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Coach Lorenzo Romar Teleconference
Release: 03/14/2006
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University of Washington Men's Basketball
Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes
Monday, Mar. 13, 2006

On Drawing Utah State:

"It's a tough draw for us, they're a team that's just not going to beat themselves. They don't make very many mistakes, they're poised, and they are experienced. We have to come out and we've got to play a flawless game or we could experience an early departure."

On Coach Stew Morrill and His Program:
"He's a great coach, he's created a great system, not only out on the floor but in terms of how they recruit. They recruit players that have a niche for their philosophy, they fit right in, and they just plug them in year after year. They seem to do creative recruiting, where they get players who sometimes aren't necessarily in the mainstream, but they do a great job of evaluating and finding these guys and putting them together in a system that is a system that is fundamentally sound and just doesn't allow a whole lot of margin of error for the competition."

On Jaycee Carroll and Nate Harris:
"Inside (Harris) is really really good, they run some very good sets for him. Those guys understand, his teammates understand, how valuable he is and they give him the basketball. He wants the basketball and is very confident that he can do something with it. He is a very good post player.

"Mr. Carroll is very adept at getting himself open, he reads screens very well, and he gets his shot off quickly. Another tough match up for us."

On Brandon Roy:
"He is very versatile. You'll see Brandon scoring on the block, you'll see him hit three pointers, you'll see him driving to the basket and sometimes driving and passing it off to others, and he gets offensive rebounds. He fills up the stat sheet, he fills up all the boxes on the stat sheet."

On Coming Off a Loss to Oregon:
"I expect that we'll come out and we'll compete. I think we all understand the importance of the opening round of the NCAA tournament, so I think that the loss is behind us and we would choose to remember the eight we had won before in succession as opposed to the one loss."

On Going to San Diego:
"We were hopeful that we wouldn't have to change time zones, obviously I think everyone would like that. Fortunately we were able to stay on the west coast, as is Utah State, so we were pleased with that part of it."

On Key Match-ups:
"I don't know about the match-ups, but I know that we have to make sure that we defend their big time players. One guy that is very important to them is David Pak, he's not their leading scorer but he certainly takes care of the basketball and plays with a lot of savvy. We mentioned the other two guys, Nate Harris and Jaycee Carroll, but Pak is also a guy out there out front that is very good at running their team and making sure that the coaches philosophy is carried out on the floor."

On What Makes Utah State a Tough Opponent:
"They're tough, number one, and they're efficient, in a nutshell that's what it is. They're going to set good screens, they're going to be detailed in how they come off those screens, the ball is going to be delivered to the appropriate person at the right time where they can make a play. Those are all details that go into making a good offensive team, and they play with a lot of confidence offensively, they know where they want the ball and they know how they are going to get it there."

On Importance of Mike Jenson's Shooting:
"Well it definitely makes a difference. Even if he is not shooting well he occupies the defender because you have to respect his shot, but when the ball is going in it just open things up a lot more for us. We know he's a very good shooter, and when he shoots we expect every shot to go in. Regardless if he hasn't shot consistently the last couple, I believe that the first shot e takes Thursday is going to go in."

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