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Huskies Take 15 of 16 Against Their Northwest Rivals
Release: 04/10/2010
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April 10, 2010

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SEATTLE - Back home on the friendly confines of the Montlake Cut, the Washington rowing program continued to churn out impressive results.

The Huskies won 15 of 16 races in a regatta with a decidedly Pacific Northwest feel, edging Oregon State and Washington State on a blustery, cold Saturday morning. Ignoring the choppy conditions on Lake Washington, the Huskies rowed solidly in each race, making it a priority to take leads by the Montlake Bridge before the water smoothed out in the cut.

The men's varsity eight took home a win over their counterparts from OSU, crossing the finish line in Portage Bay with a time of 5:40.57. It was the second consecutive open-water victory for the varsity, which made a planned lineup shuffle this week in an effort to test speed. Oregon State, though, provided a strong challenge right off the line before the Huskies, who are ranked No. 1, took over after the 500-meter mark.

After the race, men's coach Michael Callahan talked about the need to build off these results going into the crew's next race on April 24 - the much-anticipated dual with Cal on the Redwood Shores.

"I saw a lot of guys that came out to race today," Callahan said. "We had trained hard all week and I know they wanted to perform today and they did that. It was a good day for us."

Callahan was especially excited to see Beavers' coach Steve Todd back on Montlake. Todd is a Washington alumnus, having won a Silver Medal at IRAs in 1998. His friendship with Callahan has roots at Conibear Shellhouse, both as oarsmen and coaching partners at UW. Now friendly rivals, Callahan knew his crews would have to come to race on Saturday against the No. 18 Beavers.

"There were a lot of hard-fought races," Callahan said. "There was a cross-wind and we knew that Oregon State always comes here to throw it down hard. They're really good competitors."

But the varsity's results weren't the only noticeable takeaways from Saturday's regatta. The second varsity and novice boats were also open-water victors, which once again demonstrated the level of depth Washington has in their ranks this season.

On the women's side, the No. 9 Huskies finished first in five of six contests to give Bob Ernst's crews another solid result against a Pac-10 opponent. The Huskies were edged in the women's varsity eight race, finishing four seats behind the No. 14 Cougars. Both teams were even entering the cut, but WSU was able to take a slight lead with 250 meters left and hold on to the finish. Washington shook off the result to win their last five races by open water, including a particularly impressive result with the novice eight. Coach Nicole Minett's crew staked themselves to a lead against a novice boat from Washington State that was coming off a win at the prestigious San Diego Crew Classic, crossing the finishing line 11 seconds ahead of their rivals.

Back in the Shellhouse, Ernst said he was excited to get back on the water on Monday and tinker with the chemistry of his varsity eight. The depth the program displayed on Saturday told him there are fast oarswomen in his ranks; he just needs to find the right combination.

"We got a lot of really good rowers who are really young, and we have some seniors who want to win really badly," Ernst said. "It's an exciting time in the women's program, trying to get the optimal performance out of these kids; it's challenging and it's a lot of fun."

Each coach complimented the race performances their third and fourth boats, which helped the Huskies take wins in the later races of the afternoon. The depth in both programs should make for interesting training the next two weeks, as each crew tries to maximize their speed on the water in preparation for the Cal dual.

Race 1 (Second Varsity Eight): UW 6:04.11, WSU 6:25.42
Cox - Laura Denman, stroke - Reiner Hershaw, 7 - Jamie North, 6 - Robert Squires, 5 - Tom Kicinski, 4 - Alan Meininghaus, 3 - Matt MacKinnon, 2 - Pavel Mantchev, bow - Stephen Silverstein

Race 2 (Men's 3rd Freshmen Eight): UW 6:08.98, WSU A 6:39.91, WSU B 6:59.48
Cox - Ben Degang, stroke - Jethro Van't Hul, 7 - Andrew Perkins, 6 - Beddome Allen, 5 - Angus Jackson, 4 - Peter Allen, 3 - Josh Jaeger, 2 - Alex Keats, bow - Simon Wold

Race 3 (Men's 3rd Varsity Eight): UW 5:58.49, WSU 6:03.96
Cox - Valaree Fowler, stroke - Niles Garratt, 7 - Noah O'Connell, 6 - Justin Hopkins, 5 - Roko Svast, 4 - Matt Zapel, 3 - Jeff Gibbs, 2 - Graham Oglend, bow - Kit Culbert

Race 4 (Men's Freshmen Eight): UW 5:54.12, OSU 6:08.17
Cox - Seamus Labrum, stroke - Dusan Milovanovic, 7 - Alex Bunkers, 6 - Ryan Schroeder, 5 - Mijo Rudelj, 4 - Max Mannisto, 3 - Sam Dommer, 2 - Austin Brooks, bow - Brandon Taft

Race 5 (Men's Varsity Eight): UW 5:40.57, OSU 6:00.86
Cox - Michelle Darby, stroke - Mathis Jessen, 7 - Tom Lehmann, 6 - Hannes Heppner, 5 - Ty Otto, 4 - Conlin McCabe, 3 - Anthony Jacob, 2 - Hans Struzyna, bow - Max Lang<

Race 6 (Women's Varsity Eight): WSU 6:29.50, UW 6:30.90
Cox - Isabelle Woodward, stroke - Kerry Simmonds, 7 - Kayleigh Mack, 6 - Madison Culp, 5 - Marie Strohmayer, 4 - Hanne Trafnik, 3 - Adrienne Martelli, 2 - Erin Lauber, bow - Rosie DeBoef

Race 7 (Women's Varsity Four) UW A 7:22.6, UW B 7:29.5, WSU 7:31.9
Cox - Michelle Miyauchi, stroke - Kira O'Sullivan, 3 - Sydney Collins, 2 - Leslie White, bow - Erin Knox

Race 8 (Men's Second Varsity Eight) UW 6:03.91, OSU 6:20.74
Cox - Sam Ojserkis, stroke - Maxwell Weaver, 7 - Jay Thompson, 6 - Nenad Bulicic, 5 - Rob Munn, 4 - Blaise Didier, 3 - Simon Taylor, 2 - Ambrose Puttmann, bow - Casey Dobrowolski

Race 9 (Women's Novice Eight) UW 6:52.5, WSU 7:03.2
Cox - Kelly Bell, stroke - Carlie Elledge, 7 - Monique Moore, 6 - Lauren Stewart, 5 - Kayla Fencl, 4 - Allie Struzyna, 3 - Sydney Connell, 2- Alina Bischin, bow - Lana Harshman

Race 10 (Men's Second Freshmen Eight) UW 6:12.55, OSU 6:29.43, WSU 6:35.93
Cox - Elise Kelly, stroke - Robert Chavan, 7 - Garratt Rinden, 6 - Conrad Dobrowolski, 5 - Patrick Marre, 4 - Beddome Alen, 3 - Kevin Klauer, 2 - Paul Pratt, bow - Joel Hummel

Race 11 (Women's Second Varsity Eight): UW 6:36.5, WSU 6:42.6
Cox - Ariana Tanimoto, stroke - Nora von Gaertner, 7 - Heather Young, 6 - Jennifer Park, 5 - Erika Shaw, 4 - Adriene De Leuw, 3 - Veronica Tamsitt, 2 - Haley Yeager, bow - Victoria Nenchev

Race 12 (Women's Second Novice Eight): UW 7:03.10, WSU 7:17.1, UW B 7:30.5
Cox - Kelsey Jackson, stroke - Danuta Wieczorek, 7 - Mallory Potts, 6 - Ali Laboda, 5 - Anna Stehle, 4 - Cat DeMarco, 3 - Maren O'Malley, 2 - Hanna Fjortoft, bow - Chelsea Leuth

Race 13 (Men's Second Varsity Four): UW 7:03.26, WSU A 7:17.25, WSU B 7:33.9
Cox - Aya Shimizu, stroke - Reiner Hershaw, 3 - Jamie North, 2 - Alex Keats, bow - Matt MacKinnon

Race 14 (Women's Second Varsity Four): UW A 7:33.4, WSU 7:48.2, UW B 8:15.6
Cox - Katherine Mahoney, stroke - Sarah Velling, 3 - Ailish O'Sullivan, 2 - Helen Tilghman, bow - Alexis Pong

Race 15 (Men's Freshmen Four): UW 7:03.10, UW B 7:11.54, WSU 7:49.68
Cox - Ben Dagang, stroke - Angus Jackson, 3 - Simon Wold, 2 - Peter Allen, bow - Josh Jaeger

Race 16 (Men's Varsity Four): UW 6:43.50, UW B 7:00.85, WSU 7:27.16
Cox - Laura Denman, stroke - Niles Garratt, 3 - Roko Svast, 2 - Justin Hopkins, bow - Kit Culbert

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