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Washington-Arizona State Postgame Quotes
Release: 10/28/2006
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Oct. 28, 2006

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  • Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham

    Opening Statement: "This evening is one of those `disappointing turn, exciting tur,n disappointing' kind of football games. We obviously did not start out the way we wanted to, and for that matter, nor did our opponent. But they beat us out of the blocks and then we played a heck of a game to get caught up. Then we didn't make enough plays in overtime to get it done. So it was disappointing, exciting, disappointing."

    On what to say to the team after three close losses in the last four games: "There are a lot of things that I will tell them, and most of them are repeatable. They key is, it depends on what you want. If we desire more, we'll get more. We'll continue to work and to drive ourselves, and there should be no let up or give up or step back in a football team."

    On DuRocher's performance: "I thought he did a good job coming in, again in a very difficult situation. He executed and gave our system a chance to work."

    On the offense in the first three quarters: "If I had that answer, we wouldn't have been doing what we were doing. We were just off and we didn't get the surge that we needed. We got penalties at bad times and made mistakes at bad times. We could not get a sequence where we could rip them and get after them. We just struggled."

    On starting overtime with a penalty: "It kills you. Now you're first and 15, and that's a very difficult situation. We're fortunate that Mike [Michael Braunstein] had a heck of a hit on the field goal. A 47-yarder, that's a good hit, but that's too much to ask or expect in an overtime. That penalty, you still have to overcome it, but it was a crippling play."

    On coming back after another loss: "I think our football team has shown amazing resilience. I think some people questioned whether we could come back after SC, and I think we came back and played some good football, to a degree. I think there were some people who questioned whether we could come back after Oregon State. We came back and played good football. Then people thought we were near the grave coming out of California, but we came back. We struggled early, but we found a way to keep playing. We've got our backs against the wall and we're going to a place that's tough to play, and we've got to muster up the fight to get it done."

    On what to do after another slow start: "We keep working. We keep coaching because one week ago, we weren't slow out of the blocks. We're going to be consistent in what we do and consistent in our coaching. At some point our football team catches up."

    On Louis Rankin's performance: "I thought he made a conscious effort to try stick things in there and show some patience."

    On thinking about how many wins it will take to be bowl eligible: "We have a great opportunity for that. We have three games remaining and we can run the table. I haven't looked at how the standings are affected by all the other games today, but if we can run the table, then we still have a chance to be a bowl team."

  • Washington Players

    General Comments:
    "It's really tough. We put all of our efforts into our games and to come up short, it hurts. Losing twice, in overtime, in two weeks takes a toll on us. We just have to come back next week and fight."

    On giving up big plays: "It's just the little mistakes that hurt us. Those little mistakes turn into the big plays. We have to eliminate those mistakes and we won't give up the big plays. It's about tightening up. We harp on it at halftime and we have to come out in the second half and play good defense."

    On making plays in the fourth quarter: "If we all play a complete game, offense, defense and special teams, we wouldn't put ourselves in these last-minute drive situations. We just have to come out and play a complete game. We still haven't played a complete game yet."

    LINEBACKER Scott White
    General Comments:
    "It's tough anytime you lose. It doesn't really matter in what fashion you lose, it's disappointing. You work so hard throughout the week to get wins, throughout the year to get wins and when you don't win it's an empty feeling."

    On losing in overtime twice: "I think just losing is really draining more than anything. We're all going to be disappointed about the fact that we lost. Not the fashion that we lost in or the fact that we came back. We expected to win and we didn't get that done." web On the pass defense: "The secondary did a great job. They've been much maligned all year, but have said all year that 11 guys play pass defense and it's not all on them. Our defensive line was doing a nice jobs getting pressure on the quarterback most of the time and our guys were out there making plays. They just made plays and that's really what it all boiled down to."

    On the offense not being able to capitalize: "It's not really frustrating. We look at it as another opportunity to get them stopped or get the ball back and that's our job. We just have to try to keep them off the [scoreboard] as much as we can and we have enough confidence in our offense to know that they are going to make something happen and score a touchdown."

    On how to win the close games: "Practice and experience are probably the best teachers right now in those situations. We practice those situations a lot and we've experienced them a lot lately. It's going to be another tight game next week against Oregon so maybe if we're in that situation we'll handle it a little bit different."

    On Washington's success in the fourth quarter: "That's definitely encouraging to know that when the game is on the line we have guys making plays. That is definitely positive. But we really have to get over that hump. We're so close to having a really good record this year, but a couple plays here and there have cost us. We need to continue to put sixty minutes together to get over that hump and make two or three more plays to win the game."

    QUARTERBACK Johnny Durocher
    General Comments:
    "It was pretty disappointing. We didn't come out in the first half very well and we just didn't turn it on. To be a good football team we have to come out fast, we just can't play one half of the game."

    On their defense: "They were just really physical. When it comes down to it they were just making plays and they made more than we did today."

    On coming in and taking on the leadership role: "I was ready to do that. The team knows I can throw that ball and I got into some situations and made some good plays and made some drives."

    WIDE RECEIVER Sonny Shackelford
    General Comments:
    "First half, we played terrible. We didn't play Husky football in the first half. Our defense was playing pretty well at the beginning of the game and we just didn't play well in the first half and then in the second half we tried to come back. We made a nice run at it a little too late."

    On their defense: "Their defense was able to hold us to 20 points and we didn't get that until the second half. They were good enough to do that."

    On his touchdown pass: "I ran a little belly bubble route and Bonnell threw me the ball. I saw Anthony wide open and I had decided to make the play and throw the ball. We worked on it this week and we have been working on it the whole year. The reason why we have never run it before was because we never had the opportunity. We never thought that it was good enough in the game plan. We never thought that the defense would react to it the way Arizona State did. Coach Lappano thought that it was a good decision to play that then and obviously it wa, because we scored on it."

    On fighting until the end: "Basically we feel like we are never going to quit. We are going to do that throughout the season no matter what happens. We are never going to quit and we are always going to play until the last second. That is what we did."

    On how to deal with the quarterback change: "It is the same. They all know the same things. It is just that some are more mobile than the others but they all produce the same amount. DuRocher came into the game and marched us all the way down the field to a score. They are all good players. We just need to start coming together as a team and start winning games. We need to stop playing around. We just need to play football and stop begging and asking for stuff."

    On having to step up as a leader: "I will always have to step it up regardless of who is in or who is out. Being the person I am and being in a leadership role, I always have to step up my game as well."

  • Arizona State Head Coach Dirk Koetter

    On the last play in overtime: "That was just great execution by those guys on the last play. When you have eight films to study on a team, you have a lot of films to study and can find certain tendencies on a team that you hope the right opportunity comes up to call them. When the right opportunity comes up, even when you get the right play called the players have to execute it. That final play that Brent Miller scored on we actually called when we were pushed back to our 10-yard line and we didn't get to run it because someone jumped offsides. It's a good thing we saved it."

    On different contributions from players: "Football is the ultimate team sport and I appreciate those guys. A lot of guys want to play more, and Brent [Miller] and Keegan [Herring] are two great examples. Keegan is one of the main motivators on our team, and he is alternating with Ryan Torain and Brent is alternating with his own brother. But those guys hung in there. Keegan's 80-yard run was a play designed just for him, one that he was going to get no matter what. We actually stole that play from Oklahoma, and I told him that Adrian Peterson couldn't break it for 80 so that when he got the chance he had to take it. You just have to know Keegan to know how funny that is. Brent doesn't say much and that's just awesome for him to get the game winner."

    On what the winning the game means: "It sure beats the alternative. Our defense played so well in the first half and the offense played well enough to get us that lead, and I told the guys at halftime that Washington was going to make a run and we had to weather it. Even though we only really gave up one big play during the whole game, and then Washington came back to tie it and the crowd really got into the game. When the crowd gets into it here this place is as loud as it comes so after it got back into even to go into overtime and get that win is huge for us. To win on the road, in a Pac-10 game with the injuries we've had on the offensive line and just when no one thinks we can do anything it is just awesome for our guys. They believe in each other and that's a great deal."

    On the role that penalties played in the game: "They played a huge role. We are the most penalized team in America I think, but we were able to overcome them and hang in there. The crowd obviously on the false starts plays a role. I can think of one play in particular that was very bad for us, when they called us for a late hit; the officials have to make some judgment calls and they called a good call. It seems like all we do talk about is our penalties. We were able to overcome them tonight. Obviously what I'm doing isn't working; I'm telling them not to do it and showing them their bad decisions on film but it is not working."

    On the status of Stephen Berg and the offensive line: "I haven't talked to our doctors yet but I don't think it's good on Steve. I talked to Steve in the locker room and it was a non-hitting play where he was on the backside of a screen and tried to plant and his knee popped which is never good. I don't have to official medical word. Steve is resting comfortably on crutches but the guy has been a heckuva leader for us and I feel really bad for him. Hopefully this isn't the end. Richard Tuitu'u stepped up just like Julius Orieukwu stepped up at left tackle. I think we will get Brandon Rodd back in another week. We could have played Brandon in an emergency tonight but we wanted to give him one more week. I give our offensive line a heck of a lot of credit for battling and stay in there because we are playing with backups."

    On the defensive line: "We've been getting good pressure on the four-man rush and Kyle Caldwell has basically been unblockable the last two weeks. Washington kept a back in a lot to help double on Kyle. The one thing we did do was that Bonnell got outside of us a couple times. Bonnell is a really good athlete and made a couple of good plays. I'd like to see us keep him contained and get a few more sacks but the pressure in the four-man rush was awesome and Bill has not had to call the blitz as often."

    On Rudy Carpenter: "Rudy is a gritty, gritty kid and can be his own worst enemy at times and then at other times he can be as good as any kid I've coached. I love that guy, I love the way he's into the game and the way he takes the pressure on himself. Rudy definitely has his confidence back but I think the crowd got to Rudy a few times tonight and Washington did a good job of switching up their defense. When you're in a battle, you want Rudy on your team."

  • Arizona State Players

    On Washington Quarterbacks:
    "The offense didn't change much [from when Bonnell was in to when DuRocher was in]. Obviously number 11 was a good quarterback and more mobile than number 12, and number 12 did a good job and came in and ran the offense."

    On Defense:"They had that one big play where they beat us with the double pass and that took some momentum from us. As a defensive unit we had a ton of confidence. They were doing big stuff but we were stopping it. When the game is on the line there is a certain lock-down mode that you have to have. We did a great job of that."

    On Winning a Tough Game:
    "I have been hit as hard as I have ever been hit all season. It was great celebrating with my brother and it was also great to celebrating with the rest of the team."

    On Game-Winning Touchdown Play: "It feels great, we have practiced those things a million times. Sometimes things don't work out in the game and you have to keep from being discouraged. We actually talked about that the situation before but we never got in the position to run it. So I figured that the play would be coming up in overtime. I have been running a lot of quick air routes along the outside all game and then I just faked the air route and turned up the sideline."

    On Brent Miller's Winning Touchdown Catch:
    "He was on the line and they didn't think of him as a primary target. It worked out great."

    On Perseverance: "That is just college football or sports in general. Coach Myers gave us a speech last night at the hotel and he was talking about not listening to doubt and I think that we did a great job with that tonight. We knew all along that we were going to get a chance to win the game and we were not listening to any doubt. We just kept believing and it worked out for us."

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