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Postgame Quotes
Release: 10/18/2008
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Oct. 18, 2008

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Quotes

On the Huskies' performance:
"The ball game tonight was a game in which we didn't make enough big plays, gave up too many big plays, didn't create any turnovers and gave turnovers. If those things could have been avoided, our football team, I thought, fought to the very end and played hard, but didn't do enough of the right things to put ourselves in position to win the football game. Oregon State did a nice job. They came in and gave us difficulty where we thought they would. We knew the Rodgers brothers would be difficult to handle. I think for a period of time we handled one, and then, all of a sudden, let the other one add to their yardage. It was a difficult game and a difficult time."

On the rest of the season:
"We have another game to play. There are still games on the schedule. If you're a competitor, you find a way to rise up and play your next ball game and meet your next challenge. If you're not a competitor, then you wither. It becomes too heavy for you and you don't find a way to fight."

On the beginning of the game:
"It was the 25-second clock and not being a 40-second clock, which is something we should have known. We were on the sideline and they had the play and we just didn't have the awareness, that's all. It's disappointing because you've got everything in place. Let's get it started."

On positives he saw in the game:
"There's always something. I think Ronnie (Fouch) at times did some very nice things. He put the ball in position for guys to do something with it. I think D'Andre (Goodwin) had a heck of a night. Getting him back and getting him healthy was a plus in the lineup. The run by Terrance Dailey and what he adds to us are some real positives. We've been looking for a spark in the backfield and someone who could make something happen. I think on that run, he showed exactly what I thought he could do and what our coaches thought he could do. So yes, there are some positives, but it still doesn't outweigh where we're at right now and what we're doing. We've got to find a way to get out of this gloom and doom."

On his linebacker combo:
"We're always searching to try to get our best guys on the field. When we can do that, we will and this opportunity to have Donald Butler, Trenton Tuiasosopo and Mason Foster, gave us our best chance to have our best guys on the field."

"We're going to look at the film and see, but I'm confident it was a wise decision to make that move."


Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

On the team's overall performance:
"I thought we did a great job. Washington's young quarterback made a lot of big plays. We didn't play the deep ball very well and they took advantage of it. I thought nothing we did on offense was easy. We got some yards and made some big plays but I thought (Washington's) defense was pretty stubborn and they did a pretty darn nice job."

On the goal line stand:
"I thought it was just a lot of pride right there. We could have probably thought that the game was in hand and not done it but the guys wanted to. I think the guys were disappointed they let Washington down there and they took every shot at them and did a nice job."

On five straight wins over Washington:
"All we look at is year to year and that's the most important thing but turning some of those old streaks into new streaks isn't bad either. If we can continue to do that it would be great."

On getting a big road victory:
"It was really good to win. If you want to have a good season, you have to win games on the road somewhere so to come up here and do that right now and right past the midway point of the year when you really have to start establishing your identity and who you're going to be is big. Washington played very hard and played well. They made a lot of big plays. Their quarterback played well and their receivers made a lot of big plays. Offensively, nothing we did came easy. We got some big plays but guys made those big plays. It was very competitive and (Washington) played hard until the end."

On whether getting James Rodgers more involved was in the game plan:
"It's always all part of the game plan. It's a matter of what goes and I think it's really important that James' part of the offense and the receivers' part of the offense in general complements what we do with the running game. We knew going in, Washington would try to do what they could to slow down (Jacquizz Rogers). That would appear to me to be a pretty good formula if you want to beat the Beavers. We had to have some other stuff going and we did and that was good."

On how big this win is:
"Right now you just have to win. You're starting to go down that stretch where the teams that do well now are going to have good identities near the end and are going to feel good about their seasons. So, consistency and competiveness and production right now are really, really big and will determine who you are as you finish."

On team's identity:
"I think the main thing is I'm feeling good about the confidence. Confidence is very important for growth and as long as that confidence doesn't taper over into being complacent or being cocky, then you've got it going. I don't think our team will do that. I'm pretty trusting of how they'll react. I like the confidence and I like the fact that we're finding out what guys can do and how we can balance things out. There are certainly things we have to improve upon. We gave up way too many big plays and defensively that's kind of uncharacteristic for us but I think we have a pretty good feeling about what we can accomplish."


Washington Player Quotes

Defensive End Daniel Te'o-Neshiem
On Oregon State's game plan:

"They did what we thought they were going to do. They had some big plays that helped early. They played really well up front. We needed to be stronger in the running game."

On playing in a quieter Husky Stadium:
"We always love having our fans there, but honestly when the play starts it is 11-on-11. When I was a freshman I used to think that was a big deal, but I've learned it is about us and what we do on the field. That's what gets them into the game."

Linebacker Mason Foster
On the new starting group of linebackers:

"Playing with Tui and Donald, both being veterans, means we've got guys out there that really know the defense. All of our guys are really talented, but I guess the coaches feel that we are a good combination."

On getting into the backfield more:
"During the bye we really focused on our keys. We really wanted to key on the moving back and be aggressive. It seemed like we did a pretty good job of it, but we just have to a couple things better here and there."

On Oregon State finishing runs:
"A lot of it came from their linemen. Their interior guys were really pushing the pile after the play. A lot of times we have them stuffed and the big heavies would just fall on the pile and keep pushing them forward. They were tough running the ball."

Fullback Luke Kravitz
On moving the ball well against the Oregon State defense:

"We could do this every game it is just a matter of everyone doing their assignments. We were moving it well then we seemed to stall down in the red zone because people started making mistakes, including myself. It really has nothing to do with Oregon State; it just has to do with our guys staying focuses and doing their job.

On being stopped on the 1 yard line in the last two minutes:
"You can never tell exactly what happened until you look at the film. But on the last play, the play was designed to go outside; I should have gone outside, but I cut up field a little early. Things like that just cannot happen."

On disappointment of the loss:
"Every loss is disappointing; we do not have a victory yet so every loss just builds on that. I can't say that this loss is any worse than those. It just hurts really bad and it will continue to hurt until we get a win."

Wide Receiver Devin Aguilar WR
On their ability to move the ball through the air today:

"Nothing was really different about this game; we have been working really hard this week as a unit, and the coaches had a lot of confidence in Ronnie (Fouch) to be able to throw the ball down field. Once we got the ball going down field we seemed to get the momentum rolling."

On inability to score after a successful drive:
"We just could not seem to capitalize this game; we seemed to shoot ourselves in the foot every time we got into scoring position. You could tell the frustration was building each time we got into the red zone and could not score. But there is nothing you can do now except work for next week."

On turning focus to Notre Dame:
"It is just like every other game, we just need to take it one game at a time and get prepared for next week. We just need to get over this hump and find a win."


Oregon State Player Quotes

Safety Al Aflava
On his hit on Terrance Dailey:

"I saw the ball but I couldn't get to it. I saw the receiver, and I had to lay the hit, so that's what happened."

On the team's defensive performance:
"We did well up front, but we gave up a couple of big plays in the secondary. We've got a bye week to get that straight and get everybody ready. We have some guys that have been playing hurt, and we have this week to heal up and get ready for Arizona State."

On the goal line stand in the 4th quarter:
"When they got to the goal line we had to remind everybody about the Cal goal line stand; that motivated everybody. Then we did it again."

Quarterback Lyle Moevao
On when both Rodgers' are in the backfield:

"It's always exciting seeing those two--that's probably the smallest backfield you'll see in college football. But they're really explosive, that's the thing. You know, one of the Rodgers brothers is bound to get it, so I'm happy about that."

On his passing accuracy (18-22):
"I knew I had to have a better game than last week. Last week was something that I don't ever want to repeat ever again, so I had to come out strong this game and have a strong performance, and I felt I did that."

On if the monkey is off the back after finally winning on the road:
"Definitely--especially coming into an environment like this. Washington, they might not have the best record in the Pac 10, but you know playing up here when they're at home after a bye week, it's dangerous. We knew we had to come out strong and keep that up all game."

Wide Receiver James Rodgers
On how it felt being the focus of the offense:

"I didn't feel like that at all, I was just making plays whenever I got the chance to."

On the offense's success:
"It felt good. We had great blocking up front, Lyle [Moevao] controlling the offense, and the receivers doing what they do best."

On if he was tired of everyone talking about his brother (joking):
"No, that's my brother. It never crosses my mind when people are talking about my brother."

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