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Washington-Portland Post-Game Quotes
Release: 12/19/2009
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Dec. 19, 2009

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Washington vs. Portland Post-Game Quotes
December 19, 2009

Washington Coach Lorenzo Romar

Opening statement
"You know, with the exception of the first seven minutes of the second half, I thought we played as well as we've played since Portland State tonight, and maybe even better than we played against Portland State. We had gone on a stretch where we'd won a few and lost some, and in the midst of it still hadn't really put in an efficient effort together, and tonight we did. I thought we made progress."

On the change in the starting lineup
"I wanted us to get more organized. I wanted us to be a little more efficient. A little less risk taking in the first five."

On taking care of the ball and defense--his points of emphasis this week
"I thought we did a great job with both--again, with the exception of the beginning of the second half. You commit two turnovers in one half you're doing a pretty good job of taking care of the ball, and that's what we did in the first half. We ended up with eleven. Again, we will allow 13. If we commit 13 turnovers we say `hey that wasn't bad.'

"Defensively, a team like that, the way they shoot the three, to hold them to 23% [on three-pointers] and hold them 34% shooting with 22 turnovers, I thought our guys did a really good job of concentrating on the defensive end."

Washington Guard Quincy Pondexter:

On that low amount of turnovers:
"We really concentrated on that a lot. We had a little bit extra emphasis on it, a little bit more penalty for it in practice. We really wanted to take care of the ball because that separates winning from losing. We had to run a little bit more if we had a negative assist-to-turnover ratio so guys focused on it a lot more and it helped us tonight."

On the demeanor of the team this week:
"I would say that we were all a little bit unhappy. We felt that we were really disappointing to ourselves, to our conference and to every UW fan. We really wanted to come out and prove to everyone how good we really are. It took a lot of hard work in practice. We all concentrated really hard and we really want to get a lot of work done so we'll be ready by the time conference comes. These [are] two big games in Portland and Texas A&M before Christmas."

On the bench play, especially Scott Suggs (career high)
"Scott is a good player. He's still learning. He's still king of young. For him to do what he did off the bench tonight was great for us. I think we've been waiting for someone to step up from that group of players and he did a great job tonight. Elston Turner played some great minutes tonight and so did Justin Holiday. I think that this team, we are really deep and we have so many weapons we can use. If one guy's not having a good night, we can always go to the next. That's really a value to this team.

Washington Guard Isaiah Thomas:

On Overton's play:
"That's what he does. He comes into the game and brings energy and locks up every guard that I've seen. That's his game. He knows his role and he's great at it."

On tonight's performance:
"We circled this game on our calendar too. It so happened that to be after the Georgetown game that we lost and we wanted to come back and play hard and play together and we did a good job of that."

Portland Coach Eric Reveno

Thoughts on the game
"A lot of credit to Washington, they played really well--a lot of confidence. We'll go back and look at what we could have done to try to take away some of that confidence and get them back on their heels a little bit more, at least give them more of a competitive game. They made shots, got their confidence going, then we'd turn the ball over...turnovers and rebounds is what hurt us and we knew that going in that was the key, so we struggled."

On if they were surprised with UW's pressure
"No we weren't surprised, it was as anticipated. You know, I was disappointed we didn't handle it better...I also thought the start was going to be key, and we started off terribly, and they got their confidence going. They just relaxed and played and we just had a hard time getting back on top of it."

On where their strong three point shooting went
"I don't think it's gone anywhere, I think teams are playing us that way. I think the key to getting the percentage back up is being able to do other things better--whether it's scoring inside, taking guys off the dribble. With that, then they won't be able to focus so much on the three point shot. And also, it we get some stops and we get out and run, usually our best three point shooting is in transition, and we're taking the ball out of the net every time and walking it up the court and they're getting back, then we're having a hard time."

On their increased intensity after halftime
"We switched to man more exclusively in the second half, and we just challenged them to guard, and they did. We took better care of the ball at times. The transition defense and the rebounds is really what kept hurting us."

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