did a great job as a freshman going up against a very experienced senior today. He really held his own."

On Washington's performance in today's game:
"We knew going in to today's game that their [Pitt's] guards are very physical and very athletic. Some of our play reflected that and I think that our performance reflected that as well. Unfortunately, we didn't take care of the ball like we need to. We had some turnovers that made us swing in a negative way. They scored 19 [points] at the line and 21 [points] off turnovers. That's what, over 50 percent of their points? We just gave up too many big turnovers. This was such a physical game. It was almost like arm wrestling at times and sometimes you get the calls and sometimes you don't."

On comparing Pitt to other Top 10 teams Washington has faced:
"Pitt is right up there. They're right there. This team isn't at the top of the Big East for no reason. They're very deserving of where they sit. UCLA is a great team in our conference [Pac 10] and is playing great. Washington State is another team from our conference that's up there. UCLA and Pitt play very similar, but I think we understand that there's an obvious reason for that."

Quoting Pitt's Head Coach Jamie Dixon:

Opening Statement:
"This is a great win against a great program, certainly one of the best in the country over the last three years. Often when you get to top-20 caliber teams together it doesn't live up to the expectations, but I thought this game did and we were fortunate to win. I was very impressed with our decision making at the end of the game as well as our poise at the free-throw line. As much as anything those helped us seal the victory."

On how Washington defended Aaron Gray:
"Their power forward really sagged of his man and tried to offer extra help on Aaron. That's part of the reason that Sam Young and Levon Kendall each got nine shots; we were calling plays for them, looking to exploit that match-up. I think we got good looks throughout we just have to make sure we convert a couple more of those shots."

On Aaron Gray's defense:
"His play on that end of the floor was really a key for us. We were worried about him getting into foul trouble, but he did an excellent job avoiding that and still staying on his man. They have two very god threats down low and I'm very pleased we held them to only 25 points combined. We just tried to deny them good position and easy shots."

On the play of Levon Kendall and Sam Young:
"Our main concern from that position today was defense and rebounding, which I think both players did very well. With Levon, you get a little crisper passing, and so his teammates are getting better looks, but with Sam you get more shots and better scoring. You just have to read what the situation dictates and plug that guy in."

On Washington's rebounding:
"They're one of the best in the country at it, so that was a focus coming in. Obviously, when you have two big guys like that it's a good place to start, but I thought their guards coming into the lane were a key. We didn't box them out like we're capable of, and they got a lot of loose balls on tip outs and deflections. I think that's where the real difference in the total came from."

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