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Post-Game Quotes
Release: 11/24/2003
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Washington 91, UC Riverside 78
Bank of America Arena / Seattle, Wash.
Nov. 24, 2003


General Comments:
"We tell our guys quite often that the way you have fun in this game is you work your tail off. And when you work your tail off you see the fruit of your labor. I thought in the second half we got up and defended and played outstanding pressure defense and it changed the entire complexion of the game. Our guys were working extremely hard and that enabled us to get out and let the horses run and have fun in the open floor."

On Team Effort:
"Mike Jensen didn't score a lot but he had 10 rebounds and just worked his tail off all night. Bobby Jones as he usually does, came in and gave us a tremendous lift off the bench. Hakeem Rollins played with a lot of confidence offensively. These are always the best wins because they're team wins. There wasn't one guy that just carried us on his shoulders. A lot of guys made contributions tonight and that's what it's all about, a team effort."

On Mike Jensen's Steal and Reverse Dunk:
"He'd better make it. I'll be the first one to make sure it's on the highlight reel at the end of the year but at the time we were down. We were losing by 5. It was probably emotionally a big lift for us. I was more impressed with that anticipation and the steal, it showed great quickness. It showed all in one play the kind of athlete he is."

On Pressing Defense:
"Presses are used for all sorts of reasons. When you press for 40 minutes you're trying to dictate a particular pace. And when you press for 40 minutes you have to recruit guys that are naturally good runners and in condition, you have to be in tremendous condition. When you press in spurts you're doing it to change the complexion of the game or you're doing it because they have a particular lineup in the game you feel you can exploit. In this case tonight we felt we needed to make a change because the game wasn't being played the way we wanted it to be played, so we applied the press to hopefully change the complexion of the game. Every press is a gamble. It's always a gamble. In the preseason, the first time we had done it, we got winded, guys got layups. Tonight, they got breakaways when we got winded but when we were fresh it did what it was supposed to do."

On Hakeem Rollins' Length:
"Hakeem Rollins has extremely long arms. Hakeem is 6;7" but you think he's 6'9" because of those long arms and when you have that you can reach over the top of someone without touching someone. He also does a great job of, he'll turn and even though he's undersized the ball is shot from a high level so it's hard to get to it. He plays bigger than he really is."

On Brandon Roy:
"Whatever Brandon (Roy) does offensively doesn't surprise me."

On Bobby Jones:
"Bobby Jones, I know I always talk about him, but there's something about him. He goes 4-5 again tonight. He's just like if that cake doesn't taste quite right you go up in the cupboard and go 'Oh, this will make it right.' Bobby is like that. He's that ingredient that's missing. This is the second game in a row he's fueled comebacks for us or allowed us to distance ourselves. He is an inspirational lift. You know he's going to give you everything he has and wherever you are he's going to raise your level of enthusiasm and emotion."


General Comments:
"We got out rebounded double in the first half and it stayed double the whole game. We just got pounded on the boards. In the first half we defended really well, and when we defend well and run the offense well good things are going to happen. All of a sudden we got taken out of what we wanted to do and we are responsible for it. We have to have the leadership on the floor, to allow that not to happen."

On Washington:
"We watched on tape against Portland State and knew they were explosive. We read the reports on them being explosive, but at a certain point letting the other team back in. Tonight it was the opposite. I thought we were setting the tone for the first twenty-five minutes of the game. We set the tone and then in the second half came out and set it some more, and I felt good with our guys up until that point. We have to take the crowd out of the game on the road. Once the other team gets going and the crowd gets behind them, that gives them all they need. Coach Romar made a nice decision to go to the pressure and we succumbed to it.

On Washington players:
"I thought that they shot the three real well. Curtis Allen made three of his four and opened up both halves with the same play. Brandon Roy made both of his. They shot the three really well tonight. I thought their guards did a nice job of shooting that basketball. Hakim Rollins was six for 10, but I thought that their perimeter players did a real nice job."

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