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BACK, IN BLACK! Postgame Quotes
Release: 09/27/2012
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Sept. 27, 2012

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"That's a win for our program.  I thought all along that this was a unique group that we had.  A resilient group, a very serious tough-minded group.  We knew coming in that this was going to be this type of game.  They were too good up front on defense.  We thought we had a great plan defensively, we just had to hunt and peck offensively to find plays that we thought we could get Kasean and possibly Austin some one on one matchups.  We finally got one and Kasean finally breaks a tackle there.  All in all, I am proud of our kids and they deserve it.  These guys worked their tails off and they battled.  They played smart football tonight.  I was just talking about the halftime talk against Portland State, about playing the game the way it is meant to be played and we did that tonight.  We didn't have holdings, we didn't have false starts, we didn't line up wrong, we protected the football for the most part until their great play by their kid 93.  We covered our kicks, we punted the ball, we tackled really well and at the end of the day we had a chance to win in the fourth quarter and converted on a couple of really critical fourth down plays that ultimately changed the momentum of the game.  I thought our crowd was awesome, especially in the second half and it is a good win against a good football team.  Stanford is a good football team, very well coached and it is a good win for us." 

"I was talking to the team last night, the ultimate goal for tonight was to lay down in bed tonight and be 1-0 in Pac-12 paly.  I just wanted to be 1-0 and start off on the right foot.  And how we did it and the final score didn't matter to me, it was more of playing the way we were capable of playing, playing disciplined football.  I didn't know what we would hold them to; I didn't know any of that stuff.  It was hard to tell before the game.  What I do know is that this was like a heavy weight bout.  You have to punt the football, you have to cover those punts, get your stops on third down and the field position starts to swing, and take your chance with some plays when you get them.  We were able to do that, there were a couple drops that I would like to have back offensively, and a couple cover things that we would like to have back defensively.  At the end of the day, to get back to Justin and the defensive staff, their ability to be disciplined in what they had to do, when you were in a gap you leveraged their opponent and tackled, that is playing good defense against a power running team.  I thought we stood our ground there all the way to the bitter end.


Senior FB Jonathan Amosa

Main goal and focus for rushing game
"The main goal for us was to get back to what we know and the way we know how to play.  Stanford had a lot of respect for our team, we just had to get down and play our brand of football.  Getting back to what we do best was the key to our rushing success tonight."

Specific keys to rushing and protecting
"Tightening up our roles and our brand of football, how we block, how we fit a run, size up defenders, and how we protect Keith were the biggest things.  We have to get on that horse again and keep fighting like coach Sark has been preaching the last two weeks."

Feelings on beating Stanford at home
"I'm a senior, this is my last year and I have never beaten Stanford until now.  Words can't explain it.  For all the guys who left and all the guys that are here now, you can only imagine how it feels to take down a #10 team in all black on ESPN with all the fans rushing the field, it does not get any better than that."

Sophomore LB John Timu

How does it feel to start off the season 1-0 against Stanford?
"Being 1-0 (in the Pac-12) feels great right now.  I mean I can't even describe it.  The way the crowd overwhelmed us was insane."

What did you think of the crowd and the blackout?
"It was amazing as always.  They are our 12th man on the field.  They did a lot for us during the game that definitely helped us get the win."

What did you focus on in practice to stop Stanford's offense?
"It was something we focused on for about a week and a half.  We knew that we had to come out with toughness and outplay them physically.  We put a couple of extra guys in the box, but it really didn't matter who was in.  Each guy we put in just had to play tougher than their players." 

What did coach say to the team at halftime
"Keep bringing it.  He said we were doing a great job in the first half, and he just wanted us to keep bringing it.  We came out tough and kept playing ball.  That is how you win games in the second half.  You just have to play tougher."

Junior Safety Sean Parker

How does it feel to start off the season 1-0 against Stanford?
"It feels good.  They are a good team, but for us to come out and play this way just feels so good.  It helps the team and brings up our morale for the next game."

What did you think of the crowd and the blackout?
"The crowd brought great energy.  We feed off of that energy, and they were great tonight.  They helped us a ton on third down, and that helped us in a huge way tonight.  That is a main reason why we won the game."

What did you focus on in practice to stop Stanford's offense?
"As long as everybody did their job, we knew that we would compete.  We have the athletes to make plays, and if we are in the right place, then we can make those plays."

What did coach say to the team at halftime?
"We didn't have too many adjustments.  We just wanted to keep our heads in it and keep playing hard in the second half."


On if he was surprised by anything the Washington defense did
"No, everybody has wrinkles every game that they do differently, but I thought we did a good job of seeing what they were, but the bottom line is that we get to third downs we have got to convert. We're a running football team which means we've going to be in third and five, third in four, third in two, and we've got to convert those third downs."

On what the problem was with the offense this game
"A combination of them playing really well and us not playing well, we didn't play well enough to win. We didn't make the throws we needed to make, we didn't make the catches we need to make. We didn't sustain our blocks in the running game as long we should have. We got outplayed tonight."

On QB Josh Nunes' performance
"I thought it was not his best effort. I think he can play much better. I think we can all do a much better job." 

On there being a chance if he will change quarterbacks this week
"No. Only took you a minute and half to get to that. We are not changing quarterbacks"

On if he felt good about being up after Murphy's interception that put them up 13-3
"No it was 13-3 but we still hadn't played well. It was an unbelievable play by Trent Murphy, he's been so close really the last few years getting his hands on balls and he's 6'5 with that long wing span. He tipped it and made a heck of a play, but even after that we were still trying to get some momentum, and even with that great play we still had no momentum. We were not playing well enough."

General Quotes From Shaw

"They are a good football team, very well coached, the bottom line is that we didn't make the plays we needed to make on the offensive side of the ball. We didn't keep the defense off the field like we usually do. We kept putting the defense out there too long, and every team in our conference, if you give them enough shots on offense they're going to hurt you."

"Bottom line is we are in a great conference if you don't play your best football in the conference you lose. We lost tonight, we lost a tough road game, we are down one game in the Pac12 North and that's where we are. So now we have to approach every day with a sense of urgency because now we are behind and we don't like to be behind, we've got to catch up."


QB Josh Nunes

What do you think was the problem with the passing game?
I know the protection was great all night. The guys up front did a really good job. I know that I needed to make a lot of those throws. I feel like I let a few of the guys down tonight. They were running great routes.

On the Washington defense
We prepared for the stuff they showed us.

Any let down after the USC game?
I feel like we didn't play as well tonight. Especially offensively, and a lot of that is attributed to me. We didn't play like we needed to.

On the delay of game penalties
I was just trying to get the ball out. I was just a little bit late to the line and I didn't get the snap.

On the running game
We did run a little bit less. We need to be better on third down conversions. 

On his first road start
It was a great environment. We need to step up and prepare for it. There were a lot of third down failures.

On the interception
I wasn't (worried). It was a bad throw on my part. We like that matchup against Trufant and he's a great corner.

RB Stepfan Taylor

On the running game
I'm not sure why we passed more. They were trying to get the offense more balanced and take a couple of shots down the field.

On the season
We can't let this affect the rest of our season. We need to be mature and finish out the season.

On Washington's defense
They're running really well. They adjusted. Last year they didn't adjust too much but this year they were on the ball. We made mistakes and they capitalized. They made plays and we didn't.

How much different is the Washington team?
They're a totally different team. We didn't rack up as many yards as we did last year so obviously they are a different team. They came out here to play.

Did the noise affect the team?
It was loud but we all were on the same page. It didn't give us much trouble.

On the Cardinal screen plays
They read it very well. There were a couple of mistakes on our end, and mine as well. 

Senior LB Trent Murphy

On his interception 
"There were a couple other plays where I got my hands up and the ball went right through it, so I kind just kept doing my job, and it paid off for that one play."

On how that play developed
"The offensive lineman went down to cut me and I put my hands on him and he was throwing the ball and I put my hands up and got it from there." 

Reaction to the loss
"Biggest thing is disappointment, because I know we could have played better than that, we should have played better than that, but this will kind of drive us further, we've just got to keep chopping wood and it will take care of itself."

On Washington having some success running the ball
"They ran against us pretty well last year, so I knew they were going to come in here with confidence, so we knew they were going to do that. They did what we expected and so we should have handled it better than that. Their offensive lineman were getting some push and opening up some holes." 

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