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Postgame Quotes
Release: 09/27/2008
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Sept. 27, 2008

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Quotes

On the Huskies' performance:
"This one is very difficult for me to stand before you because I felt like we had a football team that would be able to go out and win this football game. I'm not being disrespectful to Stanford; they played a good football game, but I felt like we could win the football game. We couldn't put ourselves in the right position to give ourselves enough stops to keep the offense on the field to get it done. With that, we suffered a very disappointing loss. Having lost to this team, Stanford, twice has been very difficult, very painful.

On Jake Locker leaving the game with an injury:
"I thought Ronnie [Fouch] stepped in and did an excellent job. I don't know what his numbers are, but I thought he stepped in and kept our football team moving in the right direction. Did it change some of the things that we do? Yes, because when you miss Jake, you miss another weapon, another opportunity to put pressure on the defense from a different standpoint. But I thought Ronnie did an excellent job.

"[Jake] has a fracture of his thumb and we'll be working to see exactly what the dimensions of that are, so that will determine, once we figure that out, what kind of timetable he will be on."

On the weaknesses of the team:
"We can't seem to get the right rhythm. We put pressure, but then on pressure, they catch it in front of us, they break tackles, they do things. And then we don't put pressure, we don't stop them that way. We're just not where we'd like to be. We're trying to figure it out and get everyone where they need to be. And we haven't found that cure."

On the defense:
"We knew going into the bye week that we had not done a great job of tackling. That was one thing that we tried to do. And that continues to hurt us in some places. But that was not everything. We tried to get our guys in the right places, and sometimes we didn't. Sometimes we couldn't match up with them in terms of getting that great play on, to make our guys that much better. And sometimes our guys did not make the play when they were able to make it. We just haven't seemed to get on the right page to get everything in the right place."

"Obviously we're playing a lot of young guys on defense and to some degree that hurts you. But that's not an excuse and we won't accept that as an excuse. We need to get it right tomorrow and that's what our efforts will be. We've been trying to do that. At some point, I believe it will click and it will work and we'll have the kind of defense that we will be proud of and give us a chance to win football games."

Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh Quotes

General Comments:
"Our guys played their tails off tonight. We put in some new personnel groups, had some two tight end, two running back formations and had some different shifts and motions and guys were playing different positions than they were accustomed to but we didn't have any penalties or time outs as a result of that and it really gave us a lot of momentum."

On WR Griff Whalen's performance:
"Whalen just gets better and better and better. He made some big plays out there and made some tough catches, some of which were about six inches off the turf. I just can't say enough about him."

On the new formations:
"I think it was good for us to get more people involved. Delano (Howell) and Jim Dray got more snaps playing positions they're not used to. Delano was at wide receiver tonight and Coby (Fleener) was at wide receiver and they took those responsibilities very seriously. We didn't have the penalty errors or execution errors. We had a plan and they went out and executed it and I'm really pleased about that. "

On the running backs:
"Everyone on this team trusts and knows (Anthony) Kimble is a heck of a player. Jeremy Stewart has been chomping at the bit and wanting touches. Every week I can see it in his eyes that he the wants ball. We scripted it out so that he could get the ball on the fourth or fifth play of the game and he got us the first down. It was good to get more guys involved. It's good for morale and obviously for production."

On QB Tavita Pritchard:
"This was his best night as a quarterback here at Stanford. He was throwing the ball really well the last two weeks in practice and I was pleased with it. He had a heck of a game. Some of the throws he's been making in practice and a couple he made against San Jose State last week are as good as you can make them. The one to Doug Baldwin for the touchdown today he made that same throw in practice and he threw it as good as anyone can throw it. You can't hit it better."

On the offensive line:
"The line played well. We talked a couple weeks ago about getting our quarterback comfortable and smooth in the pocket and we were able to do that thanks to the line. They were very physical and then the receivers got open. Doug (Baldwin) and Whalen and Dray did a great job. There are a heck of a lot of guys to mention.

Washington Player Quotes

Defensive End Daniel Te'o-Nesheim
On not recording a sack:

"We need to get to the quarterback already. It's been too long. We've got to fix this. I'm not totally sure what it is that causing this, but we have to fix it."

On Stanford tailback Anthony Kimble:
"He broke a lot of tackles and we had a lot of missed assignments. There were two huge plays for touchdowns. Take those out of the game and we're a lot closer."

Cornerback Mesphin Forrester
On giving up big plays:

"The two plays that stick out to me are the long run up the sideline and the pass across the middle. Those two plays really hurt us. We have to stop them from making big plays."

On whether there was improvement during the bye week:
"When you lose you don't talk too much about improvement. We lost the game so we didn't improve too much."

Wide Receiver Jermaine Kearse
On Fouch replacing Locker:

"We just got the ball out a lot quicker. He's a good thrower and he has good accuracy so it helped a lot."

On running game:
"We tried to get the running game established but it didn't quite go as well as we wished. We just turned to our passing game which helped us and actually worked for us."

Tailback Brandon Johnson
On Fouch replacing Locker:

"I'm not going to say it changed the game plan a lot it just gave us one opportunity to step up and we didn't get the job done. We ran well but I guess not good enough."

Tight End Michael Gottlieb
On physical condition:

"Physically this is probably the best I've felt since the first week of camp. It's definitely nice to be myself again."

On the game plan with Fouch:
"Obviously we don't play as much with Ronnie in there and we don't let as many of the re-zones read the offense when he's in there. We're all very comfortable playing with him and he ran the offense for a good portion of the camp."


Stanford Player Quotes

WR Doug Baldwin
On his 61-yard touchdown reception:

"It was a just a great call on behalf of our coaches, we saw that they were playing soft on the back end. Coach saw it upstairs that the middle of the field was open, and he called the play--we'd been practicing it all week. We felt good going into the game about calling the play, and close to the end of the half they were playing off--just a great play call."

On how it feels knowing the offense was successful without starting RB Toby Gerhart:
"It feels great. We love Toby, it hurt when he went down, but you know our offense has to pick it up when our playmakers go down, and that's what we did. Tavita [Pritchard] played well, he had a great game. [WR] Ryan Whalen--I told you guys before that he was going to be a playmaker this year, and he did a good job getting our offense in rhythm. Our offensive line did a great job. As a whole offense we stepped it up this game."

QB Tavita Pritchard
On coming back to Washington (Tacoma native):

"It's great to come back to Washington. It's clean air up here--I love it up here. When I flew in here and saw all the green, I was telling these guys it's God's country up here--it's beautiful. I love coming back up--a lot of family."

On playing well on his homecoming:
"That game was won up front in the trenches--our offensive line played tremendously. They gave me time back there and opened up the running game. That game was won up front."

On how the game changed when Toby Gerhart went out:
"We don't do anything differently. We've got another great back in Anthony Kimble--I think he rushed for like 150 or something. He comes in and we don't miss a beat."

On hooking up with Ryan Whalen (who came in as a walk on):
"Oh man, Ryan Whalen, he's a tremendous worker. He came in here not on scholarship and earned a spot in his first fall camp. He's a great route-runner and he catches everything. We're on the same page on a lot of stuff, and I got a lot of trust in that guy."

On his individual and team improvement:
"It's just settling down a little bit--doing things that we do well. We really focused on our techniques and everything, and we really just tightened things up in practice this week--we went back to the basics a little bit."

RB Anthony Kimble
On breaking out after Toby Gerhart went down:

"It felt great, I hadn't gotten a lot of carries this year. Toby got hurt today, and he's a big part of our offense, but it felt great to get in there, our offensive line did a great job. Our passing game started to click, it was just a great game for our offense."

On amassing 466 yards of offense:
"Things were clicking tonight. We had a great week of practice, and that's where it starts. That was the biggest thing--winning this game started last Sunday--and we've got some guys that can make plays on this team."

On if he was getting frustrated with his lack of carries so far this year:
"It's hard--I started for three years, but Toby's doing a great job. We're 3-2 now, it was frustrating to a point, but we're winning and Toby's been doing a great job, so it's understandable."

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