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Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes
Release: 01/31/2006
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Jan. 31, 2006

On Washington State Game:
"I think that would make it have a little more juice. If you want juice, we just lost two. It doesn't matter who we play in this game, the important thing is that we come out and compete as hard as we can compete."

On play of Josh Akognon:
"Well, it is not a surprise, I washed Josh play in high school and he put up 40 and 50 points in a game, he can flat out score. Hopefully the defensive tenacity will not let him go off as much."

On how the Stanford loss will affect the team:
"We will see, I mentioned after the game that sometimes the season can end up bad, and you can pull it back to a game where it affects you so much mentally, that you never recover from it. I'm hoping that will not be the case in that game."

On whether there is any antagonism between WSU and UW:
"I think that when you play an opponent, the antagonism is that we have to be tough enough to play this game. It is a battle. Beyond that, I don't think there are any antagonistic attitudes. I think both teams are going to come out and play, but I don't think there are any personal vendettas going on."

On the team bouncing back from Stanford loss:
"I think we have players with pretty good character, that aren't quitters. If things don't go your way, you can't drop your head. I think our team is that way, I don't think it is going to matter if we drop our heads, as long as we come back. In terms of trying to make sure that we rebound back, we won't change a whole lot. We will talk about team and sticking together and that is just what we have got to do."

On inbounds play at Stanford:
"I would say that I could probably have done a better job of helping those guys and putting them in position. We communicated what we said they were going to do, which is what they did, we communicated how we wanted to prevent that from happening. If we had to do it again, we would have communicated even better, to explain what we wanted."

On defending Hassan Adams:
"I think that you have to find Hassan in transition, you have to box him out, and you have to keep him in front of you. If you do those three things, then you limit his potential for the highlights, and you limit him in terms of exploding. But he is such a good player, that even if you do all of those things, he is still going to score. He is just too good of a basketball player to shut out."

On Brandon Roy's emergence as a star:
"Ever since Brandon was a freshman, when he joined our team in January, he has been our best player. Regardless of what has gone on, he has been our best all-around. This year, he has been able to show that based on our personnel. It shows that he made a great decision to come back for his senior year. So far he has been rewarded with a winning season and an outstanding year personally. There were questions being asked in the preseason, when we were winning games by sizable margins, about when is he going to take over. He is just that type of player, there wasn't a need for him to dominate the basketball, because other guys were playing well, and scoring. As teams began to defend better, and make it more difficult he has taken over more."

On how the team will bounce back:
"I would say hopefully the same way we did after the Arizona and Washington State losses. Yesterday in practice, the guys were good and focused. They are ready to bounce back. You can't do anything about the past except learn from it, regroup and bounce back."

On how tough mentally the Stanford loss was:
"It is tough, really tough. Coming back yesterday I felt a lot better, because after a loss like that you can lose a lot mentally. But our guys came back fired up with good attitudes."

On mistakes:
"Here is the thing, Chris Webber is an accomplished NBA player and he called "the timeout". Things like that happen, unfortunately they happen. You don't want them to happen, but they happen. When I was a player, I played with a lot of other guys who had great careers, and once in a while those things happen. I could point to things in the game, that people did or did not do, that could have cost us the game as well. It just so happens that those two plays were so magnified, because those are your last opportunities. There were obviously opportunities in those games that cost us the two points, and the three points in those respective games. I think that as a staff and as a team, you don't just focus on those last two plays. You have got to focus on things throughout the game, that may have prevented us from being in those situations."

On mistakes Romar made in his playing career:
"I did a lot of dumb things in the pros, not as many in college. But in the pros, I remember we went on an 8-0 run at home and the crowd was going crazy. I remember the Jazz coach call a timeout, after we scored, and I ran to the bench all fired up, but their guys didn't see him call a timeout. They continued to dribble the ball up the floor, while I was over on our bench celebrating. I remember doing that, I remember talking to one of our players, telling him what play we were going to run, while that was going on I was walking inbounds with the ball, the ref said `come on Lorenzo, I have got to call that', but those didn't effect the game. I remember one time Coach Nelson called up a play to get the ball inbounds for the last shot, I ran the wrong play and ended up with the ball in my hands, I had to take the shot and as a result of that we lost the game."

On his philosophy of letting players play through mistakes:
"I think historically, as a coach I have allowed guys to play through mistakes. When it is a mistake that we have been talking about for about three weeks in games and practice, and you make the same mistake, then I don't have as much patience. I don't like players to play tight, players need to be taught in practice what is right and what is wrong. When it is game time, give them the freedom to go play. If you make a turnover, get back and play defense, but that can't happen any more. But when you continue to turn the ball over trying to make the same play, they show that they don't respect what you are saying, and that they are just going to do what they want to do anyway. If it is just a mistake or two, then play through it."

On Ryan Appleby:
"Ryan has been much better lately in taking care of the basketball. Ryan has improved as a basketball player, the past few weeks. On the defensive end, taking care of the basketball, he is doing the things we asked him to do."

On practicing last minute plays:
"In practice we play offensively and defensively in a lot of situations. We will scrimmage, where we have a two and a half minute scrimmage. We would talk about different situations and how we want to play different halves."

On Derek Low's injury:
"Well obviously that is not going to make a difference for us, they beat us without Low last time. Whether he plays or not, as usual we cannot be concerned with Washington State as much as us. We expect it to be a very tough game, as they usually have been with Washington State."

On overtime letdown against Stanford:
"They were reviewing on the monitors, whether they had time or not, and I went over to our players and you could see they were thinking `this is not happening' and you could see our heads beginning to go down. We told them if he shoots these three and makes them, we have a five-minute overtime, right now you have to rally up. You talk about being mentally tough, but at this point it was probably too tough to rally up. We did not give up, we just did not move on. We are thinking more about what just happened as opposed to the next five minutes. No one gave up, we just were thinking `we had this, we had this' instead of coming out and trying to win it."

On Harvey Perry:
"I think it is the same time-frame we gave six weeks ago. After the next couple of weeks he should be practicing, and we will see from there. We cannot determine anything until he practices. I don't see how you can make a decision at all until you can see whether he can function or not."

On what Harvey would contribute:
"Harvey is another ball-handler, and he is another defender. He is also a good passer. There have been times when we definitely could have used Harvey. We have had foul trouble at times, and been in situations where another body would have helped. But again, we have been very fortunate with the players we do have healthy. When you look around the league and see the type of guys that are hurt. I see that as an unfortunate reality of the game."

On facing adversity after Stanford loss:
"The worse adversity that we have faced is when we were 0-5, I would have to say that this is second. I don't think there have been many times where we have lost two consecutive games, in this manner."

On Jamaal Williams:
"I think he is older, he is a fifth year senior, and I think he is doing the things he is capable of doing. Jamaal did something in the Cal game that was very encouraging, he was 1-8 with one rebound, yet he continued to work hard."

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