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Post-Race Quotes
Release: 06/05/2004
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IRA Men's Rowing Championships
Saturday, June 5, 2004
Cooper River; Camden County, N.J.


Men's Head Coach Bob Ernst
On winning two gold medals and one silver:

"It's a good day. That's what Washington rowing is supposed to be about. It would have been nice to get that varsity gold medal. But, I'll tell you what, the guys gave it everything they had."

On the varsity eight:
"There is no question about the fact that Harvard's got a great crew. We came back here trying to win the race and they are just better than we are again this year. We'll be back again next year and give it a try again. I couldn't be more proud of our team. We've got a lot of sensational athletes and I can't wait to get back here next year now. I want to go again.

"We were really close in the race for the first 500 or 700 meters. Then Harvard made a pretty good move and we were fighting with them. At the 1,000 they just went and we couldn't keep up with them."

On the junior varsity eight:
"Our jayvees are really good. There are four seniors in the jayvee boat. There are guys that won at Henley last summer in the jayvee boat. The thing I've been saying all season is that we have a really, really deep team this year and very homogenous talent pool. We're really lucky and blessed with this senior class and the junior class is really strong. These guys did well by Washington rowing."

Varsity Eight Coxswain Greg King
"Harvard is a fast crew. Like I said yesterday, if there was one crew out there that would beat us it would have to be a hell of a crew. And they were. They pulled through and raced a good race. It wasn't our best race. We have definitely rowed better before. But, that's how these sorts of events are. All the pressure builds up to this one race and the crew that handles it the best wins. This is a great group of guys and they work really well together. Everybody was happy with this lineup, so no regrets."

Varsity Eight No. 5 Seat Brett Newlin
"We were really amped up for this. We were all really aggressive and rowed hard. Once again Harvard just proved they were the best team this year. We were focusing on Harvard the whole time and didn't see anyone to the left of Harvard. We just wanted to go in and row our own race. We didn't want to take anything for granted. We rowed as hard as we could and rowed in our boat, not against the field. I'm really proud of this boat. We had a great season. We were really fast, but came up a little bit short at the end."

Junior Varsity Eight Coxswain Chris O'Brien
"This is the way to go out. It feels good. Our goal was to hold Harvard in that first 750, just to attack it. We held them and went straight into that head wind. It was good. We were relaxed. Once we hit that 1,000-meter mark we just opened it up. It wasn't as clean as it's been, but it did the job."

Junior Varsity Eight No. 3 Seat Kyle Larson
"It's great to finish the season undefeated. Winning is fun. Beating Harvard is fun too. Harvard tested us out for the first 1,000. We did our huge move at the 1,000 and they just broke. They aren't used to having anybody ahead of them so when we do that it kind of breaks them. We just walked through the rest of the race."

Junior Varsity Eight No. 7 Seat Ben Fletcher
"I'm pretty excited. I'm honored to be in the boat with these guys. They were just awesome the whole year. It was just a privilege to row with the awesome athletes that were around me. We've been programmed since day one to race it to the finish and win every race."

Varsity Four Coach Colin Sykes
"We talked to the guys about bringing the level of training that they do to this racecourse today. They kept composed in the first 500 and settled into it then just walked past the field. The guys in the boat are racers. We've talked all season about one race at the end of the year as the only one that matters. These guys were ready to put everything on the line and no matter what the results were they would be alright with it. Today, they put it all on the line and they came out ahead. I'm really happy with them."

Varsity Four Coxswain Adrian Andrews
"It's nice to wear gold. We did absolutely nothing different. You just keep exactly what you've been doing. We took a 10 at 500 in and then a 20 at the 1,000 which is where we floored them. We were down about three or four seats and the move at 500 brought us to a seat back. Then at the 1,000 we started moving away. We've come back from being down in every race that we've had here so it wasn't too much of a surprise to get back through a crew. But, to win by what we did was awesome."

Varsity Four Stroke Seth Berling
"I couldn't have asked for a better race to go out on. It's definitely the best feeling race of my life. Five strokes into it I felt like we had control of the race even though we were down. I just knew. After the heat and the semi I knew we had it in us to come back through anybody. It's kind of confidence builder to be able to walk through people in the heat and the semi. We can come out here in the last race and go into it with a little bit more confidence knowing that we can throw down a move if we have to."

Varsity Four Bow Evan Galloway
"That' three (gold medals) for me. Every year it feels like it's the best one of course. I really think this one is, because we had to battle so hard through the heats and semis. Just to pull out a piece like that where we finally just broke away was really satisfying. I felt like we had that piece in us and it was a matter of it coming out. It definitely did in that race."

Varsity Four No. 3 Seat Colin Phillips
"It feels great. We all rowed a really good race today. I tip my hat to all the crews. I feel like everyone performed really well today. I'm really happy for Seth (Berling). We have confidence in our rowing. We're just out there trying to row our best race and whatever else happens is pretty much out of our control. We took a big move at the 1,000. We've been rowing like that all year. It felt good to hit it today when it really counts. We've had a lot of power and we got it done today."

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