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Arizona 48, Washington 41
Release: 10/27/2007
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Oct. 27, 2007

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham

On the game: "I think it goes without saying that this one is very, very difficult to do a lot of things that we did and not be able to find a way to stop them and give ourselves an opportunity to win the game is very disappointing. I still think our young men had the best effort that they could put forth, and for that I'm proud of them, but I'm extremely disappointed. We will continue to do everything that we can do to find a cure and find a way to get us in the winners circle." On his team's effort: "The thing that we have to do is find a way at the right time to make a play. We had opportunities to do that and we didn't do it. Every game is different, the opportunities will be different and hopefully the way we respond to them will be different."

On whether or not he had given up on his defense by choosing to go for the onside kick: "We tried to put ourselves in man coverage situations to cover them, to come with some pressure, we weren't successful at that. We weren't successful at our zone to cover them, to slow them down. You try to get people in the right places to do it but we just did not do it. No matter what we turned to it did not give us an answer."

On his player's thoughts after the loss: "I think they are very, very, very disappointed. But, as I told them, there's only one way to go and you keep fighting and you keep battling. Because if we fight hard enough something good will happen."

On the Huskies' fumbled handoff between Jake Locker and Louis Rankin early in the 4th Quarter: "We just fumbled it. We didn't get it right. Whether it was the back anticipating that it would be pulled or the quarterback anticipating that it would be handed off, we didn't get it right. That was one of those huge plays in the ball game. "

On whether he and his staff will make any personnel or scheme changes defensively: "I think that is a question that you have to look at. But this stream that we're going down you can't have any major overhauls at this time to really help yourself. You're awfully risky in any direction that you go. Because hopefully the personnel would have proven themselves to be better than the guys that you have on the field. Scheme-wise I think that is very dangerous to make that move right now."

On his outlook after the Huskies' starting 2-0 compared to now at 2-6: "I've never one to judge our season by our first two football games. But I do think that I went into this season extremely optimistic that we could turn the corner. We're right at that point in the season where we really have to make something happen if we're going to do that. Because we still have a sizeable number of games to go to put ourselves in a solid position, not a great position - I can't stand here and say that. But if we can get ourselves going and get ourselves righted we can do some good things."


Arizona Coach Mike Stoops

General Comments: "We were due. We started to play better defensively--great defense the majority of the game. We got some better pressure on the quarterback on that last drive for a big play. It was going to be about the defense in the second half. They stepped up and made some plays."

On Jake Locker: "He's going to be a tremendous player. He hurt us all day. Running, throwing, scrambling. But we made the plays we had to. That's really the difference between winning and losing."

On being down by 15: "It's a game of confidence and momentum. Both teams looked like they had it at times and couldn't put the other team away. When we were down two and had the ball, someone ran it down the middle, one bad ball, he overthrew the guy, and he intercepted it. That's a big difference in the game. Then they gained momentum and we fought our way back in the fourth quarter and got some big plays."

On Arizona's fight late in the game: "Our kids have never really not fought through hard times. God knows we've been through enough."

On quarterback Willie Tuitama: "The kid's been through a lot. We've hung in there and Willie's worked hard. He has a lot of talent and he keeps getting better. It's not always at the pace that you'd like, but that's how it goes. The first year is always difficult in modern day football. Football is a game of movement and moving parts. It's much more complex than it was. I'm not saying it's rocket science, but there's a lot that gets put on a quarterbacks' shoulders at any level of football, especially this one. Willie's handled it well. I'm proud of him. To throw for 500 (yards) and five touchdowns--that's a great individual performance."

On his feelings over the past week: "We knew we were going to move the football. We didn't know we were going to do what we did today. But I didn't think they would be able to move the ball that well against us either. I knew the second half would come down to stops; that defensive plays would win the game."

On Arizona's offense: "That's what you hope for. I know these guys expect that every time they step on the field. We always expect that, but again it doesn't always work that way. It goes back to confidence and making plays."


Washington Wide Receiver Anthony Russo

On expecting to win with 41 points: "You do expect to win. Regardless of how many points we scored, we have to score more they do and we didn't do that."

On the second half offense: "We weren't moving the ball as well as we were in the first half and it hurt us. We went three-and-out a couple of times and committed some penalties and they cost us."

On the last deep throw: "I knew it was to [Cody Ellis]. I felt like I had a better play on the ball because Cody's guy had pretty good coverage and my guy was on the side of me. But I could've made the play and I didn't."

On Jake Locker: "I'm not surprised at all by the way Jake played. He is a great player and a great quarterback. He works hard so he deserves to have games like this."


Washington Tight End Michael Gottlieb

On using the tight end more: "Those are some things that are always in the game plan and we just used them a little more this week. Sometimes when Jake gets out on the run he isn't always looking downfield, but he made some great throws today."

On what the offense did wrong: "The one thing that hurt us were the five turnovers. We have to eliminate those if we are going to win games. But we feel really good offensively right now."


Washington Linebacker Chris Stevens

On returning the blocked punt for a touchdown: "I was just rushing up the middle and I saw Roy (Lewis)out there and I saw them block the punt. When I saw the ball on the ground I just picked it up and started running. That would be my special teams high right now. You can't beat a touchdown."

On getting more playing time on defense: "It was just the game plan this week. It looked like we would be able to use my speed around the edge so I got in there some.

On coming back to play Stanford next week: "I don't know how we do it, but we come back every week and we work. We play in the Pac-10 and every week people come to play. You can't expect an easier game because then you lose."


Washington Defensive Tackle Jordan Reffett

On how the Huskies played in the second half: "I thought it started off okay...we held them to a field goal. Then they were setting up some screens with success but I think what we need to do is get to the quarterback faster".

On how they are going to prepare for next week: "There is nothing you can do...I believe in this football team and what we need to do is go into Stanford and show them our team."

On his extra point block: "It was good...I put pressure on the front line and I was lucky to block the kick."


Washington Defensive End Caesar Rayford

On his performance: "In the second half we played hard just we had some small mistakes that killed us...just the little things lost us this game."

On how to prepare for next week: "We have to forget about this game and move on. Next week when we come out we will have to fight harder. We just have to go back to the film room and bounce back for the next game."


Arizona Quarterback Willie Tuitama

On offensive strengths: "Pretty much the O-Line gave me a whole lot of time to make my reads and see what was going on with the defense. They were trying to put a lot of coverage on us, they didn't really blitz that much throughout the game and especially the second half they just had four guys out there playing off the wide receivers. One play that really stood out was the touchdown to Terrell Turner, he went out there and made a great play. And, of course, there at the end that touchdown to Mike Thomas on the post stood out too. I was originally looking for Terrell Turner but they covered him up a little bit so I went through my reads, and that's my last read. So I went over to Thomas and my team made the play."

On relaxing during this game: "I was a lot more relaxed. Part of it was I've kind of had a little bit of strep throat going on throughout the week and I think that's maybe one of the reasons why I was a little more relaxed, because I was a little down. But, once the game started the guys rallied around me and just made me feel comfortable. We started off nice. Mike Thomas made a good play. The first one he dropped I was kind of yelling at him a little bit, giving him a hard time about it. But I came right back to him and he just ran right by the guy and scored a touchdown."

On change in attitude: "It could have just been the way we came out and started some of our games, we got a little down on ourselves, but we have to overcome that. That's something that we did coming into the game today. I think there was one point where we were down 41-26, and we came back."


Arizona Linebacker Spencer Larsen

On giving up 41 points: "I think what was more devastating were the yards. Dang near 550 yards of offense is dumbfounding."

On Jake Locker: "Running quarterbacks always give us trouble. They always have in the past and we never go in thinking we are going to give up yards like that, but (Locker) is an athlete. Number 10, I have nothing but good things to say about him. He's strong, athletic, and very difficult to play against."

On final defensive stand: "It's great to be able to play (Locker) when he has to throw. When he is one-dimensional like that it is a lot easier and it was just a matter of time before he threw one up there, and Antoine (Cason) got it. We have some good athletic players back there, so when we know it's coming it makes it a lot easier for us and he made a great play on the ball."

On remainder of season: "We have a hope now, and we have something we are shooting for obviously. Thankfully these last three games are against teams we match up well against, but we need to play a lot better, and obviously play better defense."

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