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Q&A With Greyson Gunheim
Release: 04/11/2006
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April 11, 2006

Husky defensive end Greyson Gunheim is making quite a splash for the UW football team this spring. The junior-to-be had three sacks in the Huskies' scrimmage last Saturday and will be counted on to produce similar numbers once the season gets underway. Gunheim sat down with correspondent Andre Bayard on Tuesday to talk about Spring Football. How is practice going so far?
Greyson Gunheim:
"It's good. We are having fun out there. It is good to be back on the field. You know we are just training, and running and killing ourselves out there, and lifting weights all day. But yeah, it's good to be back on the field."

GH: How important is it for you to have consistency, especially in a coaching staff?
"I am happy about it. When I first got here, Coach Gilbertson was coaching, but then last year we got Coach Willingham. But it feels good to know that they are going to be here this year. It also makes it easier on me to make my reads, because it is the same defense, and same philosophy."

GH: Since coming to UW, what parts of your game do you think have improved?
"I think I have improved a little bit on everything just from being here. You know talking to my coaches, and asking them what I need to do to get better."

GH: Where do you feel you still need some improvement?
"I am trying to improve everyday. I am trying to improve all aspects of my game--you know getting stronger, faster, bigger--just everything."

GH: What did you do during the off-season, mentally and physically to prepare for this upcoming season?
"Well mentally I tried to remember each play, and what I have to do in different situations. Physically I was in the weight room like everyday, and I ran everyday too."

GH: How excited were you getting when spring football was approaching?
"It was something to look forward to. There were times in the off-season, where you would miss it because you are used to just one thing. You are used to the same thing everyday--you have the same schedule. And when spring football comes everyone gets excited to get on the field, and to start talking trash to each other in the locker room. But it is really good to get back on the field."

GH: How well do you think this team is going to do this season?
"I think we are definitely improving. We got some guys stepping up, and taking on the leadership roles for different groups, and getting people to do the right thing on the field and off the field. So yeah, the team is really improving."

GH: What are your personal goals for this season?
"My personal goal is to help the team to win. I just want to win every battle against the guys across from me."

GH: Is Coach Willingham keeping the same philosophy that he had last season, as in doing whatever is necessary to win, or has he changed his technique up a little bit?
"I think it is the same philosophy in doing whatever it takes to win, and doing everything the right way. He has also has given us more of an opportunity to make ourselves better not just on the field but off the field too."

GH: Who is the real Greyson Gunheim, away from football?
"Off the field (people) would see that I am really laid back, chill, and just hanging out all the time."

GH: Being from California, does your family get the chance to see you play when the team travels down there, and do they ever come up to Seattle to see you play?
"Whenever there is a game down there, especially at Cal or Stanford, because that is right by where I am from, I get phone calls from them telling me to get like 100 tickets for family and friends. But they try to watch all the games on TV if they can't make it, and they try to make it to the games when they can."

GH: For some people it's hard to be away from home so long because of college. Was it ever hard for you at any point last year?
"There were some parts where it was hard--mainly because of the weather when it's dark and raining. It gets a little depressing."

GH: Did football help with this transition?
"Yeah, it helped a lot. Whenever you have a hard time with anything, you have a lot of guys that are going through the same thing. So it easy to talk to people."

GH: You have been up here for almost two years now. How do you like UW, and all that comes with it?
"I like it. It is definitely a good experience. I like everything about UW and Seattle, except the weather. But right now it is spring, and starting to get nice. I like the school, and the area because it is nice and clean."

GH: Do you have any plans for the summer?
"I am just going to stay in Seattle, and work out with the team. Also I am going to go to summer school, and just keep at it."

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