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Washington-Seattle University Post-Game Quotes
Release: 01/26/2010
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Jan. 26, 2010

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Washington Coach Lorenzo Romar
Opening Statement:

"Well... It feels good to be home. Our guys did a nice job tonight. I thought our guys maintained their composure pretty well in a game like this. It was a good game before we get back into the Pac 10 play for us to gain a little confidence, not necessarily what was, but how we were supposed to play."

On Isaiah Thomas's status:
"I found out early, well late last night. I found out that he was nauseas. It sounds like what Scott Suggs experienced, what Coach Shaw has experienced. It was no better this morning. He tried, but could not participate in shoot around. He couldn't do anything."

On other guys stepping up in his absence:
"It gave some other guys an opportunity with him not being there because he usually plays a lot of minutes. Some other guys were ready to step up I thought. It probably affected Venoy Overton more than anyone. He just was free to get out and play."

On Overton's offense:
"He was aggressive, made some big plays. He doesn't score in the conventional way where he's knocking down shots and perimeter shots. He is just an energy guy. A little like Bobby Jones used to be when he played for us. Bobby would score 18, 19 points and you never run a play for him. He was an energy guy involved in so much. "

On what the head referee told the coaches:
"He just told us that he was going to call every foul. Basically I don't care how much you foul, you wont ware me down. We will keep calling it."

Washington Forward Quincy Pondexter
On the team's performance:

"We made a lot of progress tonight and we still have to get things right. We still want to contend for a Pac-10 championship. We know that the league is capable of coming back to us with some teams losing. Our focus is on winning games, taking it one day at a time, one practice at a time, one game. Hopefully the league comes back to us."

On what he thought when he heard Thomas was out:
"It hurt because he's such a great player. But we knew that things like that happen. Injuries, flu, sickness, all those things happen, its part of the game. Foul trouble, whatever. But we knew that we had to come out and compete for him and for this team so that we could right the ship."

On the fouling:
"It was very weird. I've never really experienced too many things like that besides when I was in high school. That's what it really compared to. That's Coach Dollar. He's going to fight until the last second and have his team fight until the last second. I have so much respect for him and what that program is, and what it's going to be."

Washington Forward Justin Holiday
On the importance on keeping momentum going for the home stand:

"It's really important. Like Quincy said, we want to win the Pac-10. We know that everything is really close and we have to come out every game and win, no matter if it's home or away. If our game is at home, we have to protect our house. It's going to be really important to come out and play well."

On feeling like he needed to fill in for Thomas:
"Of course. That's how our whole team is. When someone is down, everybody else has to step up. We're going to do everything together so even though Isaiah was gone, we still had to take care of business as a team."

Seattle U Coach Cameron Dollar
Opening statement

"Well, I learned a long time ago that if you're going to give it out you better be able to take it. Honestly this was one of those nights where we took it pretty good, you gotta take your hats off to them for again coming back off the road and just flat out getting after it. We pulled out everything we had in the bag and we couldn't get a shot up. Obviously if you can't do that, and they're hitting their shots, you're going to find yourself in a pretty big hole.

"I thought my kids from beginning to end tried hard, they played hard, they did what I asked them to do. It's just a matter of them running into a pretty good buzz saw. So we get back to work, hopefully we forget about this one like we should have forgot about the other one when we were on the other side of it, and get ready to go on Idaho."

On if his players were tight early
"You could say that it seemed like it a little bit. I thought that against their pressure, you try to do a couple things against it--we were able to get to the foul line some but we weren't able to capitalize and make free throw. They got some early run-outs, which you can't allow them to do. Again, you just gotta to give them credit. They came out and they punched and they did their job."

On the physicality
"It was less of getting physical and more trying to get in the bonus early. We tried to put them at the line, we tried to see if they could make some free throws--which they actually did miss free throws but we still couldn't score on the other end."

On if he was telling his players to foul
"Yeah, without obviously doing it crazy or pushing them in the back, we were more trying to go for the ball and see if we could get a steal and be very aggressive going for it. If they call it, they call it. It wasn't intended to rough them up or be physical, it was to get to the bonus as quick as possible and slow the game down and get them to the line, which we were able to do."

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