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NCAA Championships
Release: 05/24/2001
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May 24, 2001


Head coach Jan Harville "We had a good day. Our number one goal was to qualify. Our second goal was to win the heat if we could, and it went down to the wire again with USC. "It's an advantage now for us to have good competition on the west coast. For a long time there wasn't. Then California started to get better, and now USC. That has given us some good, tough races. That makes it easier for us to prepare for NCAAs, to have closer competition. We help each other out. "We had more of a tailwind in our heat. That makes a difference in the times. I tell our team to ignore the times."

Nicole Borges (seven seat - varsity eight) "We don't get tired of racing them (USC). It was a close race today. It's a good thing. Everytime we race them, it helps us out and we learn something new. USC is one of the fastest crews here. It's good to see them early."

Mary Whipple (coxswain, varsity eight) "It wasn't our best race but we had good points. Whenever USC got even, we stuck to our race plan. We made our moves work. It was a good lesson, a good race, in that respect. Off the start, we were about half a boat up. They had a faster start today than at Pac-10s. At Pac-10s, we were up a full length off the start. We expected them to have a faster start. When we settled, we were about three seats up. At the 500, we were even. When we took our first move, we walked up probably a seat or two, maintained that, and then they walked back up even again. It was even, even, even until another move when we took a couple more seats. We maintained that and they walked back up again. Both crews were sitting. We were about three seats up but they started coming up again in the last 500. We had a very good last 500. "It's nice to come in first and its's nice to perform well when it matters."

Leslie Rattan (three seat, junior varsity eight) "It was a good race today. All three crews were right together, all the way down the course. Less than a one-second margin for all three crews is pretty exciting. I couldn't even tell how it ended. My head was entirely in my boat racing down the course on our way to the finish line."

Heidi Hurn (five seat, junior varsity eight) "I have never had a race that close before. I don't even remember the last 20 strokes. I didn't know if we made it or not. It was out of control toward the end. We were moving like crazy and there was no distraction whatsoever. We were so focused. It was insane."

Jan Harville (on junior varsity race) "Our junior varsity had a great race. It was a barn burner of a finish. We had a lead, then we're even, then it's back and forth and we have to come from third to qualify in second. I thought they showed good fight. It was a great opportunity to be in a really tight race before we get to the final. Being that close, we will make some adjustments and see how we can step it up even more. We've been off and on all season with this crew, but they always work hard. This week we've had extraordinarly good practices and good focus. We'll just hope we can keep it going and take one more step."

Maili Barber (coxswain, varsity four) "We had a great start, super aggressive. We led off the line. We held them off until about the 1,000 and that's when Brown crept up on us. We were fighting back and forth with Brown in the second 1,000. Brown sat there for awhile. They enjoyed their little lead but we kept on fighting and fighting. We had a good sprint. We are strong. We have four strong women out there. I think we scared them enough. We know what we have to do now. I think a race like that was better than winning with a big lead and not knowing what everyone else can do. We know how much we need to do and that's a good thing. I think we scared them and that's what we need."

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