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Q&A With Daniel Te'o-Nesheim
Release: 08/14/2006
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Aug. 14, 2006 You were the Defensive Scout Squad Player of the Year last season, as you red-shirted. How has that helped you prepare for this season?
Daniel Te'o-Nesheim: "It showed me what different defenses can do, but also allowed me to practice a lot of the technique that we do. Opposing teams' pass rush could be similar to our pass rush, for example."

GH: Today you earned the coveted Gold Jersey, given to the top offensive, defensive and special teams players each day. What does the jersey mean to you?
DTN: "It means I better run hard and show a lot of effort throughout practice. It can be hard, though, as sometimes plays are not run to your side. You just have to hustle everywhere as hard as you can. I just have to keep working hard."

GH: You went to high school in Hawaii. Has the transition to the Northwest been difficult?
DTN: `I used to live in Mill Creek for nine years, so it's not that bad. I do miss home, though. I miss the Big Island. Guys such as Brandon Ala, Wilson Afoa, and Donny Mateaki -- all the Polynesian guys -- have helped me out. The coaches have been a big help, too."

GH: Bern Brostek, a former UW All-American at center, was a coach for you at Hawaii Prep. How did he help prepare you for Husky football?
DTN: "He's the probably the reason why my high school team is as successful as it is. He's the reason why I play like I do. He doesn't think that people can't do something. He's a great motivator."

GH: Last Spring, you threw the shot and the discus for the UW track team, finishing 14th in the shot put and 16th in the discus at the 2006 Pac-10 Championships. Do you plan to continue that this year?
DTN: "I hope so, but schedules conflict in the winter when we have our mat drills. I really enjoy it, so I hope that I can continue to compete in those events."

GH: Do those events help you on the football field?
DTN: "I think it does, especially with quickness. I still need to work on my technique for the shot and discus, though."

GH: Have you received any nicknames since your last name is difficult to pronounce?
DTN: "Basically just Te'o ... or Tizzo, but only Manase Hopoi calls me that."

GH: Thanks for your time, Daniel, and good luck out there today.
DTN: "OK, thanks a lot!"

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