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Tyrone Willingham Monday Press Conference Quotes
Release: 10/30/2006
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Oct. 30, 2006

General Comments:
"I think when I left this group on Saturday I left with these words; disappointment, excitement, and disappointment. The reference was that disappointment was the way in which we started the game, excited was the way our guys fought back and came back and put themselves in a position to win, and I was disappointed about the outcome at the end. Today this remains the same. I am still disappointed that we didn't do the things that we wanted to do, which was first and foremost to win the football game. We have a new week and a great challenge in front of us and we are getting ready for that."

On his general thoughts on bringing a player out of his redshirt year halfway through the season:
"The decision that I will make will be based on what is best for the player at that time and what is best for the team. In most cases when you have the opportunity to redshirt a player by in large in works better for them with the tremendous growth that they have in that first year, getting accustomed to the college experience and collegiate football. In some cases it is better for the player to be put them in the game."

On the importance of experience for a quarterback:
"I think that you always need to look at all aspects of the situation. I keep on saying and it must be redundant that you must keep in mind what is best for the individual. It is important to have the player get some experience, but you want that experience to be a good experience if at possible."

On Bonnell's injury:
"Bonnells' injury should not be a factor. We anticipate that he will be ready to go on Tuesday and that he will be, as we start the week, our starting quarterback."

On Kenny James' Injury:
"Kenny James we anticipate will be much closer, obviously the MRIs and the studies taken on his ankle last week were negative in terms of any breakage, it was just an ankle sprain. We will see when he is going to be able to go as close as possible to full speed. He was eager to go into the ballgame on Saturday, but we did not think that he was ready as of yet. We anticipate that come Tuesday that he will be a lot better and ready to play hopefully by the weekend."

On if Bonnell's injury were more severe, if his backup quarterback decision would have been different:
"The nature of the injury would have to be more severe for me to look at it in that way."

On the performance of Carl Bonnell:
"No I think that he felt pretty good. If there is any down side to Carl is that he is too aggressive, and I personally like that."

On if Jake is going to redshirt the rest of the season:
"No, I have not made that decision. But I do feel like it is very important to keep that redshirt for Jake."

On the situation Jake is in:
"He is in a very difficult situation, because he is hanging out there in limbo to a certain degree. He would like to be involved and help our football team in anyway that he can but at the same time we need to ensure the best possible situation for him. It is a very difficult situation for him, a very difficult situation to practice in, not knowing which direction that he will go. I think that he has handled it very well and it is a testament to the type of individual that he is."

On Jake's attitude regarding the quarterback situation:
"I feel like he is ready to go and he is willing to let us make the decision of what is best for him and the team."

On the play surrounding Bonnell:
"The first thing is, I am very quick to look at all of the things that surround your play. It is very easy for coaches and fans or media to say that a quarterback's performance was not good, because often times he is the focus. On Saturday there were a lot of places on the football team that were not good. And a lot of those places have the opportunity to influence the play of the quarterback."

On the upcoming games having a lot "at stake":
"There is always a lot at stake, I have yet to be in a game where there is not a lot at stake. We start at the place at the place where we always start. First you must have the right focus coming into the football game, the next thing we need to make sure that we have the right preparation and being able to execute our system well, over the course of the week you reinforce things like your tackling and blocking. You reinforce those things to put yourself in the best position to win. We will be very fundamental in getting our team ready to play."

On the play of Johnny Durocher:
"I thought that he did okay, I don't label people A, B, C, or D. In a very difficult situation especially with the amount of practice time given, I thought that he did a good job."

On Rankin trying to hit the holes harder:
"I don't know if it was counterproductive, but I did think that he made a conscious effort in being more forceful in his running style such as hitting the holes a little bit harder. There were four runs that had big play potential if we executed some things that would put him in that position and we just can't do that."

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