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Washington 35, washington State 32
Release: 11/19/2006
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Nov. 19, 2006

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"There's really not a lot for me to say. Our kids, our young men just did a heck of a job. A week before we were written for dead and our young men just continued to battle, continued to fight. And even when it got tight they never lost their confidence, never lost their will and just kept battling and battling and were fortunate enough to come out with the win."

"This is a huge win. You always want to finish the year with success. It carries over into the winter and, for our seniors leaving the program, they can feel like they did something. They started something and this year was a much improvement over the last couple of years, so it's a step in the right direction."

On Cody Ellis' touchdown: "Cody Ellis made a spectacular catch. The ball was thrown behind him and he still found a way to catch it and once he catches it he can run pretty well. We just saw it thrown slightly behind; their guy tried to make a play on it; Cody was able to get something on it; the ball kind of rebounds just a little bit; he makes the catch and then it's off to the races. The thing about Cody is that Cody just has a knack. You just get the ball around him and he seems to make plays. If you're looking at the number of passes thrown to him and the number of catches, it's probably pretty high."

On the biggest play of the night: "I would probably say the punt block was as big as any because we had given them the interception and now all of a sudden you're able to turn the tables a little bit and get a punt block for a touchdown and that's a huge play."

On Marlon Woods' kickoff return: "Marlon has been playing at a very high level over the last four to five weeks. He has been unbelievably aggressive and so much so that sometimes I want to close my eyes and don't want to watch it. But that was a huge play. It was just one of those nights where we had a lot of big plays and that was one of them."

On quarterback Carl Bonnell: "He's still hurting. He's had a concussion over the last couple of weeks, a shoulder over the last few weeks, probably a hip in there someplace that he's probably not said anything to anyone about. He's been a warrior. I have praised our quarterbacks all year because they have displayed a lot of courage in their play all year, and it's not easy. So he's been a real tough warrior for our football team."

On the direction of the program: "I don't think anyone gave us a lot of credit this year to start with and yet we played some of the better football teams in this country toe-to-toe. That's something that you can say is a positive sign. We didn't get what we wanted, we didn't win, but I think there's still some positive signs. I've said all along I'm not into moral victories but still I think you have to acknowledge some of the things this team has done."

On the victory tonight: "A win makes everything a lot better. It helps, but we've got a lot of work to do and a lot of growth that still has to take place with our football team. But this gives you a little more pep in your step and tonight when we board the plane it'll be a quicker flight home."

On recovering from last week's loss against Stanford: "The magnitude of this game just got everybody's mind off Stanford and on Washington State. Coming in here we knew were going to have to play four quarters of football because that's what always happens in this game. It always comes down to the last couple of minutes and, again, it came down to the last drive and this time fortunately we stopped them."

On the program as a whole: "We're making improvements. We had two wins last year, we had five this year. We're on the brink. We really are. We had a ton of overtime losses this year. We're playing everybody tough with the exception of a couple games, but I think definitely the best days are ahead."

On Cody Ellis' touchdown: "It just seemed like every time they started to get momentum, somebody on the offensive side just decided to step up and make a big play. From Marcel's [Reece] big play, Cody Ellis' big play, then Louis Rankin put us ahead for good. Just every time they started to get something going it seemed like we were right there to counter them."

On his one-handed touchdown reception: "It got knocked up. I grabbed it with one hand, I turned around, and all I saw was green and I just took off. I'd never made a catch like that in a game before. I think it kind of sparked everything. We got pumped up and were like 'Hey we can do this.' We just all started believing."

"I was telling everybody on the sidelines that the ball was coming in behind me at regular speed and then, when I kind of got my two hands on it and it kind of flipped up in the air, I said it just completely slowed down. I saw it and I put my one hand out there, my left hand, and grabbed it. And then as soon as I turned around, bam. We got back to normal speed and I just took off and I saw all green. I saw all of our fans down there in the end zone and I just wanted to get down there and celebrate with them."

On how the Cougars are feeling: "I don't know if we shocked them, but I definitely don't think they thought we were a good team. They were probably like 'They're the Huskies. They just lost six in a row and just lost to Stanford.' They probably thought they had it easy. Cake. Just walk right into a bowl game. They've got to be a little bit shocked.

On blocking the punt: "It was great to contribute like that. Special teams is just something we've been focusing on and it's great to show that the work we've put into it paid off. We block punts in practice all the time. It finally just showed up in the game. It was great to see everything just mesh together like it was supposed to."

"I just remember going through the guy and then the next thing I see is the punter right next to me. I stick my hand out to feel that block and I'm scrambling around to look for that ball and I just go and pick it up."

On what the win means to him personally: "Personally it's pretty important. I came here so there were a lot of people focusing on me in this game. But for the most part, it's this team. We've struggled the last month and a half and it seemed like there was really nothing to play for, but this week the team found a lot of pride and competed. We competed all week and had a lot of fun and that's why you play football. To experience times like this."

On tonight's big plays: "When they come, you can't do anything about it. We had a couple short passes that broke for 70-plus yards, a run play that broke down the sideline at a critical time. So when they're coming, we'll take them. Our defense got a couple of balls and the punt block team got one in the end zone. We just played all around, made some big plays and came out with the victory."

On the fans: "After the game when our fans got on the field there were a lot of positive things [being said]. One of the fans kept yelling '11 and 44' and I had no clue what it meant. He did it for four quarters and pregame. It was worse a couple years ago. Their fans were pretty classy today and made a lot of noise."

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